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ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 28


extremely sorry guys for d long break i took…………… but trust me, humanities is no joke, that too when u r sitting in d boards n attempting ( or shud i say staring ??? ) a question completely out of d syllabus, not mentioned in any past year paper, absent from each n every guide book, but says ” answer from d source given” even though d source doesnt give u an inkling of d answer !!!!!! u feel as if that paper was made wid d sole aim of ruining ur score. 🙁

anyways, here’s d episode…………. plz read n comment. n tellyupdates NO MERGING OF MY EPISODES! EVER!

every1 is working. maya is continuously luking at kalpi from her window n trying to read her expressions while she checks her file. sammy comes there n asks if everything is ok? maya says no. sammy is stunned n asks what’s wrong maya? i hope u r not doing anything wrong. maya turns n says why do u think so? sammy says i know u since ages maya. u give such blank stares only when smthing is wrong. tell me what is it? maya thinks if she shud tell him, but decides against it.

d lunch break starts n all walk towards d cafeteria. paki sees kalpi missing n calls her. kalpi says that she is working on d file, there seems to be smthing wrong with d contract. paki says ok i m cuming there too. kalpi says no need.

maya who was listening intently to their convo, gets stressed n pours extra juice into raghav’s glass. ragmy stare at her. raghav asks if she is ok. maya says i hv a slight headache i think i shud take sm rest. she leaves. sammy luks at her n thinks i just hope that contract is as she promised me.

d designer lady comes in n signs to raghav. he nods n says to sammy that he has to go he has sm urgent work. sammy says i will cum too. raghav immediately says no u stay here. he leaves. sammy is surprised with his reaction.

raghav follows d lady into his office n shuts d door just as kalpi was about to come in. ( reminded me of that scene where kalpi shut her house door on raghav bcz she was not well dressed n raghav got really angry n didnt talk to her for a no. of days. then her sorries proved to him that she too nursed similar lovey-dovey feelings n later after sm episodes became d “bad boy” of zee tv, as sm websites put it ).

raghav reopens d door n says sorry i didnt see u. maya wathches them from behind a door. kalpi says its ok sir i want to discuss smthing wid u. raghav says i cant really bcz i m v. busy r8 now. later? kalpi sees d designer lady n says ok. she thinks if raghav is in sm relationship wid d girl? ( ohh my my, she is jealous??? ). she leaves. maya heaves a sigh of relief n thinks how to save myself in front of raghaav….. when he will know d truth, he will just rescind d contract.

d designer lady tells raghav that d dresses r ready ( toofan express types…… so fast ). raghav says show me. she shows just 1 dress ( for kalpi probably ) raghav says its perfect n gives her a hug. kalpi sees this from outside ( too much mess due to this transparent glass window )

d lady cums outside n gives every1 their dresses. paki is really happy seeing a pink-coloured dress. kalpi gets d same red gown raghav was luking at. she thinks that i asked for a blue dress, maybe she forgot. every1 leaves for home, now only samya-ragna r left.

raghav asks kalpi what she wanted to discuss? kalpi says there is smthing wrong in this contract. maya gets tensed. sammy looks on…….

Credit to: sweety

  1. Awesome.All the best for your board exams Sweety di.

  2. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    sweety di dont worry. even today in my geo paper there was 1 question like that..u can compensate it in other exams…… do well di……. all the best for remaining exams………

    n coming to the epi…….. awesome. ragna was too good…………….. kalpi jealous feelings superb………

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