ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 21-25

Episode 21:

d alarm bell rings n raghav wakes up. he says to himself oh today is day 1 of ragna love story. he smiles n goes to get ready.

kalpi too wakes up n thinks oh no today is day 1 with hitler. but first let me go for my morning walk. she gets ready n leaves.

sammy is in a gym n thinks why is raghav so late today? at that very moment, he sees raghav coming in.

paki is choosing a dress for herself. sahil sees this n goes into her room.

sammy n raghav r exercising when sammy asks raghav if he is ready for d-day? raghav grins n says of course buddy.

sahil says to paki if she is thinking of wearing a dress to office? paki says yes. sahil says i know u r old enough to take your own decisions but still i think u shud wear smthing more formal since it is your first day to office. paki says ok dad. she takes out some formal wear n asks if this is ok? sahil smiles n nods in affirmation.

kalpi is walking along d road. she puts on her earphones n goes to a nearby park n starts jogging.

sammy asks raghav if he needs any help? raghav says yes help me chose my clothes for today. sammy is boggled n says the raghav singhania is concerned about his clothes to wear to his very own office? this shud be d breaking news on all news channels. they laugh n leave d gym.

paki has gotten ready. she calls kalpi but d latter does not pick her call. so she calls kamla n gets to know that she is still out on her morning walk. paki cuts d call n says to her driver to drive to d park.

ragmy ( raghav n sammy ) stop at a red light ( seems like red lights r really lucky for raghav ). paki’s car stops beside theirs.

kalpi looks at her watch n thinks oh no i will be late to office. then she sees paki’s missed calls n calls her back.

there due to d extreme heat paki has rolled down her windows n is looking outside. she receives kalpi’s call. she picks it up happily.

raghav feels thirsty n he finds that d water in his bottle has finished. seeing a huge traffic jam he gets out of d car to buy a bottle of water.

paki is talking to kalpi when she sees sammy in d other car. she gets really excited n starts talking loudly to draw sammy’s attention. she tells kalpi her location n asks her to come there asap. raghav notices her n hears her convo.

Episode 22:

raghav forgets his thirst ( obvio, since kalpi is more imp. ) he comes back n sits in d car.

d jam has eased n paki calls back kalpi n tells her to wait at d park itself. kalpi says ok.

sammy asks raghav where is d water bottle? raghav says i didnt buy it. sammy asks why? raghav says bcz i have to do smthing more imp. right now.

paki directs d driver towards d park. raghav follows her car. paki sees this in d rear view mirror n gets really happy thinking that sammy is following her, since he is d one driving d car.

paki stops at d park n goes in. sammy too parks his car nearby n d guys watch from d window.

paki comes out with kalpi following her. raghav smiles seeing her n says to sammy u know what? kalpi is really lucky for me. sammy asks how? raghav says when i was staying at d kapoor mansion, she was d only person i liked talking n listening to. sammy asks how does that make her lucky? raghav narrates an incident.

an fb is shown. teenage raghav is really excited. teenage prem comes to him n asks what’s d matter? raghav says i have to go for a football match. my friends have called me especially since they believe i m d only one who can make them win. i will get to meet them after such a long time. prem says i see. he goes downstairs n pours oil over d stairs n laughs to himself. he thinks this is what happens when u mess with prem kapoor. he then hides behind a pillar seeing raghav come out. raghav reaches d stairs when he hears kalpi’s screams. he rushes back n sees that kalpi had got locked in a room. he frees her n kalpi sub-consciously hugs him ( reminded me of d office store room scene. ) meanwhile d maid mops d staircase clean. so prem’s plan fails. fb ends.

sammy says wow what a story but before u start speaking n diverting my attention again, look in front. raghav does so n is shocked.

