Hii guys dhamini here. As u all wanted a happy ending so I thought to continue it. Tq u for commenting guys. Love u a lot. Tq uu. And one more thing is I took the concept of the movie vasanta kokila but I did many changes if u observe. Tq u once again.

RECAP:ragini gets memory loss by An accident and gets lost from her parents but Laksh took ragini with him to ooty and took a good care of her like a child. He does her operation to get her memory back and for that he sells his house and even his kidney but after the operation ragini forgets about Laksh which breaks Laksh into pieces…

Story begins…

Scene :goa
some goons surrounded ragini and were starring at her evilly. She was on ground pleading them to leave her. She was crying vigorously. That goons started to come near her and ragini on ground only was trying to move back and finally hit the wall. The goons surrounded her. Ragini is terrified she was crying when the men were about to touch her, she closed her eyes and suddenly shouted lucky……
She was continously shouting lucky..
Her mom came and switched on the lights and saw ragini. Ragini is sweating with her eyes closed and was shouting lucky.. Lucky…. She was turning her head here and there. She is totally scared.
Ap and dp make her wake up.
Ap:ragini beta.. What happened wake up beta wake up…
Ragini waked up shouting lucky.. Ragini is breathing heavily she was still stammering lucky… lu…. Luc…
Dp:what happened ragu did u see any bad dream
Ragini :yes papa. Oh sry I made u both wake up naa bcoz of my stupid dream.
Ap:nothing like that ragu. U sleep peacefully.
Ragini:ok maa papa u go and sleep. I am fine. Good night
Ap and dp:it’s gud morning the time is 3am
Ragini smiles :okk

Scene :goa, at another place
Rithik:are Laksh why can’t u forget her. It had been 2months till now and in this two months see your condition how u became. Once see at ur self. Every day u say this time Laado would have woke up, this time she wants to eat some sweet, this time she wants to play with me,, etc..
That girl became fine and went away without looking up at u once and made u mad.. And u till now only forced by me to drink but from that day u only drink. U became a alcoholic. Why why u became like that bcoz of that girl. No Laksh u are doing wrong already u gave one kidney and now u are trying to damage ur other kidney too
Laksh is smiling all the while:rithik I am only doing this to forget about her so u should be happy noo
Rithik:shut up lucky I don’t know will u able to forget her or not but u make ur self forget ur identity. Please stop this…. U are very well educated, very handsome, very caring. U have all the qualities that a girl wants. U marry someone and forget about that girl
Laksh:how many times I should say that I can’t marry anyone. By doing that I only spoil that girls life she can’t get any happiness from me. So don’t talk about this again.
By saying this he angrily drank the full wine bottle and become unconscious while dizzing
Rithik makes Laksh sleep on the bed and sits beside him:why God why did u do this to him. He never believed u but started to believe when he saw his laado but now u snatched her from him. Why why.. Why did u do this to ur people and specially Laksh who don’t think about doing bad even in his dreams….. U can be heartless but see if u doesn’t make him happy then I won’t even step into ur temple. When I see Laksh smiling then only I will come to ur temple…. He was very angry

Scene :Sametime at ragini s home
Ragini :why I am feeling that someone close to me was the trying to move apart from me. Why my heart is breaking inside. And why I screamed lucky in my dream. Who is that guy.. It is has been 3months that I recovered and came back to my house my near ones my maa papa best frnds I am happy.. No no.. Or I was thinking or forcing myself to be happy. I don’t know I can’t understand what is happening to me.i am not happy inside my heart. Ragini don’t think much.. Just sleep Dr. Said na it can be a side effect. She tried to sleep but can’t she was thinking…. And thinking… night passes..

