RagLakSan (Short Stories)

Hey guys this is my first **short story **so hope you guys like it. πŸ€—

Sorry for not updating my friends I will update it as I am busy right know

Sanskar: okay we are going to get freshened up together.
He pulls her to the bathroom they get freshened up

Ragini got dressed and goes down stairs.
Where Sujatha was waiting for her in the kitchen…

Sujatha: tired?
Ragini: no Aunty
Sujatha: no Aunty Ma
Ragini: okay Aunty
Sujatha holds Ragini’s ear and says MA NOT AUNTY
Ragini: sorry 😐 Mom (she was smiling like a small kid)
Sujatha: it’s okie next time only Ma or Mom
She kisses Ragini’s forehead and tells her that she has to cook today it’s tradition
Ragini: okay mom I know how to cook what should I cook today
Sujatha anything you like and also a sweet okay beta?
Ragini: yes mom I will be fine you go and rest (Ragini kisses 😘 Sujatha cheeks and Sujatha smiles and goes).

Ragini cooks aloo paratha and paneer palak
Laksh comes

Laksh: hey πŸ‘‹πŸ» bhabhi
Ragini: hi πŸ‘‹πŸ» my hubbys brother
Laksh: how have you been long time no see
Ragini: I’ve been great πŸ‘πŸΌ how are you
Laksh: I’ve been good too
Ragini: good
Laksh: didn’t miss me then
Ragini: why should I? Your the one who broke up and I have the best husband anyone could get
Laksh was fuming in jealousy
Laksh: so you don’t feel bad your married my brother
Ragini: why should I?
Laksh: because I am you ex and my brother doesn’t know that
Ragini: lol wow what if he doesn’t know
Laksh: aren’t you cheating him but it telling him the truth
Ragini: nope he trusts me
Laksh: your breaking his trust
Ragini: please your talking about trust and relationship yeh devar
Laksh: but
Ragini: but what please let me do my work and go please.

Laksh left the kitchen

Ragini(in mind): what do you think Laksh that I’m a cheater like you please I’ve told Sanskar everything he needs to know so there’s no biggie about it and I know you very will you will go to sanky and tell him about us and but your the one who’s going to look like a fool coz he already knows and I am going to tell him what you came and spoke to me about.

Dinning room:

Everyone was there and Ragini was serving the food

Rp: omg 😲 the best food I’ve tasted after so many years
sujatha: please
Laksh: mom who cooked i want kiss their hands for cooking it’s so tasty πŸ˜‹
Sujatha: it’s was your bhabhi
Sanskar: Ragini the food is great love it
Laksh gets up and goes near Ragini, Ragini looks at Sanskar while Sanskar was looking back at her
Laksh gave her a gift
Laksh: please take this bhabhi this is from you beloved devar
Sanskar: what is the need Laksh
Sujatha: Ragini babygirl take it, its a give for you
All of then gifts her expect Sanskar
Sanskar: winks at her and tells ther through eye to come to their room.

They go up to their room
Ragini was sitting and opening the gifts 🎁 and Sanskar was sitting next to her, he told her to open the gift Laksh gave. She opens it and finds ring πŸ’ that’s says RL

Ragini: what the hell he still has this
Sanskar: what?
Ragini: he bought my this ring while we were together I gave it back when we broke up but he still has it
And Sanskar I need to tell you what happen in the kitchen today.

She narrates him what happen and what she said to Laksh….

Sanskar: don’t worry πŸ˜‰ we will wait till he tells me that you guys were in a relationship but I’m happy that I have gotten a wife that is honest and I literally can trust you.
Ragini: Sanskar I always wanted to be honest with my future husband and I’m lucky that I’ve got a husband like you really.
Sanskar: enough of emotional talk now
I love you and this is my gift to you
He gives her a box πŸ“¦ and she opens it
It was a mid length dress πŸ‘—
Ragini: I love this Sanskar but how can I wear it in front for everyone
Sanskar: don’t just wear it in front of me.
Wear it now.
Ragini: what if someone comes
Sanskar: no one will come go change and come

Ragini nodes and goes to the wash room she comes out wearing the dress he bought her
She looks at him seductively and gets him out of control.
She comes and sits oh his lap and moves her hand on his chest, Sanskar couldn’t control anymore she flipped Ragini over and was on top of her.
He was looking bar her lips πŸ‘„ and was getting closer to her and just then they here someone knocking the door πŸšͺ.

Sanskar: who could it be spoiling the moment
He gets up and open the door and finds Laksh. Laksh look at Sanskar and then his eyes land on Ragini she was wearing a short dress πŸ‘— and was on the bed.
Sanskar: Laksh? Laksh? And shakes him
Laksh what happen?!
Laksh: Bhai can I speak to you
Ragini from the inside: devar ji do you really need to talk to my hubby right now?
Laksh: yes Ragini sorry I mean bhabhi
Sanskar: about what
Laksh: just about something (her was eyeing Ragini) Ragini gave a so scared 😳 look and smirks
Sanskar: Ragini I’ll be back in a few minutes so DO NOT changed till I come back
Ragini: what if ma comes or calls me what should I do?
Sanskar: Laksh it would be quick right? I’m quite busy
Laksh: yes Bhai

They leave to the study room:

Sanskar: ha tell me Laksh what happen?
Laksh: it’s about bhabhi.
Sanskar: what about Bhabhi (as if he didn’t know)
Laksh narrates everything to Sanskar just as Ragini told him
Laksh: So Bhai I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before and I dont know why bhabhi didn’t tell you either
Sanskar: who said that your bhabhi didn’t tell me?
Laksh: Ragini did
Sanskar: Laksh she’s already told me form the day we’ve met in the cafΓ© she has told me ever single thing that has happened in her life including you. I was think about not getting married to her when she told me that you and her were together and your broke up with her for papa πŸ‘΄πŸ» but then she said that she doesn’t like you and she is over you. I and her wanted to get to know each other and then we fell in love with each other I’m sorry if I hurt your feeling she had already told me everything and the things that your have told to her in the Kitchen. She doesn’t hide anything for me. I’m really sorry 😐. Please forgive us we love each other.

Laksh: (he was speachless) don’t be sorry bhai it was my mistake to leave her she was a really good person but I missed her. Your luck, you got her.
Sanskar: sorry bro and I’m gonna leave now she’ll be waiting for me.

Sanskar leaves the room

Laksh to himself: just watch how I break your relationship because Ragini is only for me.
No one can change that.

Scene shifts to RagSan’s room:

Sanskar enters

Ragini: what took you so long?
Sanskar: Laksh was telling me about your relationship with him and things so I told him everything since the start to end. So everything is clear. No shall I continue were I left it from.
Ragini: Sanskar let me change ma probably needs help
Sanskar: stop being such a mama’s girl now be your husband’s wife and winks at her.
Ragini shies away and walk to the wardrobe to get her house clothes but Sanskar hugs πŸ€— her from then back
And starts giving her wet kisses in her neck and turned her kisses all over her face then her kisses her lip they we kissing passionately then suddenly Sujatha called Ragini

Sujatha: Ragini baby were are you come down
(They call each other’s different names now)
Ragini: I’m coming honey 🍯 just a minute

Sanskar: did she really have to call you now
Ragini nods and says: promise tonight I’ll wear it for you as a treat okie
Sanskar gets excited and hugs her.
She changes and goes down.


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    Awesome amazng fantastic update dear….aww!!!ragsan are jst superb…ahh!!dnt know wt laksh wl do now….????waitng for nxt part..keep rockng n stay blessed dear πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ n all d bst for ur studiess…. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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