ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 36

hi every1…………….

i have been getting really few cmnts nowadays………. seems like i m boring u guys.

so dont worry, i will wind it up soon. but yes, do tell me if u dont want that to happen

here’s d ff

every1 luks at sammy. he says that u guys cant dance like this bcz your turn was on d 7th no. n we had pre-decided that no. 7 couple wud have to do smthing never seen before. now its up to u guys what u wanna do, but dont u dare break d rule.

ragna luk at each other n think what to do? raghav smiles n asks kalpi if she trusts him? kalpi immediately replies no but then rethinks n says yes, to sm extent. raghav says fine just trust me fully for these 5 mins. kalpi says ok. raghav leaves d stage. kalpi thinks what is he going to do?

raghav comes back n blindfolds her. she says what d hell r u doing? raghav says relax, i won’t harm u. kalpi says ok. raghav signs sammy to start d music.

d lights get dimmed. d song tera hone laga hu starts playing. kalpi finds it a bit difficult to dance wid d blindfold, but later acclimatizes n starts dancing really well. raghav thinks now just 1 last step kalpi, n i ll get to know whether we have a future or not. he asks her to follow what he says. she says ok.

raghav walks down d stage n asks her to jump. kalpi is stunned n says no way. raghav pleads again but kalpi denies. raghav says trust me. kalpi thinks n agrees n jumps from d stage. raghav catches her in his arms. kalpi removes her blindfold n they share an eyelock. d tune of tum hi ho plays in d bg.

every1 claps n they realise what they had been doing n leave each other. kalpi moves away. sammy says on d mike wow buddy u rocked it… u too kalpana. maya seems happy.

kalpi thinks if her suspicions r true? she thinks to find out.

paki comes to her n says wow kalpi u were really gud……. i saw u dancing wid a guy for d first time n trust me, it was awesum …. u two complement each other really well. kalpi says thanx

she goes in to raghav n says i have to ask u smthing really imp. raghav says sure, go ahead. maya sees them n tries to listen in.

kalpi says have i ever danced wid u before? raghav doesn’t respond. kalpi says i m asking u smthing sir. i felt it from d way u held my hand…….. there was smthing familiar about it. plz answer me. raghav thinks what to say to her? kalpi says oh yes, i remember ….. ur touch is similar to that blue shirt guy i danced wid in paki’s party. in fact, u r d same person. yes, i m 100% sure about it now…. same voice, same touch, same dancing style. tell me if u r d same person?

maya thinks oh no n rushes to sammy. raghav says yes kalpi it was i who danced wid u wearing a mask. kalpi is shocked.

sammy is dumbfounded on listening to maya n he rushes to d spot where ragna were talking. he thinks if raghav tells her anything, all hell will break lose. i ll never succeed in my plan.

raghav says its high time that u learn d truth. he takes her to his bedroom. kalpi is shocked seeing room full of her photos. she asks him what is this? raghav says its a very very long story…… a story of love, a story of passion, a story of craze, n a story of…… kalpi completes it by saying stalkers? raghav says just listen to me very patiently kalpi, this confession is sure to shock u, but in d long run it will help us both.

she says i dont wanna listen to anything …. u r mad! u r eccentric!…… u r —- this time raghav completes it n says a true lover, who is mad in luv wid u.

d story begins……………

Credit to: sweety


  1. Wow!!!!!! I liked today’s episode and please di don’t wrap up.If you want 100s of comments then don’t worry I will multiple number of comments just to give you a glimpse of my love,affection and appreciation for you and your work.Please don’t discontinue it.

  2. Oh please don’t wrap it….u really write so well..that I visualize everything….and it seems like its really been telecasted ….

  3. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

    Omg!!!! Atlast the story began….. but pls dont end the ff…… i cant be without ur ffs…..

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