ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 30

hello every1!!!!

m really sorry zashan n others……. i cant update everyday as m in 12th n have my entrances d next 2 mnths………… dont want 2 ruin my life n career, so plz understand my problem ( which i m sure u guys out there will ) ….. anyways, i promise to write whenever i get time.

n since i write at least 2 updates whenever i get time, it is almost equal to 1 written long epi. so plz forgive me if u find it short.

n thanks to tellyupdates team 4 not merging my updates……… plz keep it that way only.

anyways, here’s today’s first n only ff ( actually its raining cats n dogs outside so there’s sm network problem.. ) hope u enjoy it. dont forget to comment!!!

raghav asks maya if she studied d contract well before finalizing d deal? maya gets anxious n says why, is there a problem? raghav says check this particular pt. of d contract. maya takes d file, sammy is reading wid her.

maya says i dont know whats d problem in this pt.? raghav asks kalpi to tell her. he seems to be really angry. sammy takes d file n gives it to kalpi. kalpi takes it n says to maya that according to this contract, u r being paid only rs. 2 crores for that plot of land. whereas d truth is that d singhania group is paying u full 5.5 crs. either u r taking only 2 crs or u want to keep 3.5 crs as black money without showing it in d transactions. ragmy ask maya to respond. both seem to be very angry.

maya smiles n says oh that? i think there shud be no problem in it. raghav gets really angry n says what d hell maya? u know that i dont like dishonesty in my dealings. so why did u do it? sammy stares at her n asks her to answer.

maya says oh cum on guys, its just a typing mistake. i will get it corrected. sammy asks really? then i’d like to meet ur typist. maya says he’s cuming in d party tonight. raghav says what do u mean? maya says i mean he is d intern i was talking about.

raghav gets really angry n shouts at her that how cud she do such a huge mistake? didnt she check d contract first? maya says oh yes u r right, i did. sammy asks then how did this blunder happen? maya luks at him n says relax, let me recheck. give me d file kalpi. kalpi gives it to her.

maya flips a few pages n smiles. ragmy r bewildered n ask her why is she smiling? maya says this is not done by that typist, its a conspiracy to ruin her n raghav’s friendship. sammy says why wud any1 do this? maya says bcz of jealousy, n she is sure that this has been done by kalpi. raghav is shocked. sammy asks her to prove it.

maya says its very simple, this isnt d file which she gave to raghav. he had signed on d last page. but this file doesnt bear his signs. so it is clear that sm1 changed d file. kalpi says i did not do anything of d sort.

maya says i gave this file to raghav, till then it was d same. he handed it over directly to u. even at that pt. of time it was d same original red file. i know it as i was there at d spot. but now d file we have right now in our hands is blue. how did this happen? sm1 must have changed it for sure. n u r d only 1 who can do this, as d file was in ur custody only. kalpi is shocked.

raghav luks at her n says what is this? i trusted u so much n u broke my trust kalpana. i thought u wud prove urself right n me wrong by completing this task , but i forgot that u r d daughter of a servant n that u can never do anything other than that menial job. i hate u kalpana, i hate u.

sammy asks him to calm down. he makes him drink sm water. maya smirks.

kalpi says sir plz listen to me. i did not do this. i dont even know how all this happened. maya interrupts n says its no use kalpi, stop defending urself. just tell us why u did this? kalpi says u r thinking it wrong maam i did not do it. sammy shouts at her to just stop it. she shud have thought twice before blaming maya when d truth is that she herself did all this. kalpi is crying.

maya luks at her n thinks ohhhh my crybaby cry as much as u want, raghav wont listen to u. i have him in d palm of my hand. nobody wins from me kalpi, nobody ever did. now just wait n watch my next step.

fb starts.

maya sees raghav signing d red file n giving it to kalpi. kalpi walks straight to her office without luking at d file. maya thinks big mistake kalpi, u didnt even glance at d file. she purposely collides wid her n makes d papers fall down. she then pretends to help her in collecting those papers n hands her d blue file in d process. kalpi takes it n leaves. maya says to herself gud job girl.

fb ends.

kalpi tries to talk to raghav but he turns away. she is about to leave but comes back n says i know u dont want to listen to me, but just remember that i will come back n prove my innocence as i have full faith in my god. n yes 1 more thing, my ai doesnt do any menial job. i m proud of her n her work. in fact no work is menial sir, it depends on ur perspective — d way u luk at n feel about a job makes it menial. today u have a lot of wealth, power n prestige, so u think domestic workers do a menial job. maybe there’s sm1 out there who’s an even bigger bizman than u n thinks ur work as menial.

a helicopter is seen landing at d mumbai airport. ( reminded me of raghav’s entry ….. only this is sm1 else. let’s see what storm he brings into ragna’s life? )

meanwhile sammy asks kalpi to leave. kalpi says to him i m sorry if i m mistaken but i dont think u r my boss, so plz dont expect me to follow ur orders.

she luks at raghav n says but my ai, sorry i meant a domestic worker ai taught me to respect my seniors so i will leave. but 1 request mr. raghav singhania, plz dont forget d menial domestic help u were talking about right now saved u so many years ago from d clutches of d kapoors. she leaves.

( wow i m so philosophical. didnt know i had it in me !!!! )
raghav luks at her going n remembers his childhood when he asks kamala for her help in running away from d kapoor mansion n how he succeeded with kamla’s help.

d helicopter guy gets into a bmw n drives away. kalpi is running out of her office n is crying. a strong wind starts blowing.

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  3. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    oh no……. is maya an Antagonist?

    but the epi is good………

  4. Wow..Wow..Wow..Wow & once again wow..Just Amazing eppisode yaar Sweety.Keep rocking

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