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Scene :at a beach in goa
Some teenagers are doing their farewell.
All the boys and girls are shouting:we want our Rockstar today for one last time.
Nidhi:guys u all know na she has to go tomorrow to London but don’t worry guys she will come here for us. She is on the way.
Sameer:now presenting our Rockstar miss ragini gadodia.
Ragini who entered in a BMW. She is wearing a black jeans and black crop top with her favorite guitar in her hand with white shades.
Ragini:arey yaar don’t be senti now come let’s enjoy today is my last day won’t u all give me a happy farewell.
All:we do They shouts

Ragini:ok then now let’s start. She starts to sing dhunki. She sings so many songs ending with yeh dosti hum nehi chodengey…
They all finish their party by some games rain dance, songs, disco dance..
At night all bid farewell to ragini. She cries and hugs everyone and goes from there in her car.
Fb starts
Principal :and now we have the pleasure to announce the topper of our college it is non another than Miss. Ragini Gadodia.
And this is her hatrick being topper of this college so we are giving her an opportunity to go to London for her further studies with our scholarship. Now we invite our topper to come and take the shield from our beloved MLA.
Ragini goes on to the diarse and take the shield. She is very happy that she is going to London.
Ragini gadodia :is a very rich, smart, sweet and very gorgeous obviously. She doesn’t have any pride that she is very rich. She always behaves like a middle class girl. She doesn’t like to use her parents money. She wants to be independent.
Fb ends..
Ragini while thinking doesn’t see a truck coming in front of her when she saw but it was very late. The truck hit the car. Ragini fell down from the car. She got so many injuries. Blood is dripping like a pool. She with in no time fell unconscious.

Scene :at hospital
Dp and ap are the parents of ragini.

Ragini was lying on one of the hospital beds. It has been 1week she didn’t opened her eyes. Now at last she opened her eyes.
Dp:ragu.. How are u beta.
Ap:ragu from I week we are waiting for u to gain conscious. Now thank God u are fine.
Dp:ragu.. Please talk something
Ragini:she sees dp and ap confusingly and says who are u innocently
Dp:ragu beta we know that ur sense of humor is very high but it’s not time to joke
Ragini starts crying like a child :why are u shouting on me. I don’t whom u are.
Dp:beta I am ur papa and she is ur mama pointing to ap
Ragini:no ur not my papa, my papa has hair he is not like u bald.
Dr :Mr. Durga prassad plz come with me.
Ap:Dr. What is this why she is not recognizing us.
Dr. :actually by seeing her we can say that she is behaving like she is a child and she is assuming her to be small kid. This is called amnesia.
Dp:what does it mean doctor
Dr. :it is memory loss as she got a major injury on her head she lost some of her memories. Mr. Dp when she is small do u have hair
Dp:yes doctor
Dr. :so she is thinking that the man with hair is her papa and not u but u don’t worry she will gain her memory back.
Dp:but how much time will it take Dr.
Dr. :may be days, weeks, months or years.

Scene :at goa
Rithik:are yaar Laksh u came to meet me after theses many years and ur still the same boring Laksh. Come let’s have some wine
Laksh:u know na I won’t drink
Rithik:arey yaar lucky don’t be stupid it is the age to enjoy did u ever have s*x with any girl
Laksh :shut up ritik what rubbish are u talking
Rithik:see Laksh it is our men s right to enjoy at this enjoy drink wine and enjoy with girls. I think u don’t have any experience. U don’t worry u came here trusting me na I will change u. Now for today drink this wine.
Laksh drinks it forcefully as ritik forces.

Scene :next day night
Ritik and Laksh go to a red alert area. There are so many girls who are seeing them like they would eat them. Laksh is very scared.
Ritik goes to the owner and says:he is my frnd Laksh he is new to this. So..
Owner:ok that means ur frnd is fresh and today only we hot one fresh item. Both will look good with each other.
Ritik pushes Laksh forcefully in to a room where there is already a girl inside.
Laksh hesitately sits beside her and asks what is ur name.
Girl:like a child cutely my name laado
Laksh:but they were saying some other name
Laado:I don’t know why they are calling me kavya but my name is laado
Laksh:oh actually it is my first time and I don’t have any experience in this before.
While Laksh is talking laado is seeing here and there and brushing her hair.
Laksh and laado where sitting on the bed. Laado is sitting with her legs folded and Laksh was sitting near her. When he is about to touch her legs. Laado started beating him. Laksh got scared and goes from there.

