ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 29


raghav asks what is wrong? kalpi says sir actually d contract does not allow d parties to sue each other in d court if one of them breaches d contract. raghav smiles n says that’s it? kalpi asks if it isn’t enough to prove d contract is not right? raghav holds maya’s hand n brings her there. he says maya means a lot to me kalpana. she ‘s my life. d only girl in my life till now. i know she will never breach d contract. even if she, does i m never going to sue her for it. maya thinks why didnt kalpi tell tell him about pt. no. 28 of d contract? maybe she hasn’t read it. she thinks till then i m safe.

kalpi says but sir such contracts r void in d eyes of law. they r not legally enforceable. raghav says its ok kalpana, i dont care. n i dont know about all these legalities thats ur work all i know is that maya can never hurt me. never. he hugs her. maya feels guilty n thinks why do u trust me so much raghav? i have broken ur trust. when she reads pt. no.28 n tells u, u will never ever hug me.

kalpi luks at d two embracing n says but sir— sammy says have u read d entire contract kalpana? she says no. sammy says then plz do that n come at 7.00 p.m. in d party. she says but— sammy says just leave n do ur work, otherwise u wont be able to fulfill ur promise. she nods.

raghav luks at her going n asks sammy why he talked like that to her? sammy says i m sorry but i dont like it when sm1 says anything to maya. luk at her, she’s already unwell. n kalpi’s allegations must be making her even more upset. let me take her home. raghav agrees. samya leave.

kalpi is reading d contract. she is at pt. no. 27.

raghav luks at her n thinks of talking to her. he walks towards her office.

samya r in car. sammy is driving furiously. maya says i m sorry. sammy shouts i told u not to make any mistake this time. why do u have to break my trust like this? maya cries n sys plz listen to me just once………. plz. sammy screams what is left to listen? maya says stop d car, i said stop d car. their car screeches to a halt.

raghav is at kalpi’s door. he thinks of going in but seeing her working, he turns back. he’s about to leave when kalpi calls out his name. he luks at her n is shocked.

samya r sitting silently. finally maya breaks d ice n says i m sorry. sammy doesnt respond. maya luks at him thru her teary eyes n says now i m gonna explain, if u r listening plz nod. sammy turns his face away n drives d car ahead.

raghav says how dare u call be by my name? i m ur boss, call me sir. kalpi says i m sorry sir but plz see pt. no.28 of d conract once. he takes d file from her n luks at it.

maya asks sammy why he is going back? sammy says i have sm imp. work to do in d office. he luks at her n smiles reassuringly. he says i know it was a big fault, but its ok. maya thanks her stars n hugs sammy. they drive off.

raghav says kalpana i forgot my specs i cant read it. plz read it out for me. kalpi says ok. she starts.

samya arrive there just as kalpi finishes. raghav stares at maya. samya luk on.

Credit to: sweety

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  1. Waiting for the next. Ragna is my fav couple .

  2. Hey Sweety.I was a silent reader but today I can’t stop myself from commenting.I read all of you’r Eppisodes.I must say It is just a awesome ff AND you are the best writter..Keep it up.I want to see you’r 100 eppisode on this ff.

  3. 1 more thing From today I’ll comment on you’r ff everyday.So,Plz try to be regular bcoz I can’t wait anymore.Plz plz plz make it more longer

  4. awesome dear reallly nice pls update regularly na dear i saw ragna fr the first in tamil oly so i know less abt them only but after reading urs i got interested update regularly

  5. Really nice epi

  6. All the very best sweety for yr next xam

  7. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    awesome di…….. raghav needs specs wow…………

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