ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 17

the episode starts with sammy thinking that raghav’s plan has failed with respect to kalpi. he thinks now what to do?

there raghav says to kalpi i knew it . u poor people r not even capable of entering an office as big as mine how will u work there? its gud that u refused bcz anyways i wud have thrown u out of my office as i know u dont deserve to work there. u just cant match upto my standard. so its absolutely fine with me.

sammy is shocked n he thinks what is raghav saying?

kalpi cant believe what raghav just said n she stares at him. he begins to leave when she runs in front of him n stops him. he asks what? she says i cant believe u r d same raghav who i knew n revered as a child. i never knew that u wud grow up to become inhumane. u didnt even think twice before hurting my feelings.

raghav says oh my god this girl’s melodrama has begun. but its ok since i know this is d only thing u poor girls can do.

kalpi says i m not creating any drama n — raghav rolls his eyes at her. kalpi gets really mad n screams u r so bad that no girl even if it is a rich one wud work with u. raghav smiles scornfully n says oh really? then there’s a reality check. ms. paki kapoor just accepted her job. kalpi is shocked.

there sammy is thinking what is raghav doing? why is he insulting his love?

kalpi shouts this is not possible. raghav shouts back n says then go n ask her yourself. i dont have time for u n your nonsense. n why dont u simply admit that u just cant do this? that u r afraid of working with a reputed organisation? that u r afraid of what others might think of you seeing your low standard? that u wont be able to keep up with d expectations? n that u cant compete with sm1 as well qualified as ms. paki kapoor?

kalpi screams n cuts him. she says enough. we both have d same qualification. n i can work as well as her, even better. n i m not afraid of anyone.

raghav shouts oh really? then why dont u prove it? u r pursuing a law course right? so u must have studied that u lawyers have to prove everything before d judge.

kalpi says shut up u r not a judge. raghav says nice excuse ms. jadhav. he turns around n starts walking to his car. kalpi screams fine! i will show u what i m. that i m not afraid of people like u. n that i m better than paki. raghav smiles.

he turns back n says fine then take my card n this is d address where u have to work from tomorrow. lets see how well-qualified u r. kalpi takes d card n thinks what is d work? suddenly raghav says legal advisor. u n paki will be d legal advisors to my company. now i hope your vocabulary is good enough to make u understand d meaning of these two v. simple words. he leaves.

kalpi thinks how did he know what i was thinking?

there poor sammy is looking at raghav leaving n kalpana standing behind. he thinks wow what a couple … kept on screaming at each other. raghav, u have found a perfect match for yourself. now lets see what drama ensues in d office……. cant wait for tomorrow.!!!! ( same here sammy )

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