Scene :at ritik s room
Laksh s pov
I don’t know what is happening to me. That girl she is very beautiful but she is looking very innocent and behaving like a child. I can’t get out from her thoughts. No I am sure once I should go and meet her.

Next day night Laksh again went to the same red light area. He went to the same room where laado is there.
When Laksh entered laado hugged him :why u went yesterday leaving me. This place is so weird I can’t stay here some people are coming and they are touching me here and there. Plz take me out with u. I can’t stay here these are very bad people.
Laksh:ok OK u first relax say me what is ur father name
Laado:father… papa… hmm… Humm. Duggu
Laksh:what… what a weird name OK ur mama name
Laado:mama…. Maa… mm…. Appu…
Laksh :oh God OK from where u came here
Laado:I don’t know I was in hospital some boys came and said me that they will show my parents so u came with them afterwards they took me here and locked me in this room
Laksh thinks :so she is trapped here. She looks so innocent I should do something.

Scene :railway station
Rithik:Laksh this is not right yaar. U don’t even know who she is and ur taking her to ur home…
Laksh:rithik I only know that she had some memory loss or she is mental and after seeing her condition my heart doesn’t allowed me to let her stay there. So I took her from there.
Rithik:ha ha why not now that people will come and take me u be happy
Laksh :arey yaar can’t u this much for ur frnd
Rithik:what emotional blackmail. OK Ok
They see laado who takes two ice creams and eats them simultaneously.
The vendor sees her confused.
Laksh gives him money. Laado gives him ice cream.
Laksh looks at her whose face is fully covered with cream.
Laksh :no no u eat
Rithik laughs:before me u be careful this mental girl will make u mad
Laksh:ok train is going to start I am going bhai.
Rithik :ok bye yaar
Laksh makes laado sit in beside him. She is busy in eating ice cream.
Train started..

At the next halt.
Laado :I want coconut water
Laksh :calls the man selling coconut s and asks him one. He gives laado coconut with a straw as it is train which have the windows with grills.
The train starts again. Laado is drinking with the straw suddenly the train catches speed and straw falls. Laado don’t know what to do trying to get that from window. She was trying so much hard. She stood in her place in the attempt to get that coconut. Laksh is sleeping suddenly got up hearing shouting.
Laksh:what happened laado
Actually when she was trying to get that coconut. After trying so much she thrower with so much anger. That coconut got hit to the pillar and came inside the train and hits on some passenger who was sitting front to laado. Laado who saw it clapped her hands amused.
All are shouting at laado thinking she beat him.
Laksh who understood the situation made laado to say sorry.
Laksh :good girl sry uncle she did it unknowingly

After a day they reached ooty
Laado :ur place is so cool
Laksh :haa yes he gives his coat to her.
He takes her to his house. His house is very peaceful with a huge garden near.
Laado goes and plays in that garden. She hears some sound she follows it and finds a rabbit.
Laado :hey who are u. U r so nice. She takes that with her.
A old lady :Laksh beta when u came
Laksh:now only dadi

Dadi:all were saying that ur health is not well. How are u now
Laksh :no dadi I am very fine I srnt that letter to apply leave that’s all nothing happened to me.
Laado then comes with rabbit. She gets scared seeing dadi. She asks laksh
Laado:who is this double battery
Laksh:she is my dadi stays beside our house only
Laksh goes inside the house
Laado goes near dadi and takes her spectacles. She keeps it to herself and smiles looking at dadi
Laado :why I am seeing 1..2..3..5..dadi s… bhoot…. Aaahh… she runs inside
Dadi smiles seeing laado
Laado goes inside and sees Laksh with the spects and sees 5images. She again shouts bhoot….
Laksh removes spects :now show me where is bhoot
Laado sees only one Laksh :she smiles like a kid and says they ran away scared bcoz of me.
Laksh :oho.. OK. He also smiles seeing a cute child laado
Laado:what should I call u

