ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 20

sammy turns n is shocked. he sees paki literally drooling over him ( d cur!!!!! ) n is disgusted. paki says oh hieeee. sammy leaves saying i have sm urgent work to do. he thinks if kalpi is in d temple too?

there raghav n kalpi r walking up d stairs. due to d huge rush kalpi is getting squished. raghav sees this n makes way for her with his hands ( so protective!!! ) . she says no i will manage on my own thank u so much. he says ok n moves back. at that v. moment sm1 pushes kalpi n she whirls around. raghav holds her n says r u sure u dont need my help? kalpi says i m sorry u r right plz help me otherwise d muhurat will pass. raghav says finally. absent-mindedly he holds her hand n takes her along with him. kalpi keeps staring at their joint hands ( or shud it be destinies??? )

they enter d main temple where sammy sees them together. he notices the joint hands n immediately clicks a pic n thinks wow bappa is really amazing. he sends d pic to raghav on whatsapp n thinks that u shud set it as your coverpage buddy.

ragna separate their hands finally. kalpi goes forward n bows in front of d lord. raghav follows every move of hers n is continuously smiling. sammy is recording all this.

paki n kamla r waiting for kalpi downstairs. kamla asks paki to go n look for her as she shud have done her prayers by now. paki leaves.

d priest asks ragna to give their respective pooja thalis to him. after offering d prasad to d deity, he hands back their thalis, but mixes those up —- kalpi gets raghav’s thali while raghav gets hers. but neither of them notices this problem ( bcz it isnt even a problem, at least for raghav ) then d priest gives them prasad. ragna forward their hands at d same time n their hands touch. kalpi immediately withdraws her hand. both of them leave.

there sammy, who is recording all this in his mobile, is enjoying himself seeing all d ragna scenes. what he doesnt notice is d fact that paki is watching him from behind. ( idiot, sticking all around him like fevicol marine ……….. why does my hatred for her simply keep increasing whenever i think about her ??? i did not like her even in d serial police factory. )

paki asks sammy why is he making a video recording of kalpi ? ( i think i can smell sm1 burning with jealousy here…. does she seriously think she will get everything she lays her eyes on …… trust me if i was d one making d serial, i wud have killed her in that road accident where kalpi n raghav fell down d cliff. no wait, i wud have kept her in coma n made her a witness to ragna’s love story ) sammy saves himself from d situation by saying that he was making raghav’s video n kalpi came in it by mistake . paki says oh i see. sammy thinks this paki will ruin all my plans…. i will have to keep her away from me in d office.

every1 leaves d temple. at home raghav is still thinking about kalpi when sammy shakes him n says still thinking about d day’s encounters? raghav replies yes. sammy says then see this your happiness will get doubled. he shows d video n raghav says what is this? sammy innocently says its a video. raghav face-palms n says yes i can see that but why did u record all this? sammy says oh god this was d first ever coincidence i had to record it u shud thank me instead of scolding me. raghav says yeah u r right thank u. sammy says its ok i had to do this it was my duty no? raghav asks as a friend? sammy stares at him n says no, as d world’s best photographer n video-shooter. raghav pretends to get angry. sammy too makes a similar face. they both stare at each other n laugh. raghav hugs sammy.

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