ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 14

finally, i m back……………..

n i have a really good news bcz now ragna romance scenes r soon going to begin!!!!!!!!!

anyways here is today’s first update…………….

so d competition starts. d first contestant does d rampwalk really well but d second one trips due to her high heels. then paki comes in n walks with d utmost grace sammy is smiling at her n she smiles back n thinks that this guy is more handsome than d chief guest…. i wonder if he is d same person who handed me d trophy. she leaves n vitthala sees that kamla was smiling continuously he doesnt like it. it is announced that d fourth contestant had left d competition bcz of some personal reasons. then comes kalpi’s turn. she walks n tries not to look at d chief guest ( both paki n kalpi have not heard his name till now, so they dont know who he is ) but seems like fate had some other plans for her as d first n last person she notices during d rampwalk is none other than my raghav….

d host announces that d two finalists r paki kapoor n kalpana vitthala jadhav. sahil n dadi r cheering for paki while vitthala n pakya for kalpi. however kamla is silent vitthala sees this n his anger boils over. both paki n kalpi come on d stage n they r told about d rapid fire round.

first is paki . raghav says ok ms. paki first give an intro. paki says good morning sir my name is paki sahil kapoor n i am in the first year i m pursuing d five years b.com.llb integrated course here. ( see my infatuation with law ????? ) raghav says ok so now i will be asking u five questions n answer those accurately, briefly n quickly. paki says ok. raghav says d more d no. of right answers u give, d closer u will reach towards that trophy. paki nods.

d round starts…………

raghav ( r ) : what do u love d most in d world?
paki ( p ) : my kamla ma.

r : what do u hate d most?
p : mrs. neetu kapoor.

r : what inspires u d most ?
p : my dad mr. sahil kapoor.

r : why ?
p : bcz whatever we r today , it is bcz of his untiring n dedicated attitude n honest approach towards his work.

raghav closes his fist at d word “honest”.

last question……..
r : where do u see yourself 5 years from now ?
p : i see myself as a very successful corporate lawyer.

r : thank you v. much, now it is ms. kalpana’s turn. ( yaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee )

paki leaves.

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