Laado :ohi lucky very nice lucky laado a rabbit… she shouts lucky laado a rabbit

After sometime
Dadi :Laksh beta who is this girl seems like she is somewhat has some brain instability
Laksh says what all happened.
Dadi:what u don’t even know her properly and took her with u.
Laksh:I also don’t know dadi when I saw her. Her eyes clearly showed how much she is frightened when I saw her helplessness I couldn’t stop myself and took her with me.
Dadi:what u said is right but what will people, society think
Laksh:dadi I don’t care about the society. If I got hurt they will come to see me no naa. I don’t care about this stupid society who don’t know anything except gossiping.
Dadi:if ur parents were alive they would be really proud of u. Now a days people won’t care about blood relations but u don’t know who is she saw 2times and took her with u. Ur really great.
Laksh:I have u na dadi who is my mom and dad
Actually dadi is not his real Dado. She stays beside his house that s all bur share a very good relation.
And here

Laado talks with rabbit:what is ur name…. Why are u not speaking. If u won’t speak I won’t talk with u katti and turns her head
Laksh who is observing her childish acts come to her:laado he can’t speak bcoz it is not like us humans naa. It is a animal. It can only make sounds..
Laado :ok lucky u said na I agree. And u pointing rabbit dost. She shows thumb up.
Rabbit gives his hand to her.
Laado claps her hands :hey we were dost now and hugs it tightly
Laksh:arey laado don’t squeeze it, it will die. See how small it is.
Laado :ok now what is its name
Laksh:u only say
Laado:hmm.. Mm… pari
Laksh:but it’s a boy
Laado starts crying:no no pari pari..
Laksh :ok ok stop crying.

It has been 8months Laksh is taking care of ragini like a small child. He feeds her, he makes her wear dress, he makes her hair, he brushes her teeth. He also plays with her. Once he becomes dog, horse, bear and makea her sit on his back. They play very nicely. They share a very unique bond where we can see no where.

Scene :goa
Police:Mr. Dp we are sry we couldn’t find ragini. We searched whole got but didn’t able to trace her.
Dp:then why are u for. It has been one month and ur answer is same. Even hospital is not safe then how will people survive. See her (ap) she till now didn’t ate anything properly till now. Can’t u see.
Police :sir we can understand ur pain but what can we do we tried our best.
Ap:sir are u married
Ap:do u have any children
Police :haa 2 children
Ap:anyone took them away from u
Police:no mam

Ap:then how can u understand my pain I only have one child and from 8months we can’t find her. How is she living where she would be. If she is fine or not even her health condition is also not nice. She has amnesia. She folds her hand plz sir I am begging u. Plz get my daughter. Plzz….. Sshe falled on his knees.
Police :mam what are u doing. I promise u I will bring ur daughter anyhow.

Scene :ooty
Actually Laksh is works as a teacher in a near by school.
He always takes her with him.
On one day there is a party for celebrating principles birthday. So Laksh is invited. As he is favorite to the princi he should come compulsory.
Laksh like daily took laado with him but he thinks if he took her she will do all crazy things.
Laksh:laado today only till here.
Laado :why I and pari also come Btw why u wore this kind of dress. Any function
Laksh:no no function just like that u are not coming with me go
Laado :no I will also come plz take me also know. She asks him with a cute puppy face
Laksh:laado ur my cute girl naa don’t be stubborn. Next time I will take u for sure. Plzz.. Ur my good girl naa

Laado :why lucky why u do like this with me. Hmm….Ias I am a good girl I am going.
She goes unwillingly.
Laksh smiles at her cuteness and goes.

