ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 1

hi every1 dis is my first ff about my fav. couple (n hopefully urs too) raghav singhania and kalpana vitthala jadhav from ek mutthi aasmaan.
i know its been a long time since d show ended but the fact dat it continues 2 live on in our memories has inspired me to write this article.
plz tell me if u like it.

the story starts in a college. a girl is seen praying silently to god to help her fufil her ai-baba’s dreams. she is rachana parulkar, our very own kalpi.
walking towards the class, she collides with sm1 n all her books fall down. out comes a family photo from one of the books. another girl shirina singh(paki) takes it n says oh so this is your lucky charm thats why u top in all the exams. now lets see how u stop me from topping in todays exam. she takes the photo n leaves.
behind kalpi says to herself wow paki first u snatched my mom’s milk n love n affection then the pen that raghav (ashish chaudhary) gave me n now this photo too. but dont worry a day will come when i will take back all that is mine n that too through hard work n not just snatch it from others unlike u.

she then walks towards the class n sits down while the teacher distributes the question papers n answer sheets. paki looks at her n gives her a thumbs up. kalpi doesnt respond.the bell rings n everyone starts writing the answers.
time is about to get over only kalpi n paki r still writing. suddenly paki’s pen stops working n she panics. with just 5 mins left n 2 answers to go, she rushes to kalpi n asks her for a spare pen. kalpi gives her the pen with which she was writing paki says how will u write? kalpi says i have already done the paper i was just revising. paki says thanks n completes her paper.
she comes outside where kalpi is waiting for her n says i m really sorry i dont know how the pen stopped working. kalpi asks isnt it the same pen which raghav gave to me 12 years ago n you took it from me.paki says but then i returned it. kalpi says yes u did but only when ai asked u to n then i didnt want it anymore so i let u keep it.

paki says leave it now u know this is d first time i used it n it stopped working i think its ink has dried. kalpi says no some things are meant for just someone not every1 can use them. paki says what do u mean that it did not work bcz raghav gifted it to u? kalpi says maybe. paki gives her the pen n says ok then write in front of me lets see if it works. kalpi takes out a sheet n writes kamla with that pen. paki is dazed. kalpi says see i told u now take this back n lets go home. paki says ok i will drop u

they reach the chawl kalpi is getting out of the car when paki stops her n says u r right kalpi this pen was for u keep it . kalpi says oh wow paki kapoor is giving me something other than a car lift for the first time today i wont miss this chance. she takes the pen and gazes at it lovingly.paki leaves.

kalpi says see paki you returned me raghav’s pen now a day will come when everything that shud be mine will be mine. And i promise u paki that day is not very far.

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    1. oh gr8 even i m in class 12 humanities stream n preparing for law entrances side by side as well as boards……. n write this just to refresh my mood parents dunno…..lol



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  4. Nice sweety …. I saw this dubbed version only I liked it …. Continue ….

    1. happy veletin day devga muaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    2. oh thanx devga n others too i have written more episode please read n comment

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