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Ragini Gogadia – bubbly, modern, loves sports and beautiful
Laksh Maheshwari – Fun, sportive, talks to everyone but has an attitude that he is rich and handsome
Sanskar Maheshwari – loves his family, mature, bubbly and hot and a business tycoon
Swara – beautiful, nice at heart ( for a small

So guys here it goes…

Ragini’s family has fixed her married white Sanskar Maheshwari, she didn’t want to get married to him as his a Maheshwari ( there’s a story behind this you will get to know soon).

Shekar: Ragini we have fixed you marriage with the Masheshwari family their oldest son sanskar I think you should know him.
Ragini: yes, papa I know him but what is the need for my marriage know? I want to work and take over our company.
Mishti: I want to see you married and in you in laws house before I dies please agree to this.
Ragini: Mom please understand me
Shekar: Ragini please fulfill our wish please we will be happy ? if you get married to their home and be their daughter in law. They will take care of you like their own daughter and plus your mother in law is very sweet her name is Sujatha Maheshwari and her husband is my best fiend so I wouldn’t want to loose this chance for you to get married to a good and wealthy family so please agree. listen I didn’t go and get this proposal they came to me them selfs so I would want to humiliate them.
Ragini: okay dad I will get married but i need to speak to Sanskar first.
Mishti: if you will get married then of course you can talk to him

Shekar immediately called Rp and said that Ragini has accepted their proposal and will be their daughter in law but she wants to speak to Sanskar first.

Rp: really??
Shekar: yes.
Rp: thank you so much I am so happy ? that I going to get a bahu like Ragini.
Shekar: we are lucky ? to get a family like you. But one thing Rp Ragini wants to speak to Sanskar before we proceed.
Rp: okay will do I will tell him and tell them to ‘Happy Cafe’
Shekar: yep ?? done ✅

They end the call and tell Ragini to meet Sanskar at the “Happy Café” tomorrow.

The next day…

“Happy Café” :

Ragini was already waiting for Sanskar and looking at the door ? to see where he was.
Just then Sanskar entered and Ragini was awestruck to see him she just fell in love with him when he enter (he was just too handsome)
Sanskar came and sat down in front of Ragini he also fell for her (love at first sight)

Ragini: Hi ??, I’m Ragini
Sanskar: Hi ??, I’m Sanskar. I believe that you came to the same college as me right?
Ragini: yes, I did
Sanskar: so. Um ?. Are you happy with this marriage?
Ragini: I am happy ?, but I want to know more about each other and know your past and everything so in future we don’t have misunderstandings between us.
Sanskar: yes, I’m happy to share my past with you but it’s not like I liked her well you tell me first then.
Ragini: I have a past too but you will be shocked I think ? hopefully this marriage is still on, because I like you in fact I fell for you when I saw you right now.
Sanskar: wow your straight forward and yes I also feel for you. When I saw you here I just decided that you are my life partner.
Ragini: really but after you hear what i am going to say your probably going to change your mind
Sanskar: I will not, I want you in my life
Ragini: are you sure?
Sanskar: yes!
Ragini: okay shall I tell you my story then?
Sanskar: okay tell me
Ragini: during our college days 2nd year


Ragini was walking to class she was wearing white long skirt and a a black plain crop top. As she was walking she was going to trip over and fall back just then she fell in to a strong muscular arm she closed her eyes really tight because she thought she was gonna fall down she opened her eyes ? and say a familiar face as she had seen him around the college. She got up his arm and said thank you the guy saw her and was mesmerised to see her she moved toward her and put her hair behind her ears, as it was disturbing her view. She said thank you and walk to her class before he could say anything she went the next time they met at a restaurant she was with her friends and he was with his friends he saw her and was just starring at her it was uncomfortable ? for her she couldn’t take it and went to him and asked him why are you looking at me like that and he was like I like you and by the way I’m Laksh Maheshwari.
Ragini: I don’t like you and why do I want to know your name.
Laksh: maybe in future you might like me or even love me
Ragini: oh please, now what is your problem??
Laksh: nothing
Ragini: then stop starring at me
Laksh: okay
Then after Ragini left from there, as her friends were calling her not to cause any trouble at the restaurant.

Then Laksh didn’t find Ragini anywhere and finally went to ask one of Ragini’s friends that he saw at the restaurant.

Laksh: Hi ?? I’m Laksh looking for Ragini where is she she hasn’t been in college for 3 days.
Friend: oh she’s got very high fever ? so she isn’t in.
Laksh: okay thank you ?