While laado is going. A guy comes in front of her. He is a Carpenter of that place. From starting on he had bad eye on laado.
His name is Kartika. All the village knows about her mental condition. He thought to take advantage of her condition
Karthik:where are u going this fastly where is ur lucky. He left u alone.
Laado :no he will come. He will not leave me. My lucky.
Karthik:ok OK oh what is his name (rabbit)
Laado :oh his name is pari
Karthik:oh u didn’t tied him any belt
Laado :what is belt. Why is it
Karthik:u don’t know if pari runs from u. U can catch him with this belt.
Laado :no I don’t need it bcoz my pari will not leave me
Kartik is frustrated but controls. :it’s not like that laado if any wild animal came and took away means. He makes his face scary and made horrified sounds. Laado is very much scared.
Laado:no.. No one will take my part. I want that belt
Kartik :ok come with me it is there in that God own and takes laado there.

Scene :at party
In party all the couples are dancing. Laksh imagines dancing with laado very romantically.
He suddenly gets a feeling of laado is in trouble.
He runs from the party as fast as he can.

Scene :godown
Kartik successfully takes laado In a silent old godown
Laado:belt… belt
Karthik:ha ha wait come it is in that room
Laado:she feels scary seeing the place I want lucky I don’t want belt.
Kartik takes her in a room and forces her to intimate. But laado was trying hard to push him. Pari bites his legs but he throws it away.
Laado :uu….. dirty and rakshas leave me….. lucky.
Laado finally bites him and hits him at Centre and frees herself. But he pulls her dupatta. Actually she wears daily half sarees.
She hides behind a cupboard. Karthik comes searching her to that cupboard. She pushes the cupboard on him. He falls down in pain. Laado escapes. She runs from there while she dashes Laksh.
Laksh is horrified to see her condition

Laksh:what happened laado who did this
Laado :that one who beats wood
Laado :haa
Laksh who is fuming in anger shouts Karthik and goes to him. He beats him Like hell. He was continuously beating him
Laksh:how Dare u touch my laado
He beats him and finally he is about to throw a big stone on him. All the villagers stop him and took Kartik to police station.
He goes to laado who hugs him tightly.
Laado :I said na to take me with me
Laksh gives you her his coat:why did u go with him ediot
Laado:he said belt to pari
Laksh :where is Pari
Laado :pari she might be there in that godown
Laksh and laado runs to go down and saw Pari in well. They took it from the well

After some days
Laado makes Pari ready by wearing a shirt. She also ties his hair and wears a band to her tail. She also did makeup to him
Laado :pari u know how beautiful u are looking only black tikka is missing.
She searches but didn’t find it. So she asks Laksh who is busy in cooking food
Laado :lucky where is eyeliner
Laksh:why u want that
Laado :I am dressing up pari
Laksh:oh u wait 5min once I complete cooking I will give u
Laado :no I want now only
Laksh:wait for 5min raa
Laado :no say me where it is
Laksh:u can’t take it raa it is on the cupboard ur hands won’t reach there raa
Laado :I will take it. She goes

After few minutes Laksh hears a sound. He goes and saw the cupboard is fallen down. All the papers important files all fallen down. It is like a big mess. He is tensed as where is laado but he wonders to see laado sitting on her legs keeping her thumb in her mouth.
Dadi:what happened beta I heard a big sound and came to see
Laksh:ask this girl only see how is she sitting like she don’t know anything.
Dadi :what u did beta Laado
Laado: I asked for eyeliner but this lucky didn’t gave me so I thought to take it. I don’t know how it fallen down
Laksh:shouts haa u don’t know anything ediot see this all this happened bcoz of u only.
Laado :see dadi how he is shouting on me. See part is getting scared
Laksh:haa this ediot also there in every destruction with u. He is a partner na with u.
Dadi :Laksh beta she is a child leave it. Next time she will not do
Laksh:dadi it’s all bcoz of u only u only pamper her more and made her like this
Laado :dadi something is burning na
Laksh:oh my God my food.
He goes into kitchen and sees that his rice and curry are burnt off
He throws all the utensils frustrated :this is all bcoz of u only laado. I will bring some bread and goes slamming the door
Laado cries…