Scene :morning Ap and dp s room
Ap:ji did u observe ragini… when she came from hospital she has changed totally. She was not heartfully enjoying with us like before.
Dp:I was also thinking the same and morning that dream it’s not first time from 3months she didn’t slept peacefully and always shouts lucky…. Lucky… why
Ap:stop stop ragu came
Ragini comes smiling and kisses Ap and do.
Ragini:what discussion is going on between u wife and hubby. Haaa
Ap:nothing like that ur frnd Nidhi called.
Ragini:why she called u.
Dp:she said that she called u but ur phone is switched off.
Ragini: oh okk I know where she is I will go meet her
Ap:but ur break fast…
Ragini:don’t worry mom ur daughter is very strong… she goes again kissing Ap and dp

Scene :Laksh s room
Rithik:Laksh enough is enough I can’t see u like this. I called to the head of ur school in which u have worked. He said that he talked to his best frnd in London who is the head of a very famous University.
Laksh:why are u going to London
Rithik:shut up lucky it’s u who is going
Laksh:what mee noo
Rithik:see I already had arranged some money with the help of some of my frnds and ur principal. U are going to London and it’s final.
Laksh :oh so u made all arrangements then why won’t u go to london
Rithik:lucky I wonder u are the same lucky who is very serious about his profession and it’s ur dream only na to go to London then why are u behaving like this. U are going to london and that’s final after a week is ur flight be ready. He goes from there angrily.
Laksh:rithik ur frnd lucky had vanished 3months back only now in front u is new lucky who takes his life very lightly. There is no seriousness in his life now. U are forcefully sending me to London but can’t make me far from my destiny…

Scene :coffee shop
Ragini and Nidhi are drinking coffee.
Nidhi:what ragini u again got the same dream and who is this lucky. Whenever I meet u I only hear his name and nothing accept that.
Ragini:I don’t know Nidhi. I can’t understand what happened to me after accident.
Nidhi:I know..
Ragini:what… anxiously
Nidhi:u got mad
Ragini:it’s not joke Nidhi
Nidhi :I made ur passport and visa ready to go to London. It has been 2months u have ur passport and visa to go to London for ur further studies but u are making some excuses to not go to London. Why..
Ragini: oh.. That… I…. I..
Nidhi :now no excuses u have gone mad and will become complete mad if u stay here for some more days. U should go to London for changing ur mind. Go ragini u will feel happy.
Ragini:but.. But…
Nidhi:no buts.. U are going and it’s final. I will book ur tickets.
Ragini:ok as u say

Scene :airport after a week
Ragini:Nidhi y u book my ticket after a week only. How can I leave u all maa papa
Nidhi:don’t be senti.. Now go
Laksh:rithik y u want to get rid of me this early yaar
Rithik :lucky stop it yaar why I will think like that. I am a brother more than a frnd that’s why I am caring about ur future. I can’t see u becoming a alcoholic and I can’t bare it bcoz this is all happened bcoz of me that time I didn’t force u to go to that place this much wouldn’t have happened.
Laksh:oh u became emotional stop it. I am going from now u will be free from me.
Rithik:ok OK now go to check ur boarding pass.

Scene :checking
Ragini feels that someone near to her heart is very nearer to her.
And here Laksh to feels :why I feel that laado is here somewhere very close to me.
Actually they were standing in a line and Laksh is standing next to her.
The passenger in front of ragini pushes her and she was about to fall but her Laksh saved her. After 3long months Laksh saw her laado and ragini also feels very secure in his arms.
They have a very beautiful, painful, intense eyelock.
Mere haath mein tera haath hoin saari jannatein tere saath ho…plays
They both forgot about the surroundings. They are disturbed by the passengers.
RAGLAK break the eyelock
Ragini:hey uu u are wait.. LA…Laksh right
Laksh:was very happy inside his heart and at the same time painful also. He was controlling his tears. Ahhh yes laa… sry ragini
Ragini: oh not bad u remembered me
Laksh:yaah we can’t forget the ones who are very close to our heart right and BTW u also remembered me….
Ragini was awestruck to what to reply him bcoz she herself don’t know the reason.
Laksh:hello… he waves his hand to make her get into senses.
Ragini :yaah yaah..
Laksh:u lost somewhere
Ragini:no no its just
Ragini:ok come we still have a hour time for our flight so come let’s sit there
Laksh:he thinks he don’t want to go but he met his laado after long time and after this one hour their paths will be again different. So he accepts
RAGLAK chit chat about their professions, hobbies, in the small time ragini is feeling like her emptiness in these 3 months had completed. She don’t know why.
Management :the flight which is going to London will be delayed for again 3hrs.
Ragini: oh God still 3hrs
Laksh:are u also going in the same flight
Ragini:yes u too
Ragini while talking slept unknowingly on his shoulders.
Laksh was very happy seeing his laado so close to him.
While Laksh is staring at her ragini hairs falls on her face disturbing ragini. Laksh observes this and made her hair behind her ears. In this process he was very close to her. He couldn’t stop himself from going far from her . he was just staring at her. Their lips were about to touch. ragini who felt hot breath woke up and saw Laksh close to her and misunderstands him. She gets up quickly and slaps him. Laksh is shocked…
Ragini:I thought u were a very good person but all low class people will be the same very cheap. I just talked with u as a frnd for 1hr and u thought to take advantage of me. U tried to kiss me. Chii …disguisting
Laksh:ragini u are misunderstanding me I was just..
Ragini:just shut up u cheap blo*dy bustard get lost.
Ragini:don’t take my name from ur mouth get lost
Raglak got separated again.

