ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 19

kamla n others reach d temple. priest says u have come at a highly auspicious muhurat. may bappa fulfill all your wishes.

kalpi thinks if she did right by accepting that job? she didnt really know if she wud be able to handle that hitler (raghav) n his tantrums. she prays to bappa to be with her always.

paki thanx bappa for giving her an opportunity to work under that handsome guy ( mind u, she is talking about sammy not raghav bcz i m not one of those dumb cvs without an iota of emotions who ruined our serial ) she asks him to give her a hint that he is her prince charming ( go die n rot away in hell…… hate u ).

as if on cue, raghav’s car arrives at d gate of d temple n sammy steps out first. he asks raghav to get d pooja thali as he had to get into d temple n ask for smthing really urgent. raghav agrees.

there d flower garland of kalpi’s pooja thali gets blown away. kamla asks her to buy a new one. ( why do i have an intuition…..? )

raghav is buying a pooja thali when kalpi arrives there. neither of them see each other due to d huge rush. both leave after buying their respective items.

there sammy is standing beside paki n they too dont see each other.

kalpi is ahead of raghav. she finally notices him n starts walking faster. raghav too notices her n thinks till when will she run away like this? he tries to catch up with her.

paki opens her eyes n sees sammy standing with her. she thinks wow i didnt know that bappa took my whims n fancies that seriously. sammy is still praying with his eyes closed. he is asking god to give raghav his love otherwise he will never be able to live again. ( wow dude just love u…. so selfless, not to forget handsome, seriously very handsome ishan singh manhans……. love his name too ;p )

kalpi is still trying to push through d crowd when sm1 steps on her foot n she slips. but my hero catches her in time ( YESSSS MY INTUITION WAS RIGHT…. HAD TO BE, SINCE D WRITER HERSELF HAS SUCH A ROMANTIC MINDSET. LUV MYSELF LOL!!!!! ) . an eyelock follows. d song khudaya veh plays in the background ( remember this song? it played when a drunk raghav drove kalpi home n also apologised to her for his behavior earlier in d day when he removed her from job thinking that she was d 1 who leaked important files to d kapoors. ) finally they leave each other’s hands n kalpi says thanks. she thinks wow bappa instead of saving me u r making me meet hitler.

raghav says its ok. she leaves, raghav is still thinking wow till today i was d one pursuing u now u yourself came here kalpi……… what a beginning to our love story.

there sammy opens his eyes n thinks that kalpi will never fall for raghav this way…… i will have to use my brain n do smthing from tomorrow. ( awwwww my cutie pie, bappa was way faster ). he turns n is shocked.

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Can pls tell me cast of EMA pls yaar I am watching in Tamil so only pls

    1. yeah sure……. why not????

      i m talking only about d adults here:-
      1. raghav was played by ashish chaudhary
      2. kalpi by rachna parulkar
      3. paki by shirina singh
      4. sammy by ishan singh manhans
      5. kamla by shilpa shirodkar
      6. teenage raghav by yatin mehta
      7. teenage kalpi by mehnaaz mann

      btw u cud check d ema page on wiki for d others.

  2. plss dont pair paki wid sammy cuz she is dumb head and i dont want her to be happy as she always snatch happiness frm kalpi ‘s lyf……
    so its a request plzzzzz

  3. wellwisher (WW) siay ke ram fan

    so cute……… i really enjoyed. i m actually getting excited my ff. but what can i do? i have to wait till march 28…………….. but urs is too good…………….

  4. Hi sweety
    Awesome keep it up

  5. thanx every1…………. shubhi i m really v. sorry but paki is gonna be wid sammy only. but dont worry , she will face a lot of problems first………………………………

    any ways same pinch to u bcz even i hated paki

  6. Nycc….don’t mind me not commenting as mee too having exams

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