Laksh comes home with bread. But he doesn’t find laado. He gets tensed not seeing laado. He asks dadi but she says she don’t know. He searches her in the whole garden. He searches in the whole village. The whole day he was searching her like hell. He is shouting her name.
He goes to a temple. Actually he doesn’t believe in God but for the first time bcoz of laado he steps inside and prays :all say that u will do all which we ask. I don’t have dreams but my laado she is my life. Plz get her to Me Plzz. I promise that I never ever hurt her in my life. Plz God he continuously rings the bell and falls down unconscious. After sometime he wakes up and returns back home helpless
He gets in to the house and is shocked to see laado inside the house covering herself with bedsheet crying. Laado comes and hugs him. Laksh smiles seeing her.
Laado beats him:why u left me did I made u that much angry that u left me. I thought u Wil not come ever.
Laksh:how can I leave u laado. He makes her sit and weeps her tears.
Laado :I am hungry I didn’t ate anything from morning
Laksh has tears seeing her :just wait few minutes I will cook something and give u.
Laksh goes inside and cooks fastly in 5min
Laksh sits beside laado and feeds her. Laado also feeds him:I know u also didn’t eat naa
After eating
Laksh :laado where u went raa

Laado :I was at home only. I was cleaning all the mess which I did at morning.
Laksh :oh come let’s see how my laado cleaned. He opens the cupboard and all the stuff falls down. Laado had pushed all the stuff inside the cupboard which she says that she cleaned.
Laado is frightened that Laksh will again shout at her but he starts laughing seeing this all.
Laado also laughs confusingly.
At night Laksh says some stories and make her sleep.

2montgs passed. No news of ragini.
Scene :goa
A uncle is eating bhajjj at some road side shop when he saw a news in paper.
He knocks the door. Ap opens the door
Ap:ji who are u
Uncle:shows the paper is she ur daughter
Ap:haa she is my ragini. Do you know her.
Uncle:haa I saw her in the train 7,8montgs back. He the same one who got hit by coconut in train by Laado.
Police comes and enquires him and takes all the details.

Scene :ooty
Dadi:how long u stay like this Laksh beta. Ur age is to marry
Laksh:I said u so many times dadi that I don’t want to marry. If I marry who will take care of laado.
Dadi:u can marry and look after her. Plz look at it she gives a photo. She is my relatives daughter very nice girl. She is a doctor.
Laksh:ok dadi as u are forcing I will see them once. Only u said.
Laado :I want to bath
Laksh :dadi fresh up her. See she is this much tall but also don’t know to both ediot..
Laado :u only e.. D… t..
Laksh:first go and bath after that scold me ediot.
Laado :dadi…..
Dadi takes her

Laksh:mental girl.
Dadi baths laado and laado does bath to pari.
After getting ready.
Dadi is cooking. Laado comes and sits beside her.
Laksh:laado can’t u see how much dadi is working and u again making her prepare omlet
Laado :lucky what I did I wanted to eat omlet right now
Dadi :leave beta she is a child
Laksh:no dadi u don’t pamper her. See laado if u want u make it by ur self and he takes dadi with him and makes dadi sleep after giving medicines.
Laado:lucky say me how to make omlet I will do it myself
Laksh:I said jokingly u sit there I will make it for u
Laado:no I will only make
Laado :don’t be stubborn ediot
Laksh smiles at her sentence. :ok
First cut onions and mirchi without cutting ur fingers. She cuts it perfectly.
Laksh is impressed. He goes and was doing his work
Laado :lucky…

Laksh :mmmm.. He is frustrated as he is solving a sum seriously which is really tough.
Laado:what I should do with this egg lucky
Lucky:break it
Laado :howw
Lucky :haa break it by ur head
Laado comes to lucky. Lucky sees Laado and laughs holding his stomach
Lucky:what is this Laado u really hit the egg with ur head.
Laado:u only said na. I want omlet
Lucky:ok first u clean ur self I will make ur omlet. He goes to kitchen laughing.
A month passes…

Scene :goa
Police got some information regarding ragini. They got to know that some one named Laksh maheshwari took ragini in the train to ooty. They all go to ooty in search of her.