Scene :after a hour
Ragini gets kidnapped by some goons. Ragini is on ground and fainted.
Ragini wakes up after sometime and sees that she is kidnapped her hands are tied.
Ragini:any one there who are u why am I here.
Goons:oh so u woke up. U know what today is ur last day of ur life.
Ragini:what do u mean
Goon1:ur death..
Ragini:what who are u. Why u want to kill me.
Goon2:it’s not that important are yaar did u see her she is very s*xy and tempting. If this beauty dies before… then God Will punish us.
Goon 1:yaahhh u are right why it didn’t strike me. OK then
They all start to come near her

Scene :at airport
Laksh: ragini how can u say that. U didn’t even listened to me. BTW I forget ur still the same stubborn ediot. How much u hate me but I can’t hate u bcoz I love u very much laado. She is very stubborn I think she didn’t ate anything till now. I should check her.
He goes and checks every where inside the airport. He started to gets tensed.

Scene :at ragini s place
Ragini:see don’t dare to come near me.
Goon:why u have this much confidence who will come to save u. No one would able to know where u are.
Ragini:no way my lucky will save me
Goon:what.. Lucky.. Who is lucky
Ragini gets thinking :again lucky why always Call him when I am in trouble.
Goon:so bad ur lucky can’t come bcoz u are unlucky. Now plz let us enjoy.
They started to come close to her. They were about to catch her. Ragini shouts lucky… lucky…

Scene :at airport
Laksh feels like someone is calling him.
Laksh :why I feel someone is calling me. Someone is in a big trouble. Oh my God laado.. He starts to run as fast as he can. He don’t know where he is going his heart only taking to his destiny.

Here ragini is continuously shouting lucky lucky…
Goons took away her scarf. They were about to touch her. They all suddenly fall down. Ragini is shocked to see Laksh who was beating the goons like hell.
Ragini gets a vision of someone is beating a guy. But the guy s image is blur. (it’s Laksh who was beating karthik)
Laksh:how dare u to touch my laado. How dare u. He was bearing them so hardly that all are bleeding like hell.
He was now about to beat them with a big stone.
Ragini gets a vision that someone is beating a guy with a big stone and she is stopping him not to do so.
In reality unknowingly ragini also stops Laksh from beating.
Ragini:lucky stop it he will die
Laksh :no laado he tried to touch u. He has to die…
Ragini:Laksh stop it..
Laksh comes into his senses.
He leaves them.
Ragini takes Laksh outside.
Laksh slaps her :u are still the same ediot laado why u always keep itself in danger. If I didn’t came on time then what will happen to u.
Ragini holds her cheeks and starts to cry:I didn’t went to them intentionally they only took me when I went to washroom. I am sry from next time I will be careful.
Laksh sees ragini who is behaving same like laado.
Announcement : the flight to London has went just now
Raglak are shocked as they missed the flight.
Raglak come back into senses.
Laksh realized that ragini is not his laado anymore.
He gives his coat to her and takes his luggage and was going.
Ragini :why I am feeling like I am gonna miss him. Why I feel I am connected to him.

