ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 27

ff 2 for today…………….hoping against hope that tellyupdates doesn’t merge it with d last 1.

sammy tells d interns that they have been invited to a party tonight ( reminds me of d masquerade party as well as raghav’s confession party…………… well d initial episodes of my ff too had a mask party now lets see if dis 1 turns out to be raghav’s confession party??? ). n its compulsory so they have to be there at raghav’s house at 8 p.m.

paki asks if he is coming too? sammy says yes of course. paki becomes happy. sammy watches her n thinks just watch my plan unfold tonight.

maya calls up sm1 n asks if he is ready? bcz if he doesnt do his work at d party tonight, she will fire him. she cuts d phone seeing raghav in d mirror. raghav comes to her n asks why was she shouting? maya says oh i was shouting at d intern in my office. he doesnt want to come to d party. raghav says its fine, dont force him. he leaves. maya thinks now just wait n watch what i force u to do .

kalpi asks paki what to wear at d party? paki says u can borrow one of my dresses. kalpi glares at her angrily n thinks i will never ask u for anything. raghav is watching them n calls up sm1.

a lady comes into d office wid a male assistant n asks all d interns to give d measurements for their clothes. paki asks why? d lady says bcz mr. singhania is my valued customer n today being my boutique’s 10th anniversary i wanted to do smthing for him. then i came to know about this party tonight n thought of making clothes for all of u. paki says for free? d lady says absolutely free. paki says wow, can i ask u another ques? d lady says no, u have asked a lot already.

every1’s measurements r being taken rather quickly by d assistant. d lady goes to raghav’s office n says r u happy sir? he says yes ty so much, here’s ur cheque of 50 lakhs. n dont forget to make my princess d most beautiful woman tonight. d lady nods n leaves.

an fb is shown. raghav calls up that lady n asks her to make dresses for all d interns within four hours d lady says its not possible. raghav says i will give u double d money , just manage smhow. fb ends.

raghav luks at kalpi’s measurements being taken by d male assistant n he doesnt like it. ( awwwww soooo possessive ). he signals to d lady who takes d measurements herself. raghav smiles to himself n thinks i know u wud have never accepted it if i had given a dress to u as a gift. so i had to make this dumb plan. even though it proved to be v. expensive, its value is nothing as compared to u ( reminded me of ragna’s first official date – when he took her to a boutique but she didnt buy anything bcz of d costs. )

samya r talking to each other about d fun they had at college n paki is overhearing their convo. kalpi too comes there n sees paki. she thinks it is not gud of her to eavesdrop n calls her name out loudly. paki feels annoyed n walks upto her. samya too see them n maya asks paki if she was listening to their convo? sammy says yes, i saw her thru d window. paki is shocked.

raghav comes there too n says ms. paki i thought u had a lot of manners. tell me if eavesdropping is a gud habit? paki luks at d floor. raghav continues n says that i was coming to give this bandra project file to u to study its legal aspects, but now i wont as i cant trust u anymore. then turning to kalpi, he gives her d file n says will u be able to complete it till 7 p.m.? she says yes. raghav says ok fine then come in d party at 7 p.m. n submit it to me. lets see if u r able to live up to d expectations. kalpi says ok, i will.

she takes d file, while maya watches her tensedly n thinks what to do now, kalpi has d file n she will come to know that maya had replaced d file. sammy luks at her.

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  1. Hi sweety awesome episode . Next pls can’t wait

  2. Very nice episode….. Waiting forthe next episode….

  3. Wow sweety awesome yaar…Am eagerly waiting for RAGNA scenes…

  4. I think this Maya is the new vamp.

  5. It seems interesting.Take your time to update the next part as exams are more important than this.We will wait for your next episode.

  6. We r quite similar I m also a big fan of ashish and I m also giving my boards and I read all yr updates in just 1 n8 . r u on Facebook so that icud follo and moreover I have all episodes more than thrice

  7. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    superb di…………

    1. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      eagerly waiting for next epi……. and di after my exams i will post my ema fan fictions……… will u pls read that and give comments?

  8. hi every1 …. m really sorry for not posting updates as i have my history exam on d 8th n not at all well-prepared.

    yes ww i will read your ffs too.

    thanx ankur for understanding my dilemma………….. n i cant reveal anything about maya rt now……. but trust me, u can never be quite sure of what turn my story takes.

    n muskan r u from chandigarh? n what board n stream do u have?

    1. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      okay di we understand……. all the best… do well………….. n thanx for the link……….

  9. Nyccc…..nd waiting to know maya’s scene

  10. No I m from Patna an I m from CBSE board stream commerce

  11. U r really superb u write so well hands off to u and all the sweety fans three cheers for hr hip, hip hurray and all the best for xams

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    click on this link…………… n read about your fav. actor ashish chowdhry !!!!!!

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