ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 18

sammy n raghav r going home. d latter is continuously smiling. sammy looks at him n asks him why did u insult kalpi? raghav looks at him n says oh god sammy when will u stop eavesdropping? its a really bad habit buddy. sammy says dont try to change d topic. raghav says oh i forgot u dont forget anything so easily.

there kalpana n paki r in d locker room. paki comes to her n says did u accept that job offer? kalpi says yes, didnt u? paki says oh who wud have left such an amazing job ( n such a handsome prince ) yes i have accepted d job offer. kalpi says ok. paki says we will go together tomorrow since its our first day. kalpi opens her mouth to say smthing but paki stops her n says plzzzzzz . kalpi says fine, but only for tomorrow. paki nods n hugs her happily.

there raghav says oh sammy u have forgotten that i have known kalpi since childhood. i knew she wud not accept my job offer immediately so i had to provoke her to accept d offer. didnt u notice how angry she became when i taunted her regarding her status? i knew she was on d verge of bursting so i finally compared her to paki n that proved to be d last straw. sammy says oh wow u r really a big manipulater raghav. raghav smiles n says kalpi hates it when sm1 thinks that paki is superior to her n so she had to accept my offer. n by d way u r wrong…. i was not manipulating her feelings…… after all, everything is fair in love n war. sammy thinks oh yes u r right love from your side n war from her side from tomorrow………… cant wait to watch d fun… i will have sm entertainment after a v. long time.

paki tells kamla n others that she n kalpi had accepted d offer. sahil doesnt like it n asks her to rethink her decision. paki says that its final n she is confident that she will never regret this decision. sahil says ok fine.

vitthala asks kalpi if she is happy? kalpi nods. every1 leaves d venue.

raghav says to sammy that d only reason he came back to india was to get his kalpi. sammy says n what about your revenge from d kapoors? raghav says come on sammy u know that i cud have used my resources n contacts to ruin d kapoors even when we were in d u.s. but he cud not have got kalpi there. sammy says oh yeah u r right. by d way i must say u look really beautiful in this dress. raghav says thanks but then realises what he just said n asks beautiful? sammy starts laughing n says now that u r blushing, to quote your words ” a girl thing ” , so obviously u’ll look beautiful instead of handsome…… raghav slaps himself in frustration ( my, i just love my ragmy’s scenes —- made for each other!!!! )

kamla says that they shud go to d siddhivinayek temple to pray for kalpi’s success. they leave. paki too goes along with them.

there raghav stops at a red light n looks at a miniature idol of bappa n says to sammy lets go to siddhivinayek temple. sammy is shocked n says u? temple? raghav says yes today i feel i shud go there to thank Him for this day, when i cud finally meet kalpi without a mask. sammy wonders how many more changes will kalpi bring about in raghav? he says ok……


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    ya what a timing……..

    superb di. i loved the bro-bro bond………..

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