ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 2

the story continues………

paki is at home n she remembers what kalpi said about winning back everything she had lost to paki. she takes out the family photo of kalpi (which she had taken earlier) from her bag n looks at it. she says to the photo that u can try all that u want but kamla ma wont ever leave me n that is a promise. as far as that pen is concerned i took it at that time just to show you kamla ma loves me more u might be her real daughter but i m more than that to her n this fact will never change.
flashback starts young kalpi is arguing with paki about who kamla ma loves more. later paki sees raghav gifting her an imported pen n says in her heart now see kalpi i will prove that kamla ma loves me more. as soon as kamla ma comes paki starts crying n says to her that she wants that pen. kamla goes to kalpi n brings that pen even though she does not want to give it. once kamla ma is gone, kalpi is seen crying while paki is smirking. what she does not notice is that raghav was watching her from a corner of that door. flashback ends.

on the other side, kalpi is at her home n is looking at the pen. kamla comes in n asks her how did her exam go. before kalpi can reply, she asks her if paki’s exam was good. kalpi becomes sad n says u shud know that better after all i thought she shares all her feelings with u ai. kamla says do u have a problem with paki n my relationship why do u become so irritated when i ask u about her. kalpi says no ai its just that u did not even wait for my reply all u r concerned about is paki. anyways her exam went well now i m going to take rest i m having a slight headache. kamla says ok n leaves.
kalpi says behind her ai why do i sometimes feel that i got swapped with paki at birth n that she is ur real daughter n not me.

back at the kapoor mansion, neetu goes to paki n says hi cupcake how was your exam i m sure it went well after all u r my daughter. paki cuts her n says no neetu i m kamla ma’s daughter. neetu says ok lets leave this topic now i have a really happy news for u me n ur dad have planned a party tonight to celebrate your success in the dance competition of last week where u defeated that kamla’s daughter. paki again cuts her n says i m her daughter. neetu says no cupcake i was talking about her other daughter kalpana. paki says dont irritate me neetu just leave. neetu says but- paki says the door is there neetu in case u have forgotten.

kamla gets a call n says yes madam we will be there kalpi comes from behind n says whose call was it ai?. kamla says neetu madam wants us to join her at tonight’s party. kalpi says i dont wanna go i m not feeling well. kamla says no u have to come along . she is going but turns back n says n we will gift paki her pen. kalpi asks what pen? kamla says do u think i didnt notice the pen, for which u two fought years ago, in your hand when i came in? i made it clear that day kalpi that u should not take paki’s things still u brought it home after so many years. i dont understand what u get by hurting paki’s feelings. she leaves. kalpi says and ai i dont understand what u get by hurting my feelings. she goes to the temple downstairs n says cryingly to god bappa this is the first time i m making such a wish. please fulfill it tonight otherwise my belief in u will be shaken. kamla sees her whispering something in god ganesha’s ears.

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