ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 39


hii every1……………. so sorry didn’t update for quite a few days……………. was busy on d dehleez fan page admonishing a really irritating guy who was ( n still is ) all against my swadarsh…………. btw loved d f8s………… if u have any time do visit d written updates on 18th march n onwards…………. dont read d story just navigate to d cmnts section below n see what u get……… an unending bout of laughter ( actually 3 guys mottu, seeta n max were bad-mouthing abt d serial n its cast………. mottu n seeta disappeared after a befitting reply…………… but that max is still there………………. obvio, since he wants to becum n army officer he is bound to be really firm……… even after so many f8s wid a girl called hema he’s not left posting his anti-swadarsh cmnts…………. but its no fun coz many out there reply to him in sm south lang. n i dunno those 🙁 )

anyways, here’s d update ( n plz dont ask me for dehleez links as i dont have enuf time………… just search it out urself… )

d helicopter guy switches off d video player n turns around. sahil kapoor is seen standing behind him. he asks d h-g if he’ll be able to succeed this time? d guy says yes……. this time there will be no mistake. sahil smiles n pats on his back n says wish u all d luck, my son……. i know u’ll make me proud. he leaves. d light falls on prem kapoor’s evil smirking face ( get lost u idiot ).

kalpi is at home n she thinks abt raghav’s words n maya’s warnings. she is really disturbed n can’t sleep ( go back n say yes to him ).

paki thinks abt samya n thinks i’ll ruin this relationship………. sammy is mine ( who invited her here??? obviously me ….. wish i cud make her die at d earliest along wid her evil bro…. samya just watch out for her ) !!!!!

raghav thinks abt kalpi’s reply n drinks wine. he thinks why did i even think that she’ll fall in luv wid me??? his inner voice answers: coz u know she trusts u, u saw it today. n u know that trust is d foundation of a strong love relationship. raghav smiles ( luv this amazing inner voice…………. wish i had 1 too ).

samya watch a movie but none of them is interested. maya switches off d tv n says lets think it out first sammy i dont want any1 or anything to ruin our plan. sammy cups her face wid his hands n says dont worry no1 will……. he thinks i just hope paki doesn’t come to know of it. ( she’s already 2 steps ahead of u dear…… just wait till she starts her plan of separating u n maya )

prem kapoor luks at d burnt photos of ragna n says till today u did whatever u wanted…. ruined me n my happiness. but just wait for tomorrow n see what disaster i bring into ur lives. u’ve given me a lot of pain…… now is d time to return it to u wid interest……. n tears will be given along as a free gift.

first fb starts. its revealed that prem was once in a b’day party. kalpi was there too n prem’s frnds challenged him to do smthing bad to any girl in d party n show his guts. prem walks up to a small girl n tears her frock a bit. d girl starts crying. kalpi sees this n asks d girl to calm down. she makes d child pour a hot cup of coffee on prem’s head. prem feels insulted n his frnds laugh at his plight. first fb ends.

second fb starts. prem has taken over much of his dad’s biz. but when he constructs new residential quarters, raghav buys all of those n sells them at even higher rates. when prem confronts him about this, raghav insults him a lot ( even though d poor guy had travelled all d way to usa to meet my hero ). second fb ends.

third fb starts. prem tries to trick kalpi into believing that he is in luv wid her. but kalpi makes fun of him at her college in front of every1. when she senses prem’s anger, she asks him to cool down n pours a jug full of cold juice over him n announces on d mike that he likes getting wet so he wont mind…… its smthing that’s happened wid him all his life. every1 joins in n they ridicule him. third fb ends.

prem tightens his fist so much that his knuckles turn white. he leans against d wall n thinks celebrate ur proposal n new-found love as much as u want. i’ll make sure this is d last happy n8 of ur life. he smiles.

paki is on d bed n luks at a photo of samar on her laptop n thinks this is d last n8 u r wid that maya…… spend it happily. she sets d laptop aside n smirks. ( these siblings will make me mad…………. there’s smthing wrong in neetu n sahil’s genes n upbringing )

kalpi thinks from tomorrow i have just 1 mission — to save raghav sir frm that wretched maya. she dozes off.

samya think tomorrow will be an epoch in d life of raghav n kalpana. they smile n hug each other.

raghav thinks i luv u kalpana n i’ll make sure that u start falling in luv wid me from tomorrow itself. he luks at her pic.

d screen divides up n freezes on all their faces.

Credit to: sweety

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    di awesome……….. this prem n paki…….. i too agree di……… there s some gene problem. both eveil shail n neetu together gave 2 bigger evils……..

    actually di royal told it in malayalam………. i know it a bit only…… anyway will translate it…………

    she has called him as dog…. then asked him to be in his limit as they can also go to any level……. smthg like that……… but sweetha called him as dog………. thats all i know

  2. Awesome and funny episode, Sweety di☺

  3. This bro-sis duo always makes me crazy.Hope kalpi will soon fall for raghav.

  4. Hoping that this time Ragna will ruin Prem’s status and business.

  5. Thanks Sweety di for reading my ff,I am touched with your gesture.I ended my ff today itself as I can’t tolerate the fact that tellyupdates played with my sentiments and ridiculed hindi language.

  6. I too think that there is some fault in sahil and neetu’s genes.I liked the fact that you don’t have introduced any love triangle between kalpi,raghav and mad paaki like ema.

  7. ty sooo much ww n smriti

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