Episode 23:

raghav asks sammy where r d girls. sammy says they left while u were telling me d story. raghav asks then why didnt u stop me? sammy says come on raghav relax. firstly u will see kalpi in d office everyday from now on, n secondly they wont be able to go too far. raghav says what do u mean sammy? sammy says just wait n watch. he drives off.

about 2 mins later they see paki’s car broken down at d side. raghav asks sammy if he did this? sammy says maybe. raghav asks him to tell d truth. sammy says fine, yes i did it……..

fb starts. it is revealed that sammy too had heard paki’s convo with kalpi. at first he chose to ignore it but then he remembered how desperate his friend was, to get just one glimpse of her. he also remembered his promise to raghav that he wud help him in getting closer to kalpi. he sees paki getting off d car n looking at d traffic. so snatching his opportunity he removes d screws of two of paki’s car tyres. he is about to go to d other side but seeing raghav coming back he sits back in d car as if nothing had happened. fb ends.

raghav punches sammy playfully n says thanx. but then he gets serious n asks him not to do such things in future as there might be some serious problem later. sammy says okkkk. but for d time being lets go n help d girls raghav agrees.

paki sees sammy coming out of his car she gets really happy n starts over-reacting. she sheds crocodile tears n says to kalpi oh no we wont be able to reach d office in time.

kalpi is confused n says relax we can take an auto. n i think i shud be more stressed bcz i m still in my track-suit. at least u r ready. so stop crying like a baby now. she starts looking for an auto.

sammy tells raghav this is your chance. he gives him d car keys . raghav says but how will you– sammy says just do as i say raghav. raghav drives d car in kalpi’s direction. sammy goes to paki thinking that she shud not come b/w my plans again. i know its tough to bear her but i will have to do this for raghav.

paki sees sammy n wishes him gud morning. she starts talking 19 to d dozen about her car breaking down. sammy pretends to listen to her but in reality he’s more interested in watching ragna’s love story unfold.

raghav comes to kalpi n asks her to get in. kalpi politely refuses. raghav pretends to get angry n says ok fine but i warn u that u have to reach my office by 8.30 i dont like latecomers. kalpi looks at d time n thinks oh no i have just 30 mins left n i have to get ready too. raghav is about to drive off but kalpi stops him n says ok sir i will go with u. but first let me call paki. raghav says i m not used to waiting for any1. kalpi says quickly ok fine i wont call her. she gets in d car.

sammy n paki meanwhile take an auto. paki is blushing continuously.

Episode 24:

ragna r in d car. raghav switches on d stereo n d rj plays ‘ pehli nazar mein ” song. raghav thinks wow what a song it is true for me too. i fell in love with kalpi when i saw her for d first time. only i realised it much later.

fb starts. a pooja is going on in kapoor mansion. little raghav arrives with his dad n goes into d room where paki n kalpi, both newborns at that time, were sleeping. paki was sleeping on d cot while kalpi was on d floor. raghav directly goes n picks up kalpi. kalpi starts crying paki too wakes up n cries. but raghav attends to kalpi only n hushes her. fb ends.

samki ( sammy-paki ) reach d kapoor mansion n she thanx him profusely. sammy utters a disinterested u r welcome n leaves. paki thinks till when will u keep avoiding me?

ragna reach d chawl n kalpi thanx raghav. he says mention not n smiles. kalpi is surprised n says i m seeing u smile for d first time. raghav pretends to get serious. kalpi is getting out of d car but her earphones get stuck in d car. she tries taking them out but is unsuccessful. raghav too does so n their hands touch. raghav tells her to leave it n offers his earphones to her. before she can say no, he says strictly that u have to reach d office at 8.30 sharp, so dont waste your time. kalpi takes his earphones n leaves. raghav goes back to his home.

sammy n ragna get ready. sammy calls raghav but raghav says he will tell everything later in office n cuts d call. then getting a sudden inspiration, raghav dials a no.

kalpi gets a call from an unknown no. she doesnt pick up d call as its 8.15. d calls continue.

vitthala comes in n receives d call but he cuts it after sm time saying no one is responding. another call comes n pakiya receives it n again no one speaks.

at 8.20 another call comes from d same no. n pakiya asks kalpi to pick d call as d caller wasnt responding to them. kalpi complies n picks d call. she listens to d caller n says ok, i will be there.

pakiya says who was it? kalpi says actually it was a call from my office. they asked me to reach at 8.30 sharp. pakiya says but it isnt possible its almost 8.25. kalpi says dont worry i will manage n leaves.

she rushes down d stairs n thinks i m sorry bappa i lied to my family. plz forgive me.

she goes out of d chawl gate n knocks at d window of a car. d door opens n she gets in. d driver of that car is —— wait for it, —— raghav. he smiles looking at her n thinks wow we r going together to d office on our first day itself, i wonder what will follow?

an fb is shown. ( sorry, but i luv making up fbs ) it was raghav who was calling kalpi continuously. when she finally picks his call, he tells her in an angry tone that he doesnt want to be late which he wud certainly be, due to d fact that he had to drop her. so he orders her to accompany him to d office so that if any1 asks him why he was late for d imp. meeting he had at 8.30, kalpi wud be there to defend him. ( wwwooowww, what a plan ) kalpi agrees. fb ends.

