ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 10

oh my second ff today…………… just for d sake of all fellow ema fans.!!!!!!!! hope u like it since d last ff gave u a very obvious hint of that sm1.

paki n kalpi reach d college paki says hi to her n asks where is kamla ma i cant see her anywhere. kalpi ignores her n goes inside. paki asks d elders to go to d arena n take their seats. she goes in after kalpi n thinks i hope she is not upset about that party incident.

vitthala, pakiya, sahil n dadi go to d arena n take their seats they hear some people talking about who will take home d student of d year trophy. pakiya says i hope it is kalpi baba vitthala says it doesnt matter only kalpi’s happiness matters to me.pakiya says yeah i dont matter right vitthala says yes n laughs.
sahil tells dadi that he feels paki will get d prize dadi says hope so.

paki goes to kalpi n says why r u angry tell me where is my kamla ma kalpi glares at her n says if she is really your ma why dont u go n ask her paki says fine i will call her n goes.

paki calls kamla n says where r u ma kamla says i m not well paki says dont lie i know smthing is wrong u cant lie to me tell me what is it kamla says kalpi didnt want me to come to d college so i didnt paki says but i want u to come n now u listen to me i m coming to get u just be ready kamla says no kalpi will be angry paki says n what about me kamla ma kamla says ok fine i will get ready paki says that’s like my kamla ma n cuts d phone. kalpi is standing behind her, looking really angry. paki walks past her n asks a student for a spare pass. she gives it n paki leaves.

there d students r talking to each other about who will hand over d awards kalpi comes there n says obviously d v-c. a girl says no there’s sm big industrialist who has come especially from d u.s.a. for this ceremony kalpi finds it strange n thinks he must be having sm other purpose too why would he come all d way from d states for such a simple event?

there sm1 gets in a car n says to d driver to hurry up driver says haste makes waste n turns back n smiles. it is none other than sammy/samar raizada (ishan singh manhans)……………… OMG!!!!

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  1. Wow nice dear… Focus on it studies

  2. thanx devga …. why do u sound like sm1 who is in college?


      she is indeed……..


    samma epi……. sammy entry awesome di…..

    1. thanx ww, it was meant to be………… after all who is d one writing d ff?

      also, thanx for commenting on my ffs…………. trust me, your comments delight me d most!!!!!

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