Scene :after a day
Rithik:what u met that girl ragini
Laksh :yes… she was also going to London
Rithik:why can’t she leave u. Why is not letting u to live ur life. Why she is not leaving u. Laksh u plz go somewhere I won’t allow u to stay here for 1minute also go from here
Laksh:yes I am going
Laksh:ragini s house
Rithik:what u became mad.
Laksh:no someone is trying to kill ragini. She was kidnapped. It is a perfect plan.
Rithik:what how do u know
Laksh:when I bet them one of the goon has got message from someone named Rajat.
Message:is ragini dead. Do it fast.
I want to save her.
Rithik:shut up Laksh u are not going there. If u want to help her give police complain or inform to her family. U are not going.
Rithik:no I are going to ooty.

Scene :ragini s home
Nidhi:what u got kidnapped
Ragini :don’t shout yaar I didn’t tell that to maa papa. If u shout they will get to know everything and they get worried. I am fine na now
Nidhi:but how..
Ragini:I said na that day in hospital I met Laksh. The same guy.
Nidhi:how did he know that u were there
Ragini:I don’t know Btw u know what excitedly the kidnapped scene the Goons me all are same which I used to see in my dream. And I shouted lucky there too Laksh came. He beat all those goons like hell as if he is trying to kill them.
Nidhi:but why he risked so much for u
Ragini :I too don’t know but I said na he address me as some laado who would look similar to me but he said that she is no more. I think when he saw me he remembered of laado and saved me.
Nidhi:oho how he looks. Is he handsome
Ragini:yes he is very sweet. While I talk to him I feel very happy and complete. While ragini is saying this she was blushing and smiling. Yaah he is handsome also. He is very handsome, his talks, his behavior, the way he respects the girls. He had all the qualities that a girl expect to have in his husband. I can say that laado is really very lucky.
Nidhi : oh my God ragini am I dreaming bcoz it is the first time that u are appreciating a guy from childhood till now. And BTW u said his laado is no more so why can’t u marry him
Ragini:no I will marry and love only lucky. I don’t know why I feel that I have connection with that name. I fall in love in dreams only without seeing him or talk to him once.
Nidhi :what a fantasy love story.
Ragini:but I feel the same connection with Laksh also why…
Nidhi:but ragini u said that Laksh tried to kiss u
Ragini:I only thought, I think I misunderstood him bcoz if he wants to take advantage of me he would not have bet the goons and save me and drop me carefully. I think I should say sry to him.
Nidhi:but how do u know where does he live
Ragini:yaah he said I remember. I will go now
Nidhi :are u mad now it is late night. Go tomorrow

Scene :next day
Ragini goes to Laksh s home but finds it locked. So she sadly get into her car and while driving she sees Laksh in a bus stop. Ragini stops the car and goes towards him.
Ragini:Hai laksh
Laksh is surprised to see her but didn’t showed it :why u came here
Ragini:actually I want to say sry
Ragini:I slapped u. I misunderstood u that u were trying to kiss me but..
Laksh :but how u know that I was not trying to kiss u
Ragini:bcoz u can’t do that to me nor any other girl bcoz u only have laado in ur heart right.
Laksh is utter shocked :what laado how do u know
Ragini :u only said na that day in hospital.
Laksh is releived :oh okk
Ragini:are you going some where
Laksh :yes.. To ooty my native place.
Rithik comes there. He doesn’t see ragini :lucky…
Ragini gets a call at that time so she doesn’t hear him.
Rithik:lucky I got ur ticket, waterbottle and some food to eat while journey. I know u are feeling bad but I am helpless I don’t have any other option than sending u far from that girl. Plz try to understand
Ragini:which girl… Laado naa
Rithik fumes in anger seeing ragini. He was about to sat something Laksh held his hand and stopped him.
Ragini:why are u both silent. And he is
Ragini:wait let me guess ur best frnd com brother Rithik right
Laksh :yes
Rithik:angrily how do you know
Ragini:oho angry young man cool down Laksh only said to me.
Rithik:oh why u came here Laksh is going somewhere to live peacefully plz let him go
Laksh tries to stop him
Ragini:why will I try to stop him. She gets a call
Ragini:hello papa say what happened
Ragini while talking goes from there to her car.
Here the bus is started.
Rithik :Laksh go I know she won’t stop u. She left u so much time ago. Now don’t think about this girl. She forgot her past and was living happy making ur life hell. Now go
Rithik forces Laksh into the bus. The bus started and here ragini was in her car talking in phone. Laksh doesn’t see her.
Rithik says bye.
Laksh :bye..
Laksh thinks.. I am going now for one last time I want see her face it’s enough for my life.
Laksh turns to see ragini who was trying to start her car but the car is not starting. Ragini is in phone only. Laksh was shocked to see that a truck was coming close to ragini s car. Laksh stopped the bus. He got down and was calling ragini ragini.. But she didn’t pay attention. Lash is also far from her so he took the stone and hit the car window. Car window is broken. Ragini gets out and sees her car Is crushed. Ragini shouts and faints. Laksh comes and hold her before falling.

