ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 13

d episode starts with kalpi looking at raghav n she is left shocked. she thinks she has met him smwhere before but she cant recollect n says thank u n leaves d stage. d award ceremony starts.

there kalpi is still thinking about raghav n trying to remember where she has seen him? she says come on kalpi u have seen him smwhere . she is pacing in d room paki comes in n says left right left right ( reminded me of that washroom sequence !!!!!!!! ) kalpi says why r u here paki paki says to call u for d ceremony u have to receive sm awards too kalpi says ok u go i m coming paki leaves.

kalpi is still tensedly thinking about raghav. there raghav starts giving out d awards.

paki’s name is announced for d sportsperson of d year award she comes up raghav excuses himself n sammy gives her d award ( great going i think i will make them a couple…… ) sahil sees this n thinks oh now he is raghav for sure dadi asks what is d matter sahil says nothing i have to make an urgent call i will come back in a minute. kamla is really happy seeing paki receiving d prize vitthala gets angry n thinks where is kalpi?

kalpi’s name is announced too she comes to get d dancer-cum-singer of d year award raghav smiles at her n is about to shake hands with her but sammy stops him so he just hands over d trophy. later raghav asks sammy why he didnt let them shake hands sammy answers dude plz be patient she would have recognised your touch immediately raghav says yes u r right d secret would have been out i m sorry.

then d final prize for d day is announced – soty award d host says that we have five contenders in d race. as always d chief guest has to decide who will get d trophy. the five girls are –> 1. chhaya chaddha
2. reena garg
3. paki kapoor
4. shreya lubana
n last but not d least, 5.kalpana jadhav.

every1 claps. d host says that there will be 2 rounds in d first one d contestants will do a rampwalk then 2 finalists will be selected n they will have to answer five questions in a rapid fire round. sammy whispers no there will be just one finalist n winner- raghav singhania will choose kalpana only raghav looks at him n says no i dont want to be partial so u will judge d programme just say i did it sammy says ok

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  1. Hy sweety..m a silent readr…nd m from north india (u askd in part 8(

  2. Nice want next episode

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb I am silent reader now only I got time to comment

  4. thanx ranaji, dia, mia

    by d way which state r u from dia????

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      its okay di……. i commented on all your episodes……

      very nice…… even in my ff sammy n paki are the pair……..

      1. oh ww i have been waiting for your ff since so long………when r u gonna post it?

        also i replied to u in d last ff just check

        n all d very best for your exams…………which board r u in n where do u live
        also have u decided about your stream?


        after exams di………

        i from madurai, tamil nadu………. mine s ICSE board…….

  6. M frm himachal….u??

    1. i m from a neighbouring union territory………… just guess



  7. Am fm mauritius

  8. Well wisher where do u post ff EMA updates never see it


      i m busy with exams so i didnt post. one only one epi i have posted………….

  9. hi mia ww doesnt post her ffs ….. actually she is in 10th….. so she will post ffs after her exams………….. she meant that she is writing an ff but will post it only later……………n i think she is in icse board so it becomes all d more tough

    anyways how did u like my ff????

    but ww wrote one ff, here is d link :


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      yes di……….

      1. ww how many times in a week do u change your dp????

        n i m glad to notice that u r such a huge fan of hindi serials despite living in a southern state………..

        tell me, do u watch translated versions or do u understand hindi too????

      2. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

        i understand hindi a bit. sometimes i watch translated versions but every time read in tellyupdates………..

  10. Very nice keep writting all the best for ur exams

    1. thanx mia if d all d best was for me …. though i got really confused whether your msg was for me or ww????

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  12. My best wishes for you .when u will write next episode

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