ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 31


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kalpi is at home. she remembers raghav n samya’s allegations n walks to n fro. kamla asks her what’s d matter? kalpi says nothing. kamla says i m ur ai, do u seriously think u can hide anything from me? i know what is troubling my daughter. kalpi is shocked.

paki is getting dressed for d party n looks in d mirror. she thinks wow i luk so beautiful…….. there’s no way for mr. samar singh raizada to ignore me tonight. she smiles. neetu comes into her room.

ragmy n maya r sitting together. raghav asks sammy why kalpi did that to him? he had trusted her so much, but all in vain. sammy asks him to control his emotions n says its ok she must have had a reason behind all this. maya asks what cud possibly be d reason behind such a form of treachery? sammy ignores her n thinks wow what an amazing actress my gf is. we both know she is behind all this but still she is acting like an innocent child. he says to raghav that there r 2 sides of a coin raghav. u saw just 1 side today n jumped to d conclusion that kalpi betrayed u. trust me, u shud never judge her by a single act, supposedly done by her.

maya says what do u mean by supposedly? sammy says i mean that we dont have enough proof to show that she is behind all this. so why blame her? raghav says sammy is right. i dont think she did this. there is sm1 else behind all this. maya gets tensed n says but — sammy cuts her short n says enough maya, go n get ready for tonight’s party n dont u forget to call that intern of urs. maya glares at him angrily n leaves.

kamla tells kalpi that paki called her n told about d party u have at raghav baba’s house. kalpi feels relaxed n says yes. kamla asks what she’s going to wear? kalpi says actually we got dresses from d office…. she remembers smthing n screams oh no !!!

neetu says to paki u r luking v. beautiful pooki. r u going smwhere? paki says what i m wearing or where i m going has nothing to do with u. plz mind ur own business n leave. neetu says but pooki i just — paki says how many times do i have to tell u where d door of my room is? u have been living for d past 3 decades but dont have any knowledge about d rules of this house. according to rules u have to knock before entering a room.

neetu shouts enough pooki !!! i saw d door open so i walked in. i dont really care what u do, where u go, or what u wear. i dont!! but being ur mom, d lady who gave u birth after bearing u for nine mnths, i thought i had sm right over u. so i came in to give u these earrings which will match better wid ur dress, than d ones u r wearing. i didnt come in to get insulted, mind u. she keeps d earrings there n leaves. paki throws d earrings on d floor.

kamla says what happened? kalpi says i forgot my gown in d office only. kamla shouts at her n says how can u be so careless? where does ur mind stay nowadays?she gets silent seeing kalpi smiling n says why r u smiling? u committed such a huge blunder n — kalpi keeps her index finger on kamla’s lips n hushes her n says relax ai, i have d dress. i was just checking ur reaction. u shouted so wildly at such a small mistake, instead of asking me to go n get d dress back. but i m 100% sure that had it been paki at my place, u wud have never reacted d way u did right now. paki was right, u r only my biological mother, my namesake mother. in reality, i have just 1 parent, my vitthala baba……… she leaves. kamla is stunned.

sammy says to raghav that u shud have listened to her once. maybe she didnt do this. raghav says if not her then who? sammy says i dont know that. that is for mr. detective raghav singhania to find out. he gets up to leave. raghav says behind him why shud i find out? sammy turns back n says 3 reasons —-

1. u insulted her kamla ma, so this will be a way of compensating for that.

2. u want her to work in ur office, no? as far as i know her, she wont work there until her innocence is proven.

n 3. whether u admit it or not, u r in deep deep love wid her n can go to any limit to prove her innocent.

sammy leaves. raghav is thinking.

Credit to: sweety

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