Scene :at hospital
Laksh ap, dp and Nidhi are there waiting for the doctor.
Dr. Comes out. Before anyone could react Laksh hurriedly asked about ragini s condition. It is clearly seen that his voice is shaking, shivering with fear if something happened to her laado
Dr. :yeah she is fine as she saw that scene she is shocked and fainted that s all.
Laksh:sir can we see her
Dr. :yes of course
Laksh gets inside hurriedly leaving all of them shocked.
Ragini is shocked to see him:u didn’t went to goa.
Laksh:no when I saw that truck was about to hit ur car I got down from the bus and..
Raginj:as usual u saved me
Laksh:ok now take ur tablets
Ragini:tq u for saving my life so many times.
Laksh:it’s OK u take rest.
Laksh leaves.
Ap and dp talk with ragini
Rithik :lucky u won’t change right
Laksh:no Rithik now I am sure that ragini is in a big Danger. She needs me
Rithik:lucky plz stop your madness. I know u will save her not bcoz to save her life but for ur life then after that u should again go from her life. Ur not permanent in her life. U are just temperory machine who helps people saving energy and u save her life whenever her life is in danger. If u get once again separated u can’t survive. Plz try to understand
Laksh:u only said na I am saving my life. If my life dies how can I live happily and moreover u used to say that I gave her a new life and now u are only saying to leave her in danger. If I gave her life I also had a responsibility to save that life. Plz don’t stop me now.

Till one week he was following her everywhere without ragini letting know about it.
One day ragini sees him and calls him for lunch in her house. Laksh accepts unwantedly.

Scene :in ragini s house
All greeted him. He also greets him.
While eating he gets doubt on a cook and asks him he says that he joined only today Laksh gets doubt.
They sit on the dinning table. Ragini was about to eat Laksh stops her and makes the cook to eat himself but the cook refuses. Laksh tried to force him then he runs away saying it has poison all are shocked.

Ap and dp forced Laksh to stay with them as a body guard to ragini. Laksh also agrees thinking ragini is not safe in her own house so I need to be with her everytime.

Laksh shifts to ragini s house with pari along him.
But ragini stays away from it bcoz she doesn’t like rabbits.
RAGLAK became very close. The attacks on ragini stopped.

One day
Ragini:Laksh u love laado very much na
Laksh:yes she is my life. I didn’t love her bcoz of her beauty but for her innocence, her cute talks, her cute acts which make me angry but I love those. While Laksh is narrating ragini gets the vision of her doing naughty things and someone is laughing seeing her acts but the guys face is blur. She calls him lucky lucky in her vision.
Laksh shakes her :what are u thinking I am observing from so many days that when ever I talk about something u will be in ur own world.
Ragini:not all time but whenever u talk about Laado I gets some vision that I was doing some things and some one is scolding me.
Laksh gets teary eyed:it’s just nothing Btw come out from that topic say if u love anybody.
Ragini:yes I love Lu.. When Nidhi calls her
Nidhi:I think u are becoming very busy with Laksh if I disturbed u
Ragini:nothing like that just some casual talks.
Nidhi :what about ur dream boy lucky
Ragini:u know one thing after I got kidnapped I am not getting any dreams and was sleeping peacefully
Nidhi :bcoz Laksh is there with u
Ragini:what no I said na I love lucky and he cannot forget his laado.
Nidhi:ok baba leave it