Scene :ooty
At night
Laksh:Laado tomorrow a girls family is coming to see me. I want u to wear a sarees.
Laado:what is mean by saree
Laksh:dadi wears na like that only
Laado :oh but I don’t know how to wear it.
Laksh:wait I will show u by wearing it on me u learn and wear okk
Laado :ok show me
Laksh shows how to wear.
Laksh:ok now go and wear it and come
Laado goes.
After sometime Laado comes wearing the sarees perfectly with her hair also tied nicely comes with a glass of milk in her hand. She gives it to laksh
Laksh was not able to believe that Laado is coming close to him like a matured girl. She makes him drink milk by her own hands. He drinks the milk. Laado takes the glass and hugs him. She kisses him on his forehead, cheeks and then lips. Laksh is shocked at her action. He wakes up and sees Laado wearing the saree like she is covering it and caught the down part of saree in her mouth. And her hair is all a mess like a bird nest.
Laksh smiles that he is just imaging Laado as a matured girl but no she is the same.
Laado:how I am looking
Laksh:like always ediot
Laado acts like crying.
Laksh:oh my Laado is crying. He goes and tickels her. Laado smiles.
Next day
Girls family comes to Laksh s home.
Laksh:can I talk to her in personal
Girl:ok no problem
They come to garden far from house.
Laksh :can I know ur name please

Girl:I am Dr. swara malik
Laksh:oh myself Laksh maheshwari working as a teacher in small school
Swara:I know everything about u
Laksh:then u may also know laado
Swara:oh yeah the mental girl whom u take care of since 9montgs without knowing who she is.
Laksh:excuse me… it is 11 months not 9 and one more thing she is not any mental girl her name is Laado and she had me that is enough. She is not responsible for her condition. It is God who made her like this. I don’t believe in God but after Lando cane into my life my life has brighten up by her innocent smile. Her innocent words make my day complete. She is my life. She is the gods gift to me. And I didn’t except this from u. How come u a doctor who makes fun of patients condition. I am sry I am not crct for u.
Swara had tears in her eyes:I am sry I didn’t mean it
Laksh:it’s OK u may leave now
They come inside
Laksh:I am very glad u all came here but I had a girl to take care of. I can’t marry ur daughter Mr. Malik. I am sry
They go
Dadi:what happened beta why u rejected swara. She is very nice, beautiful
Laksh:dadi beauty lies in heart not in face and she didn’t have beauty in heart. He doesn’t have that heart I can’t keep them in my heart. I am sry dadi. And one more thing I have Laado in my life it is enough. I want to marry a girl who accepts me with laado but not the girl who makes fun of my laado.
Laado comes then only and asks:what is love lucky
Laksh:how do u get to know it raa
Laado:I heard in radio. Today is some VA.. Ltine day
Laksh:it’s valentine’s day.
Laado :what is that lucky

Laksh:today is lovers day love means the one who will stay with u forever. If u have any problem he will solve it thinking as it is his problem. He smiles seeing ur smile. He laughs when u cry to make u smile. More over he won’t leave u at anytime even death comes also.
Dadi has tears.
Laado also cries but don’t know why she is crying:she hugs him and says I love u lucky.
Laksh is shocked but says I love u too laado.
Dadi blesses them.

Scene :next day
Some one knocks Laksh s door
Laksh opens and is shocked to see swara
Swara:I am sry I said all that about laado. She sees laado sleeping on bed having her thumb in her mouth.
Laksh:why u came here
Swara:u know na I am a Dr. I came here to rectify my mistake. As a Dr. It’s my responsibility to cure patients but I don’t know how my mind polluted.
Laksh :what u mean to say
Swara:I want to make laado normal with ur permission. As I trained in London I try my level best to cure her
Laksh :but..
Swara:plz Laksh plz I just want to rectify my mistake. I am regretting so much. Plz if I can cure her then I can be free from a stain that I am a heartless Dr. Plzz lucky. One chance. Plz trust me
Laksh:ok but laado should be safe
Swara:trust me

After a week
Swara:Laksh there is a gud news. Laado can be cured after taking so many tests. Actually in her brain a small portion of blood is clotted. If it melts completely she can be cured and she will gain her memory. She will become normal
Laksh hugs her in excitement. Swara also reciprocated.