Some hose Laksh found out Ragini’ number and house address and surprisingly when to her house ?.

At night Ragini was sleeping ?. She heard a knock on then window she looked ? through and saw Laksh standing there and opens the window and makes him come inside.

Ragini: what do you want?
Laksh: I was missing you ?, I asked your friends and they said that you was ill ? and I thought to come and see you.
Ragini: why do you need to see me?
Laksh: because I love you ? damn it
Ragini: wh…what
Laksh: yes I fell in love with you the first time I saw you
Ragini: what if I don’t like you well practically I don’t love you or like you
Laksh: I will make you love me 5 day
Ragini: is that a challenge now??
Laksh: yes take that as a challenge I will make you mine
Ragini: well we’ll see about that then
Laksh: you better come to college tomorrow or I will come to your house ? again
Ragini: if I feel better but please don’t come here again
Laksh: why not my love ? lady
Ragini: Laksh!!
Laksh: Ragini!! Joke ok ok ?? I’m leaving now see you tomorrow Jaan.
He goes forward toward her and kissed her cheeks and forehead.
A smile appeared on Ragini’s face but she hide it with out Laksh see it.
Laksh leaves how ever way he came from.
After he leaves.

Ragini to herself: omg ? I can’t believe he came for me. His stupid antiques are making me go crazy ? and his perfume is just so amazing ? I am trying to control my self to stay away from him but I just can’t well he has 5 days to impress me so good luck ? to him well I am going to accept that I love him too.

After thinking ? about him she goes to sleep ?.

Next day:

Ragini was still not in college as she still wants feeling well.
Laksh again went to her house and saw her sleeping like a baby ?? putting her two fingers in her mouth ? she looked so cute.
He went and sat next to her and kissed her forehead. Just then Ragini woke up and was about to scream but her voice it was gone she couldn’t speak anything.
Laksh: this is what you shouldn’t strain a lot
As only he can speak, he Kept talking about Random things.
Ragini couldn’t take it anymore she pressed her lips against his he was shocked ? at first but then he too joined her.

After a while as they had lack of oxygen they parted.
Laksh: wow Ragini I didn’t you accept me so quickly and this was a daring step for you and know you will have to give it to me every time we see each other or otherwise I will have to tell everyone what you did.
Ragini(in shock): nono I will give it.
She was shocked that she got her voice back and hugged Laksh. He too hugged her back.
Ragini: yes Laksh I love you ? too I fell for you ages ago when you was staring at me in the restaurant but I hey hid my feeling to se what you do but I can’t hide it anymore.
Laksh: see I knew that you love me too.
They hugged and after a while Laksh left and her friends called her and asked her if she was fine.

Couple of months after…

Laksh and Ragini were sitting in a cafe.

Ragini: why did you call me urgently Laksh.
Laksh: dad is sending me to London for further education.
Ragini: but how about me? Do I just live with your memories and die until you come back.
Laksh: please Ragini understand i can’t disobey my father and we have to end our relationship
Ragini: then you shouldn’t have love me or nothing I hate you Laksh
Laksh: I truly love you but I have to do this for my parents and my father’s reputation.
Ragini: it’s always about you father, Laksh if your that scared ? of your father then why do you need love and a loved life.
Laksh: listen ? Ragini you need to understand my situation here okie
Ragini: you know whatever Laksh forget it we are over love live for your father and his reputation. Goodbye listen don’t ever come back to me or expect me to accent you.
Laksh: Ragini please.
Ragini: look Mr Laksh Maheshwari go to hell and never come back to to me do you understand?
Laksh: fine if your going to be like this fine I will not come back.
Laksh: he was in tears ? he couldn’t see his love going away from him.

**flashback ends**

Ragini: that’s my story so you still up to marry me? Even thought I was in love with you cousin?
Sanskar: is that it, I’m sorry ? but I think your are going to spend your entire life time with me so be ready to be Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari.
Ragini: but I’m tell you that I was in a relationship with your cousin and your saying nothing about it
Sanskar: but then you don’t love him any more so what’s the reason for my to worry about that?? I like you in fact I love you so what’s the big deal my question is do you love me?
Ragini: but first I need to know your past.
Sanskar: okie I’ll tell you. This all started in our office one year back


In the Maheshwari industries

Sanskar’s Cabin;

