ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 37


raghav says not so long ago, tragedy struck upon my family. my dad was murdered, my mom left us, n every1 i loved left me alone, to fight for my survival in this mean world, where every other person wanted to rob me of my property. i was brought by that sahil kapoor to his house, just for d sake of my money. in a world i trusted no one at all, i was all alone, friendless, familyless. i’d cry on n on in d nights, cursing my destiny. i stopped believing in god.when i thought my worst had come, hope came to me in d form of a little girl. she was sweet, n i cud talk to her widout faking my emotions. she was d only person who, i felt, was truthful in this world of lies. her name was kalpana.

he turns back n says— kalpi, i dont know what i saw in u. why i wanted to see u every morning as soon as i woke up, n every night before i went to bed. i dont know why i started believing in u, or even why i wanted to talk to u n that those talks shud last forever. i dont know what happened to me. all i know is smthing made me connect to u, smthing really inexplicable, which made me want to keep on luking at u, which made me want to help u n save u from that samar kapoor n his wretchedness. all i know is that smthing changed, i changed, my life changed.

i did not realize at that time that i had fallen in love wid u.i realized it later when i went to d u.s.a. n literally spent all my time thinking about u. i realized i needed u, i wanted u to be wid me always, i felt helpless widout u. i know it might sound strange now, but at 1 pt. of time i had actually packed my bags n booked my return tickets. but then i remembered kamla ma’s words n smhow i stopped myself from coming back widout completing my education. only i know what i went thru that entire decade.

i found 2 amazing friends in maya n sammy, who realized my love for u. in fact, maya even tried to set me up wid sm girls she thought cud help me get over u. but nothing happened. my love for u just grew stronger, n my impatience to meet u n tell u about it increased to such n extent that i cud have done absolutely anything to realize my dream of staying wid u all my life. samya promised that they’d find a solution n so we came back to india.

u dont know what i felt at d time kalpi. i was back to d place where d story had started. i wanted to rush to u n hug u n marry u on d spot. but sammy did not let me do so. so i hired some detectives to luk after u. they clicked ur photos n sent those to me. every single photo was framed n put up in this room. in fact it now seems as if its ur room!! its not that i became an obsessive lover, its just that i wanted u to b safe n sound always.

n then finally i got an opportunity to see u from close range. i came up dressed n masked at d kapoor mansion n danced wid u. i felt my life returning to me. i felt like i was breathing for d first time in years. i felt alive. i knew about neetu’s conspiracy of making u lose, n i decided to add sm fun to d party…… i got sm drugs mixed in paki’s juice n she started acting all funny. i know u never liked her bcz of d attention she received from kamla ma. so i just thought of helping u a bit, n also start my revenge from d kapoors for ruining my family.

later i came to u face to face at your award distribution ceremony. i felt that i cud not bear to stay away from u anymore n so offered u a job in my company. n i made sure u accepted my offer. till then it was always me finding a way to meet u, but that day even god wanted us to meet n we met each other at d ganapathi temple. after that a series of incidents followed, such as when we met during ur morning jog n then later when i dropped u home. fb starts n all d events r repeated in quick succession. fb ends.

kalpi, u might be surprised to know that even this dress u r wearing, it was no gift from that designer woman. rather it was i who had planned all this. i m not going to tell u ever how or why, i just want u to know what all i have done to get close to u. i know i sound like a madman, but trust me. i love u more than anything or anyone else in this world. i can give up all my wealth for u. u r my biggest wealth kalpi, i cant lose u at any cost. i’d rather die.

i know kalpi this might be d most eventful night of your life, a night u might have never imagined even in your wildest dreams, a night that u r sure to remember for a long time to come, maybe even till ur last moments. but before u leave, i just want to ask u a question — do u feel anything for me? i know u feel that all this is being forced upon u, but just think of all those times when everything was a sheer coincidence such as when i was standing d closest to u n u danced wid me.

so kalpi tell me, do u envisage a future for d two of us, together in each other’s company? do i matter to u? my feelings, my emotions, my love…………. what does all that mean to u? n yes, do u think u can ever fall in love with me?

{ guys smthing really imp………… i never write a script before uploading my ffs, nor do i know what i m going to write. but trust me, this was 1 episode where words just flowed freely into d story. i wrote it wid all my heart n mind, so plz plz plz even if u have never ever cmntd on my ffs, plz do so for this episode ….. i ll be really grateful to u all }

precap : kalpi’s answer.

Credit to: sweety

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  1. awesome both the episodes were just unbeleivable i really loved it yaar seriously all the best fr ur exams ok

  2. It’s really nice…..this shows how much u love ragna….and pls don’t stop ur ffs….I just really love it…pls pls pls continue it

  3. Both the episode r awesome…..really loved it….waiting for the next eagerly…..pls pls continue it

  4. gr8.I have no words to express my amusement.

  5. Could you please tell me when will our exams get finished??????
    I am actually eager to read your updates on daily basis or at least once in a couple of days.

  6. The portrayal of Raghav’s character is done amazingly by you.Hats off!!!

  7. Eagerly waiting for Kalpi’s reply.

  8. Who was that helicopter guy????????

  9. Who is samar kapoor…?

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      Its actually shallu kapoor *(paki’s father)

      1. no dear its prem kapoor….. i typed samar by mistake

        n yes plz visit that hindi ff on swadarsh i translated it for u.

        n also my swadarsh fan page imp. links will hopefully be posted soon just go thru it …. its not an ff but just a pg for sm imp. behind d scenes photos link harshad shared

  10. Mind blowing … I’m dumb struck after reading it…wonderful epi

  11. Awesome n fabulous episode old continue waiting for next episode

  12. Eagerly waiting for the next episode…..please upload soon…very excited for kalpi’s reply….

  13. Wow.So Romantic.Simply Superb eppisode.No no I want o say that it was a 1.Amazing. 2.Fantastic. 3.Awesome. 4.Romantic. 5.Lovely. 6.Mindblowing. 7.Cute & Nice. ACTUALLY JAKKAS EPPISODE.

  14. Wow.So Romantic.Simply Superb eppisode.No no I want o say that it was a 1.Amazing. 2.Fantastic. 3.Awesome. 4.Romantic. 5.Lovely. 6.Mindblowing. 7.Cute & Nice. 8.Fabulous. ACTUALLY JAKKAS EPPISODE.

  15. Your imagination of ragna love story is actually too good than the real script so plz do continue!

  16. Sweety dr……i just read from part 27….all of them were awsm…..nd i kno abt exams….mine too going hell

    but srsly u r an awsm writer

  17. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

    Mind blowing…… what a confession!!!! If i had been kalpi’s place i would have fallen for raghav…… ithna payar??? So much of love???? Ivullo anbu???? I m seriously in love with ur ff…… i dont whether my ff will be like urs…. atleast 40% of urs…… di u r rocking……

    1. ty soooo much.

  18. thankyou everyone here……………… so sorry i have my exams so i cant reply to each of u personally…. hope u understand.. 🙂

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