Episode 25:

ragna reach d office. every1 stares at them coming in together.

sammy welcomes kalpi n introduces her to every1. paki too reaches there n d process is repeated.

sammy takes them to their respective offices. paki likes her office a lot n thanx sammy. he replies drily that she shud thank raghav as he was d boss.

kalpi asks why d doors r made of transparent glass? she’d like to have a little privacy while working. sammy says even your boss works in a similar office where d doors r transparent. kalpi asks but why? sammy says bcz we like to be open n transparent in our approach towards our work. kalpi is impressed.

sammy asks if they have any more questions? paki says yes. sammy says what? paki asks innocently if transparent is his favorite word? she felt so since he kept on saying that word again n again. sammy rolls his eyes n leaves. kalpi goes to her office. paki too goes to her office n takes out a diary titled ” ways to impress mr. samar singh raizada ”. she opens a page n writes ” 1. never ask him about his favorite word. he’ll get really angry ” n ” 2. speak d word transparent as much as possible. ” she smiles. ( i really love this paki of my ff. seems like a v. simple easy-go-lucky girl )

ragsam talk about d morning’s happenings. kalpi comes into d office n asks for some files. sammy receives a call n after listening seriously for a few moments , his face breaks into a smile. he says ok ok thank u.. thank u so much. he turns to find raghav staring at kalpi thru d corner of his eyes n smiles to himself. kalpi leaves n raghav finally pays attention to sammy.

sammy says i have a great news. raghav says what happened? sammy says u were right raghav, kalpi is seriously very lucky for u. raghav says just tell me clearly dont beat about d bush. sammy says u remember that project we lost to d kapoors? raghav says yes how can i forget it? that bandra project was d only one which i lost to sahil kapoor. but what i dont understand is what does it have to do with kalpi n my luck?

sammy says patience dude. we have got that project back. raghav says what? how’s that possible? sammy says actually they had miscalculated d total amount we were going to pay for their land. they thought d kapoors were offering a higher price. but they checked it again today n saw that we were offering them a price almost double d amount kapoors decided to pay. so they cancelled their previous agreement n r coming for a meeting today itself to finalise d deal. i m going to make d arrangements.

raghav says to himself i cant believe it. despite our numerous requests, they didnt check their calculations that day. but today kalpi entered my office n set everything right. he looks outside his office n sees kalpi working. her hair kept coming on her face n fed up, she tied them up with a clutcher n set back to her work again. raghav smiles looking at her n says i love u kalpi. thanx for coming into my life n making it liveable. i love u very very much, ms. kalpana vitthala jadhav. n trust me, that day is not far when u will become mrs. kalpana raghav singhania. ( YAYYYY )

{ hi guys i have to tell u all smthing really imp. being in class 12, i have a few months ahead of me which can either make or break my life. so i m really sorry, but i wont be writing for a few days. i tried to cover up for d loss by writing as many ffs as i cud in d shortest possible time. but keep coming back to d page every few days…………… i might surprise u!!!

but on a more serious note, i m sure u all can understand how imp. these 71 days n these boards n entrances r for me. i dont want to regret d hours i spent writing these ffs all my life, n i m sure u guys out there wudn’t like this either. so i request u for three favours : —
1. plz comment on my ff……… do not be silent readers.
2. plz forgive me for the inconvenience caused, if any, for the delay in my ffs.
3. plz plz pray to the almighty on my behalf to make me successful, especially in my common law admission test to be held on 8 may 2016 bcz i do not want to feel sorry later for writing these ffs……. i will never be able to forgive myself if i do not get selected to nlsiu bangalore.

waiting for your esteemed replies….. }

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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