ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 16

oh my last ff for today….. just to make up for the past days when i cud not write…

kalpi n paki r looking at raghav as he walks off d stage. they r too surprised to react. finally they break their trance n look at each other . paki says kalpi is he d same raghav singhania over whose pen we were fighting yesterday? d same raghav singhania who stayed at my home in his childhood? n d same raghav singhania whose dad was allegedly murdered by vitthala uncle? then realising what she just said she says i m sorry i didnt mean that actually i – kalpi walks off.

kalpi keeps on thinking about raghav n she remembers her past. different flashbacks r shown — when he gave her his abacus, when he proved her innocent after prem had accused her of being a thief, when he had helped her in her maths problem ( this was d best scene of all…… just watch it on utube…. that guy who played teenage raghav i think his name is yatin mehta gave exactly d same expressions as ashish chowdhary even though they r two different actors….must have been really hard especially d eyebrow raising part ) , etc.

sammy asks raghav what he did? raghav says come on sammy u know i take very calculated decisions…………… i know both of them will work in my office. sammy says but reason? raghav says its very simple —- i’ll take revenge from the kapoors via paki , n side by side i will have d love of my life in front of my eyes. sammy says wow u r so intelligent. raghav says no sammy i m a genius.

paki rushes to kamla n asks her what she shud do? kamla says follow your heart. paki asks if he is d same raghav who — kamla says yes i m 100% sure now that he is my raghav baba. paki says i see.

kalpi asks vitthal d same thing n d same conversation goes on. but she thinks i wont work under this raghav i get negative vibes from him.

paki is also about to say no to raghav but she sees sammy there n thinks if i get to work under him, what’s d harm? she says to raghav i accept your proposal raghav. he says address me as sir n introduces her to sammy. paki is blushing n raghav notices this. paki leaves.

meanwhile kalpi reaches there. sammy leaves, kalpi says raghav bhaiyya ( LLOOLL ) raghav is stupefied n sammy is laughing at him from a distance. raghav gets really angry n holds her shoulders tight n says dont u dare call me bhaiyya address me as sir ( awwwww……. sooooo saaaad ). kalpi is shocked by his reaction n says ok sir actually i wanted to say that i — raghav shouts what speak up — kalpi shouts back n says i will if u leave my hands. raghav removes his hand n says now say what u wanted to. kalpi says i cant work under u. sammy hears this n thinks oh no raghav’s plan is failing.

Credit to: sweety



    haha……… lol…….. even i thought the same…. and i have included in my ff but didnt post it…… kalpi calling raghav as bhaiya………….. to good…..

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