Raglan a new beginning Episode 1


This is after Swara exposes Raginis truth. Ragini returns to the baadi in her old avatar
The espisode starts with Ragini performing the aarti and to her grandma..
Ragini: Dadima plz forgive me hum apne galati manti hn
Parvati: na laddo what u did was very
And than enters a young dude on sportsbike (Romi from YHM) he hugs tahini from the back and yells surprise
Ragini: Rahul tum yaha Kaise

Rahul: wo mere office ki new branch Kolkata mein hai chalo na mujhe baar lekra chalo (Rahul grabs her hand drags her to his bike)
They go to a cafe and Laksh also comes there for work purposes sees them together and angrily leaves ??
Ragini tells Rahul everything and starts to cry : m bohat burra hua Rahul I don’t deserve love
Rahul: nahi ragini tum bohat achee ho aur u should move on

Precap: Rahul talks to someone on the phone and says I have started creating more distance between raglak don’t worry

Credit to: Hargill

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  1. Nice next part plz

  2. make it long, I’m raglak fan happy to read your ff,waiting for the next part

  3. Nice dear but too too too short update soon with a long update

  4. Nice make it longer

  5. interesting …keep it up dr …plsssss post next part soon …and rahul is new villan in raglak life interesting plsssss post next part soon

  6. Ohhh is he negative or pisitive

  7. Nice episode and waiting for next part. Plz update soon

  8. Very interesting.. pls make it long dear…

  9. Awesome plz continue

  10. Interesting rahul positive or negative …

  11. Wow. It’s very nice start. Excited to see the next epsiode.

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