From then laado is admitted in hospital.
Senior Dr. Says that it takes 4complete weeks. No interruption should be held in between the treatment. He comes daily to the hospital and talks with unconscious laado. In this process swara becomes close to Laksh but Laksh has no feelings for her.
One day
Dr:Mr. Laksh as u know it is not a normal treatment. We have got so many foreign equipments so I want to say u clearly that it will cost 25lakhs so please arrange it in 1week.we assure that she will be fine after this treatment.
Laksh :Dr. U don’t worry about money see that operation gets successful
Dr. :sure

Laksh comes out and thinks how to get that much money.
He sells his house but gets only 15lakhs
He was tensed only one day is left to make the money.
His frnd rithik comes there
Rithik:why are becoming mad at that girl. It s not hundreds or thousands but 25lakhs. How will u get that much money
Laksh:smiles and says arey rithik I already arranged 15lakhs it’s only 10lakhs laado will be fine
Rithik:how u got that much money
Laksh:I sold my house yaar that s it
Rithik is shocked:what u treat this house like a family member it’s ur parents last remembrance to u.
Laksh :but not more than laado. I want a help plz say how can I get remaining 10lakhs
Rithik:u are completely mad. It’s one year u took care of her without expecting anything and now this also
Laksh:plz rithik do something I urgently want that money plz do something
Rithik:ok OK actually I have a idea but it’s not crct
Laksh :plz say it I can do anything for laado
Rithik says something. Laksh is shocked but agrees to say.
Next day he gives total 25lakhs to Dr.
Swara gets to know about this
Swara :Laksh how did u get this much money. I don’t know it before otherwise I would have helped u.
Laksh :it’s OK swara till now u did so much. And I will not be able to return it. Tq u very much.
Swara:but that much money
Laksh:it’s just nothing plz u go and do the treatment crctly. My laado should be perfectly alright.
Swara :okk

After 4weeks

Scene :ooty
Police and ragini s parents gets to know that a mad girl is staying with Laksh. They all are confirmed and were searching for Laksh. They went to his house but they say that he sold this house. While they return helplessly. Dadi sees them and asks who are they. They say how ragini got accident and memory loss everything.
Dadi says yes laado is staying here only but now she is in hospital. She says all and gives the address.

Scene :at hospital
Swara calls laksh:Laksh were are u today ur laado will become perfectly alright where are u. It is u who should see her first. Where are u come fast
Laksh:haa swara I will come in 2hrs.

Scene :at a small godown
Laksh:plz do it fast I should go and see my laado
Guy:Laksh it takes times taking kidney is not easy.
Laksh:plz don’t let anyone know about this
Guy:yes Laksh u don’t worry we did agreement na u don’t worry.

Scene :after 3hrs
Dr. :swara operation is successful she will get conscious in 10min call Laksh fast. He will be very happy.
Swara calls Laksh but he doesn’t lifts. She sees rithik and goes to her
Swara :rithik where is Laksh he said he will come in 2hrs but it is 3hrs now. Call him na
Rithik couldn’t control his tears he hugs swara and cries.
Swara :what happened rithik why are u crying
Rithik:u know how Laksh arranged money for that girls operation.
Swara :I asked him bit he didn’t say anything to me
Rithik:he sold his house and moreover he sold his kidney.
Swara was standing like a lifeless status hearing that.
They both cry.
Laksh was on his way. After operation he comes out fastly to see laado without eating anything or some energy tablets.
While on the way he faints in front of a bike he gets hurt on his head. They sprinkle water on him.
Laksh wakes up :I should go fast to my laado.
Guy :no ur hurt u can’t go I will drop u
Laksh :ok plz take me fast.

