ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 33


hi every1……………….

just to inform u, d changing weather has caught up wid me so i have a slight fever.

also as i said, i have 3 exams without much preparatory leave.

so i dont really think i m gonna write anymore episodes for d next 5 days, but keep checking………. u might be lucky !!!

i m really sorry for this………………… how i wish i was either younger or older so i wudn’t be giving my boards………….. n i wud have been able to write freely.

trust me, i dont wanna leave writing now that d story is on such an amazing track………… what wid all d suspense n plans going on. but as they say, destiny doesnt change, neither will my datesheet change !!!!

anyways, enough of this nonsense, here is today’s first ff : —

paki n kalpi reach d party venue. paki thinks thank god kalpi did not carry on that sammy topic further. kalpi thinks what to do so that maya is exposed.

samya-raghav r already there. raghav luks at kalpi n is mesmerised. sammy sees this n laughs silently to himself. he then sees paki luking at him n turns away thinking oh no now she will be after me d whole night.

maya is talking to d waiters n she turns to find kalpi standing behind her. kalpi says hello maam. maya ignores her n tries to walk ahead but kalpi’s hand stops her n she luks back. she asks kalpi to let her go bcz she has a lot of work. kalpi says oh really? then that means u must be really busy, no? maya says of course i m busy. kalpi says oh yes, u must be…. how can u not? after all, making all sorts of evil plans does require time n energy. maya is speechless, kalpi leaves after giving her a small smile.

paki comes to samar n says hi sammy. sammy turns n says sir…. for u i m sir. paki makes a face n says okkk… hi sammy sir. sammy says hi ms. paki kapoor. paki thinks how rude. she says u r luking really handsome sir. sammy haughtily replies yeah yeah i know…. i always luk handsome. paki smiles n says oh really, who said that? sammy says my gf. paki is shocked n says ur who–? sammy says my beautiful gf n points towards maya, who is attending a call. sammy leaves. paki luks on.

kalpi walks to d juice counter n collides wid a waiter who spills juice on her dress. he says sorry to her. she says its ok i will clean it…….. just tell me where’s d washroom? he tells her n leaves. kalpi walks in that direction. maya watches this n says step 1 completed, now step 2. she smirks.

raghav sees kalpi going towards d washroom n thinks to follow her in case she gets lost in d house. he goes behind her but maya interrupts him n says see d guests r here…. where r u going? raghav says nowhere n turns back.

paki meets an office friend n tells her that maya is sammy sir’s gf. d friend says oh really? they luk gud together. seems like a match made in heaven. paki burns wid rage n jealousy.

kalpi goes to d washroom. raghav attends to d guests. maya luks at her watch n thinks just 1 minute more.

kalpi cleans her dress n turns back. she finds d door locked from inside. she thinks it is strange … i dont think i bolted d door when i came in. she is about to open it n keeps her hand on d bolt but sm1 else’s hand stops her. her eyes widen n she turns around.

paki continuously watches sammy, who is concentrating on maya’s changing expressions. he walks up to her n says why r u smiling to urself? maya says nothing.

raghav thinks why didnt kalpi come till now? he starts walking in d direction of d washroom. maya sees this n thinks i just hope he doesnt reach there before dat dumb intern does his task.

kalpi sees maya’s intern behind her n says who r u? what r u doing here? d intern says i m here for u sweetheart…. u luk really beautiful. will u be my gf? he tries to get close to her. kalpi resists his advances n screams but d guy blocks her mouth n says sorry but there is no 1 here who can save u. he touches her inappropriately. kalpi is terrified. raghav is at d door of d washroom.

he knocks n says kalpi r u there? getting no reply, he thinks maybe she is downstairs n i didnt see her going. he walks downstairs. kalpi who is inside, cries n thinks plz come back… plz save me i m here plz dont go. she prays to god bappa to stop raghav.

as if on cue, raghav stops n thinks why d hell is that door locked if there is no 1 inside? let me just check once again. he walks back. samya luk at him……

Credit to: sweety

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  1. Wow.Delighted to see Ragna’s heart connection.


    ugghh……… what the hell maya doing? so our hero to save his heroine wow…………. i m really liking ur ff di.. i feel like watching it in real………….

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