ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 3

hi everyone especially wellwisher seems like u r as gr8 a fan of ema as me anyways i have a pre-board exam tom so i m writing 2 episodes today itself.

kalpi is praying to ganesha. she turns back and sees kamla standing behind her. she says ai what are u doing here? kamla says looking at how fast my daughter is growing up just a few years back u came to me n told me ur wishes before even going to god now see how much u have changed kalpi now tell me what were u praying for? kalpi says ai actually- kamla says its ok i was just kidding let me tie this raksha sutra on your wrist i hope god fulfills all your wishes. she goes. kalpi says plz forgive me ai if u knew what i was asking for u would have never wanted my wishes to be fulfilled.

back at home paki is selecting a dress for herself to wear at the party she is not able to take a decision. prem ( her brother ) walks in n says how much time do u girls require to get ready. neetu follows him in n says yes my son is right u have not even chosen a dress n the party is about to start. paki shouts shut up u two n leave. neetu says ok then let me tell u kamla is waiting for u downstairs . paki is happy n says really neetu u invited her? neetu says yes cupcake i did this for u. paki says thanks n i am coming now go i have to get ready. neetu gives a fake smile n says to herself wow kamla u must be a real magician just d news of your arrival was enough to get this girl going.

downstairs people are coming in. kamla enters with vitthal n pakya. paki rushes to them n hugs kamla she asks where is kalpi? kamla says she is paying the autodriver she must be coming soon. paki says ok. she takes them in.

outside kalpi is paying the autodriver n sm1 is watching her from behind a pillar.

the organiser announces that they have a special dance group present in the party who will become partners to paki’s collegemates n then there will be a competition as the party itself was in honour of paki winning a dance competition. all the girls are really happy. neetu takes the mike n says but before that i want all of the elders to dance as well. paki says so u finally accept that u r old neetu. every1 laughs kamla says this is not the way to talk paki. paki says relax kamla ma i was just kidding. kalpi is standing behind the two n says no paki that was not even funny the real fun will begin now just wait n watch.. the screen freezes on her face

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