Voice: may I come in sir
Sanskar: yes come in
Voice: hi ?? sir my name is Swara I can for the interview
Sanskar: okay take a seat.
Swara: thank you ? ( in mind)
Omg ? he looks so handsome I love him let’s see how his personality is and everything then I’ll tell him I like him hopefully he likes me too.
Sanskar: Swara so why do you need this job? Swara: because my parents have made me study’s and got me to to this stage so I want to give them the happiness that I got a job in one of the leading companies and that I work there after studying hard.
Sanskar: so you love you family then
Swara: yes sir.
Sanskar: your selected
Swara: thank you so much sir.
Sanskar: you may go to the reception and collect your joining order and start your job from today

Swara nods and leaves.
Everything was normal for few months and then things started going dodgy with Swara , she was acting weird around Sanskar

Couple of months later


Swara: may I come in sir
Sanskar: yes come in Swara
Swara: so I want to talk to you personally so would you be able to come to the local park near our office please
Sanskar: sure why not

In the park:

Swara: sir I wanted to tell you something but I don’t know ? how to tell you.
Sanskar: it’s okay Swara tell me
Swara: sir I love you ? I loved you the first time time i saw you I just didn’t know how to tell you but I really need you in my life please will you accept my proposal?
Sanskar: look ? Swara I only treated you like a friend and talk to you like a friend not more then that I will only Marry a girl that my parents arrange and I think they already got a girl she is … I can’t tell you sorry ?.
Swara: but I really like you why don’t you like me. What have I got wrong in me.
Sanskar: it’s nothing like that I don’t feel that toward you so I’m sorry ? please and please move on with your life.
Swara: okay sorry sir, do I still have this job or do I have to look for another one
Sanskar: you still have this job don’t worry

After that incident Swara never spoke more than a work and boss relationship.

**Flashback ends**

Sanskar: so that’s my story
Ragini: that wasn’t bad Mr Sanskar Maheshwari.
Sanskar: so will you be Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari?
Ragini: Yes, I will my Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari
Sanskar: so shall we talk about our like and dislikes?
Ragini: sure.

They talked about their like and dislikes, like this a year passed and they got to know about each other really will and madly in love with each other.

Ragini’s house as both the families were at her house.
For their engagement ?.

They engagement starts:

Ragini and Sanskar exchange rings ? and then the party was.
Ragini and Sanskar spoke over the phone ?.

Ragini: Sanskar Im scared ?
Sanskar: why to meet Laksh
Ragini: yes what if something wrong happen on our wedding day.
Sanskar: don’t worry nothing will happy your only mine
Ragini: and your only mine
Sanskar: his coming from US tomorrow and the days after that is our wedding ??
Ragini: we are going for our wedding clothes shopping Tomorrow remember that and can us two just go no one lose please I want to spend some quality time with you before marriage.
Sanskar: ohhhoo ? someone is trying tto be naughty with their husband to be
Ragini: oh shut up ? Sanskar
Sanskar: but if I shut up who will you talk too
Ragini: you but you will only be listening to me. Sanskar I love you.
Sanskar: I love you too Ragini

Next day:

Laksh has come to India ?? and was spending time with family.
Sanskar was going shopping with Ragini
Laksh asked him if he should come Sanskar said no as Ragini wanted to spend sometime with him and he told Laksh and Laksh said okay was staying home and preparing for the wedding ??.

Shopping Mall:

Sanskar picked Ragini a lehenga it was royal blue and silver/gold I looked ?? and Ragini picked Sanskar’s sherwani it was royal blue as well they went to try it on in the fitting room. They both entered the same fitting room without noticing Ragini took of her shirt ? and was going to put her lehenga blouse on just then she saw someone topless she screams and then Notices that is was Sanskar and her also notices he close her mouth ?
Sanskar: shshshshsh don’t scream
Ragini: how did you get in here
Sanskar: I thought this would be empty as the door ? was open and got in and didn’t see you.

Just then both of the realised what state both of then were in. Ragini turned as she was shy ☺️ but Sanskar made her turn and get closer to her and she hits the changing rooms wall and Sanskar come near her
Sanskar (whispers): your making me go mad can’t wait for our first night and pecks her cheeks
Ragini: chiii Sanskar hide her face in his chest
Sanskar makes her look up at him and leans forward and kisses ? her lips ? it became a passionate one ☝️ Ragini joined as well it lasted for a few minutes and they moved back as they were out of breath.
Sanskar: your good ? (Ragini gets shy ☺️ by his words) I love you
Ragini: I love you too
They put their clothes on and went out everyone was side their changing room as they took so long.

