ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 15

soty comp. contd………

kalpana comes but raghav does not ask her to give her intro…… ( obviously, he knows more about her than she herself might be knowing …. keeps an eye on her 24X7 )

he directly starts with d questions…..

r : what do u love d most in d world ?
k : unconditional love n care

r : what do u hate d most ?
k : neglect n indifference

r : what inspires u d most ?
k : sm1’s happiness

r : why ?
k : bcz then i know that i have to strive to bring a similar happiness in everybody’s life

r : my last question, where do u see youself five years from now ?
k : as d daughter of a proud father.

raghav says thank u , now u may leave. she walks away.

sammy thinks that paki can never win this comp. she didnt realise that raghav was asking her “what” questions but in her haste she answered them as “who”. then he thinks that even kalpi answered the first two questions with two answers each i m sure raghav must have noticed this too…..

his thought process is broken by raghav’s voice. raghav is on d stage n says so finally d results r here. every1 is eager to know d result so i wont delay any more. now i want to tell both d contestants some thing. he repeats what sammy had been thinking ( that’s like best buddies ) n says so u both scored equal marks. but since d award is for only one of u so i have taken a decision none of u gets d trophy n u both r soty . but as a reward , i have smthing else …… i invite u to work under me from tom. itself………….. u’ll get a gud work experience n also u will utilise your winter break better , but its upto u n dont worry, u’ll get a gud salary. i m here for just 10 mins more…….. decide soon and tell me your answers —- tell me if u wanna work under mr. raghav singhania???

both kalpi n paki r stunned hearing his name n look at him, dazed………

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    seriously even i didnt notice the mistake made by paki……..

    good job di………

  2. ha ha thanx

    btw i suggested a scene of teenaged raghav in my next ff, did u watch it?

    1. wellwisher (WW) siay ke ram fan

      no di. bcoz of exams i m bit busy…………..

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