ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 32

second ff ………………..

paki is ready for d party. she luks at her watch n thinks just half n hour more left to impress sammy. she smiles.

kalpi is still getting ready. she thinks why d hell m i still going to that hitler’s house. ( she addresses raghav as hitler in her thoughts ) after all that happened today i shud have given him my resignation letter. her inner voice says – u r going to collect evidence against that maya n prove urself right as u know she has done all this. kalpi says thanks to her inner voice. she determinedly tells herself that she will find out d culprit tonight.

raghav is pondering over sammy’s words. his inner voice tells him that he knows his kalpi wud never do such a thing. raghav says yeah right. he gets up n thinks tonight i will know d truth behind all this. he receives sammy’s msg which says — get ready for d party as well as for ur detective work. remember u have to do this not only for kalpi but also for urself, as she is ur life n love n everything else in ur world. in fact she is ur world, dont u dare forget that u came all d way to india just to get her !!!!

raghav smiles n replies to him — yeah dont worry buddy, i was going to get ready only. n dont u dare think that kalpi is my only world …. u n maya r there in it too !!!!

sammy gets his reply n smiles. he takes out a key from his pocket n opens a door n walks in. maya is sitting there.

raghav chooses a red shirt ( to match wid kalpi ….. ohh i wish i had a boyfriend like that 😛 ) n a black tie n black pants n a black half jacket n lays them out on his bed. ( sorry but i just luv describing clothes…….. also i think u might have missed my interruptions in d last ff coz i dont think i made any 🙂 ) he luks at his clothes n says perfect. he gets ready.

paki calls kalpi n asks her if she is ready? kalpi says yes. paki says then come soon i m waiting for u downstairs. kalpi asks but for u d time is 8.30 no? paki replies yes but i thought i’d go in earlier wid u. kalpi completes her statement n says yes so that u cud meet sammy sir. paki is shocked n says no there’s nothing like that kalpi u r taking me wrong. kalpi says ok let me come downstairs then we’ll decide who is right n who is wrong. she cuts d call n smiles to herself. paki gets tensed n thinks now she wont miss out on a single chance to embarass me in front of samar.

sammy asks maya what is she doing here? maya says i just wanted to talk to u regarding smthing. sammy says i know what u want to talk about but i dont have time right now let me get ready. he walks forward but maya comes in his way. he angrily asks her to move away but she denies n stays put. sammy tries walking to d other side but maya again stops him n says plz listen to me once. sammy says fine, but before u say anything, just see this msg n shows her raghav’s msg. maya reads it.

sammy says he considers us his world maya. what will happen when he’ll come to know who’s behind all this? he’ll not only break his friendship wid both of uf, he’ll never ever be able to believe in friends n relations anymore. now just stop all this before it gets too far n sm big mistake occurs. he leaves, maya is standing there. she is in tears.

maya thinks sorry my love, but i cant stop this at this level. i m almost there, at d verge of realising my goal…….. if i stop now, i’ll never be able to forgive myself. she calls up her intern n says d work shud be done tonight. d intern says okkk. maya cuts d call n thinks sorry kalpi, have to do this. u might never have imagined in ur wildest dreams that this is going to happen to u. she smiles.

d helicopter guy ( remember him ??? ) luks at a photo of kalpi n keeps it on d table. he sings machli jal ki rani hai, jeevan uska pani hai, haath lagaoge toh dar jaegi, bahar nikaloge toh mar jaegi. he laughs hysterically n burns d photo. he keeps another photo on top of it n seeing it burning, says u too n laughs again. he switches on d lamp n light falls on d second photo. it is of raghav.

precap ( for d first time ever ) : huge ruckus n drama at d party.

( guys, mind u, giving a precap doesnt mean i m gonna write tomorrow itself, it might take sm time. sorry for d inconvenience. btw, my second fav. tv actor fahad ali is back wid a bang on d small screen wid his co-star from d buddy project jatin sharma in jane kya hoga rama re of life ok channel….. plz tell me if u loved tbp or any of its characters…. want to know sm like minded people. )

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  1. Who is that mysterious guy??????

  2. waiting fr ur next episode todays was awesome

  3. Nice ep sweety. I’m so excitedfor the nxt ep. who’s that new villan in our Ragna life???
    And all the best for your exams. ..
    my best wishes for u…


    awesome di………….. n ya all the best……… do well…………

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