Scene at hospital
Laksh comes to hospital and sees laado sleeping peacefully.
He smiles. Swara sees him and does first aid to him.
The movement arrived laado gained conscious. Laksh gets into the room and sees laado anxiously to remember him. Laksh is very happy his happiness is out of universe.
Laado sees laksh
Laksh:no laado don’t speak anything ur tired. When we go to home na I will make u ur favorite omelet. U know I also brought part with me see him how he is excited to see u and play with u.
U know the whole village came to see u
Laado :who is laado who are u. What is this. I hate rabbits and omelets. Who are u all get out from here
Laksh is shocked :laado this is not joke u ediot u don’t know me
Laado:hey Mr. I am seeing u for the first time and how dare u called me ediot. And why will I joke. My name is not laado my name is ragini.
Laksh felt like his world broken. He doesn’t felt like there is earth under his feet.
Swara and rithik are very angry on her:what kind of a girl u are he is the one who took care of u for 1year. U were in a mental kind of situation but Laksh risked his life to get back u normal. And u are saying u don’t know Laksh.
Ragini:what nonsense I don’t know no any Laksh. BTW who u are all. Aah my head is breaking
Dr. :don’t stress her. She may again get into coma
Laksh held swara and rithik s hand and took them out.
Dadi comes excitedly to see laado but is broken to hear what ragini said.
After sometime ragini s parents come. They go to ragini
Ragini sees them and hugs them.

Raginj:maa papa where we’re u I am very scared. Take me from here fast. I can’t stay here one more minute. She says this all seeing Laksh.
Laksh who is already heart broken became lifeless.
Ragini s parents take ragini with them. Ragini didn’t even saw Laksh for once.
Laksh didn’t let a single drop fall from his eyes. While going he comes to ragini. But ragini is scared to see him. She is trying to avoid him. She move far from him.
He remembered how laado comes behind her when dadi comes to beat her. He smiles remembering.
Laksh:I am sry ragini. It’s just a misunderstanding laado is my everything but she is now no more. She looks similar to u that why I reacted like that. I am also sry for my funds behalf also.
Ragini feels relieved:oho I was so scared. I don’t know na about this that’s why I told so much to u. I am sry. BTW I am ragini gadodia she forwards her hand to Laksh.
Laksh :I am Laksh maheshwari he shakes his hand with ragini.
Laksh was crying inside without letting a drop come out.
Ragini feels some connection with him when she touches him but she avoids it.
Sera and rithik are very much angry on Laksh. They were about to say something but Laksh stopped them and made them to say sry to ragini.

Ragini is going with her parents. Laksh was hoping once she looks at him at least for once but she doesn’t see him. She goes.
Laksh falls down and cries hugging dadi.
Dadi:how that girl can leave u who cared for her like a mother and father and now she is saying that she don’t know u. Why it always happens to nice and put hearted people.
Laksh :no dadi it’s not her mistake. How she forget her parents and came with me now she forget me bcoz she got her memory back so she doesn’t remember anything about her becoming like a kid and all. So she forget me also.
Dadi:but beta even her parents also didn’t thanked u for whose daughter I didn’t cared about ur life for once also.
Laksh:no dadi it’s not their mistake if we feel like this whom we just know for 1year then her parents who were attached to her for 20yrs think about them how much they felt pain. When they saw her daughter after 1year they became most happy and we are no one to judge anyone. They are crctly in their pov. Come let’s go
Dadi:how can u behave normal Laksh beta. What u said is absolutely crct but will u be able to forget her
Laksh:no…. never..In my life
Dadi:then what will u do beta
Laksh:what happens if she left me but she left her memories with me that’s enough. I can live with them for rest of my life “MERI KAHANI ADHURI HAIN”.
Meri ADHURI Kahani plays….

The end…

This is dedicated to all RAGLAK fans. I know it is the most boring OS ever. Plz no tomatoes okkk. And one last thing I am ur most boring writer dhamu. Thank u


Credit to: dhamini

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