People were talking bad…
Person1: what the hell do you see this she has no shame
Person2: yes he also their not married and they were in the same changing room
Person3: young couples today can go to any extent even though their not married yet especially girls too bad they have no shame
Sanskar: STOP ✋? JUST STOP
do you people know who she is, she is my fiancé and do you know who I am, I am the business tycoon Sanskar Maheshwari the owner of the leading company Maheshwari industries. So stop bad mouth about her and what’s wrong with romancing with your fiancé we are getting married tomorrow and it will be broadcasted on live channels so watch it and let your jaws drop to the ground when you see our marriage.

He drags Ragini from there and went to pay ? their bill and got in to the car ?.
Ragini: Sanskar are you okay
Sanskar: how can they speak to you like that stupid fools are you okay Ragini?
Ragini: I’m fine ? you don’t please stress and kisses his cheeks. He finally drops her at her house ? and went to his.

On the phone ?:
Ragini: Sanskar please sleep ? peacefully and take rest I want to see my husband tonne so handsome and looking fresh for our wedding ??.
Sanskar: okay baby don’t worry ? I will sleep and from tomorrow and onwards we both will be busy in you What
Ragini: Chiii Sanskar actually I can’t wait to be in your embrace.
Sanskar: I can’t wait to keep you in my embrace and goodnight sleep tight I don’t want dark circles under your eyes ?. I love you ?.
Ragini: good night, I love you ? too.

They both sleep ?.

Next day the marriage was happening in the Gogadia Mansion:

The groom side have arrived.
The pandit asked Sanskar to come and sit on the mandap they do all the rituals and then the Pandit tell then to bring the bride ?? they go and brings the bride down.

Ragini comes down Laksh looks shocked to his Ragini getting married to his brother. Then he thought ? she is not his Ragini any more she has moved on and was thinking if she has told Sanskar that she was in a relationship before or maybe she didn’t I’m going to tell Sanskar and make her mine even after theiir marriage. She is only mine.

They finished all the rituals and Sanskar applied sindoor and made her wear the mangalasutra around her neck and made her his legally wedded wife.

Wedding night sanskar’s room:

Ragini and Sanskar were in his room Ragini’s head was in his shoulder….

Ragini: so this is the day we were waiting for and it finally arrived
Sanskar: yep and I can legally do anything with you and he winks at her she shies away.
For a while they spoke and someone was watching them from their room window. It was no other then our Laksh. He couldn’t take any more and went.

RagSan’s room:

Sanskar starts kissing Ragini’s hands then he moves up to her neck and started giving her wet kisses, Ragini does the same. Ragini starts unbuttoning his sherwani.
Sanskar: someone’s fast
Ragini: come on Sanky as if you didn’t want me to do it winks at him they laugh ? and take each other’s cloths off and they consummate.

Next day:

RagSan’s room

Ragini woke up in sanskar’s embrace kissed his forehead. Just then Sanskar woke up.
Sanskar: was waiting for that kiss ?
Ragini: you was already awake
Sanskar: yep I want this kiss daily
Ragini: anything for my love (pecks his lips) and gets up and goes to the bathroom.
Comes back wearing a towel as she forgot her clothes in the cupboard.

Sanskar was sitting on the couch doing his work looks up and his eyes ? widen looking at Ragini in a towel.
Sanskar gets up and walk towards her and hugs ? her from the back
Ragini: Sanskar leave me I’m getting late for the morning ritual please
Sanskar: don’t worry ? mom will understand as we are newly married couple
And what we will do.
Ragini: Sanskar please
Sanskar: you got me to this mood I cannot control it know so you have to bare it ? now

He picks her up and places her on the bed he starts his work (I am not going in details guys ?) after an hour they hear ? a knock Sanskar wrap him self with the towel Ragini was wearing and opens the door ?
It was Laksh
Sanskar: what happen Laksh
Laksh: (looks inside and saw Ragini on the bed wrapped with their bed sheet turned the other side and was fuming ? with anger) oh sorry to disturb you But mom called you guys down stairs.
Sanskar: we will come in a few minutes let mom know please.
Ragini from the inside “Sanskar give me the towel please”
Sanskar to Laksh: sorry Laksh please let her know.
Laksh: okay

Sanskar goes inside and say: that was Laksh what would her have thought of me huh?
Ragini: that’s not my fault you took the towel and kept the door open as well
Sanskar: oh really madam, now you have to bare this punishment from me
Ragini: no Sanskar please mom already called
Sanskar: okay we are going to get freshened up together.
He pulls her to the bathroom they get freshened up

To be continued…

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