ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 26


hellos to every1 out there!!!!!!!
m v. happy that d eng paper went amazingly well ….. so d boards r off to a gud start!!!! n trust me, all d juniors out there, d paper was not at all tough. but yeah it was a bit lengthy … many of my friends cud not complete it on time. so dont fear d boards …. only increase ur writing speed if u r 1 of those slow-workers.

anyways, to share my happiness wid u guys, i m gonna reveal d future story for d first time today in short. soon u guys will see raghav’s confession. n then kalpi’s denials. n then my sammy’s superb planning!!!!

anyways dont know how many episodes i m gonna write today, but still i request tellyupdates not to merge them, even if they r inexplicably short……… it hurt me a lot last time 🙁

so here i begin………….. n dont forget to read n comment!!!!

sammy comes in with d team n raghav welcomes them. they say sorry to him, but he smiles n says no its all right. kalpi looks at him smiling n shaking hands with d team n thinks dis raghav singhania has two faces– i wonder which one is real, d strict 1 or d soft 1? ( for u its d soft 1 )

raghav takes d team to d conference room n asks them where is their head? sm1 enters from behind n says i m here. raghav smiles hearing that voice n looks back n says u always make a superb entry maya. ( remember her? )

maya says obvio, since i myself m superb. raghav says yeah u r right. he calls up sammy n asks him to come to d meeting room asap n looks at maya, who is turning red at her cheeks.

sammy walks in n says what is it raghav? u know i was doing sm v. imp. work n — he sees maya n asks when did u come? r u here for real or is it just another figment of my wild imagination? raghav starts laughing n says oh wow sammy i didnt know maya came in ur dreams too. u never told me, why? then he goes to maya n whispers smthing in her ear. maya nods n walks up to sammy n pinches him really hard on his nose! sammy cries in pain n says u can never change sweetheart, he laughs. maya hugs him n says i can but only for u. raghav luks at them n purposefully clears his throat n asks if they can carry on d meeting? maya says sure n again samya ( sammy-maya ) side-hug. paki is seeing all this from outside n she gets really jealous.

d meeting starts, but before raghav can luk at d project file, samya interrupt him n sammy diverts his attention, while maya secretly changes d file. ( what is going on in her mind ???? ) then she gives a hint to sammy n he asks raghav to continue looking at d file. while raghav does so, samya watch him intently. he keeps d file back n says its perfect. sammy asks so is d deal final? raghav says yes. rag-sam-ya all 3 shake hand wid each other. every1 except d 3 leaves.

raghav asks samya if they have any plan for tonight? samya say no in unison. raghav luks at them 1 by 1 n thinks what a perfect couple. sammy asks him what is he thinking? raghav says i was thinking if we cud have a small get together at home? samya ask what for? raghav says in honour of this bandra project. samya ask him if others wud also be invited? raghav says we cud invite all d new interns too– i mean they have never joined us for a party. sammy says but there r just 7 new interns this year, so that makes it 10 people. raghav says no add kalpana n paki too.

samya luk at each other n smile. maya says can i invite d interns of my company too? raghav says sure. maya says ok there is just 1 intern. sammy says fine its settled we r having a party tonight wid total 11 people in attendance. raghav says plz make it compulsory for d interns. samya reply why not n laughing silently, walk out hand in hand, making paki burn wid jealousy.

( gud for u girl, m not going to pair u wid sammy. he is too gud for u. shubhi ur wish is gonna be fulfilled………so rejoice!!! )

Credit to: sweety

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  1. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    oh so sad.. b ut its okay. paki deserves it………….

    superb di. but i didnt understand what samya did………… sorry………..

  2. thanq sooooo muchh dear …… i m soo happy .
    all the best for ur next exam ( i think its physics)..

  3. Nice. Sweety di are you appearing in class 12 cbse board exams ?

  4. oh yes ankur in humanities stream ………… btw i thought u were in college coz u sounded like 1 ….. but seems like u r younger to me !!!

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