Scene :after a month
Dp:ragini beta surprise
Ragini:what papa
Dp: he shows a person standing at the entrance. Ragini is very excited and wents to him running and hugged him.
Laksh who saw this thinks :I thought my laado only hugs me.
He goes from there
Ragini:Rajat u here what a sudden surprise
Ap:he came to take u with him for ever
Ragini :confusingly what do u mean
Ap:he came to marry u
Ragini goes from there to her room and calls nidhi
Ragini:hello Nidhi Rajat came to marry me
Nidhi:what is this morning shock
Ragini:yes but I love
Nidhi:ur dreams boy lucky
Ragini:no Laksh
Nidhi:what are u trying to give heart attack by ur shocks
Ragini:but I think I love laksh
Nidhi:what are u mad then what about lucky
Ragini:yes it’s true that I loved lucky I used to call him when I was in danger but instead of lucky laksh always saved my life being my shield. I think lucky is only my dream but Laksh is reality and as I didn’t saw lucky s face Laksh can be lucky.
Nidhi:ur logic is crct but are u sure
Ragini:I am 200% sure OK wait first I should say it to Laksh.
Ragini very happily was going towards Laksh then suddenly someone calls lucky. She turns and saw that someone called lucky as Rajat.
They are Rajat s frnds. Actually ragini and Rajat studied in same school after that Rajat s parents died in an accident and he stayed in an orphanage. He sometimes comes and meets ragini. Ragini also likes him but as a frnd.
Ragini asks rajat:ur name is lucky
Rajat:yaah don’t say me u forgot that all my frnds call me lucky
Ragini:what actually I don’t remember.
Rajat:it’s OK Btw why are u asking
Ragini:just like that. She excusea herself and goes to laksh
Ragini:Laksh will u love anyone accept laado. I mean suppose if a girl likes u and she loves u very much then u can love her and can give her place to laado.
Laksh gets very angry he throws a glass bottle and holds ragini s hand tightly pinned her to wall and shouts :how dare u how can u even think that I will give anyone s place to laado. Ragini how Caan u say like that I love only laado. My heart only beats for laado and my last breath is also for laado only did u get that. This is the last warning to u. He leaves her and goes with tears in his eyes.
Ragini was shattered to see Laksh like this.
Ragini thinks that Laksh can never be mine and I am a fool to think that Laksh can love me. I can’t take his laado s place but I think I love Laksh very much.
Ragini kneels down and cries Laksh.
After a day ragini says yes to marry Rajat.
Laksh don’t know his name as Rajat. He knows him as Mr. Thakur

On the engagement day
Laksh sees someone talking to Rajat. He is the same person who hit ragini s car with his truck. Laksh gets doubt.
Laksh follows that man he beats him and takes him to ragini s house when ragini was about to keep ring on Rajat s finger.
Laksh asks the man to say who said u to kill ragini
Dp:what are u talking laksh
Laksh :yes uncle he is the one who hitted ragini with his truck on that day.
Laksh beats the man and asks to say his name. The man says it is Laksh who gave me contract to kill ragini.
All are shocked.
Laksh:no it is this Rajat who did all this to kill ragini he is lying.
Rajat:what I. Why will I kill ragini I love her. And btw ragini when u got kidnapped who saved u
Rajat:when u got hit with truck and u had food poison
Rajat:that is clear that Laksh wanted to kill ragini so that he can get her money. He only made attacks on ragini so that he can come in this house and get ur money.
Laksh:ragini plz believe me. He is lying when u got kidnapped then I got a mobile from one of the goons in which it has a message from Rajat who said to kill u fast.
Rajat:oh God what a story u made. OK we believe that what u are saying is true then show me that message.
Laksh :that is not with me at present But ragini plz believe me he only wants to kill u not me.
Rajat:ok fine then why are u saying it now. U should have said it before only.
Now stop ur nonsense. U have been caught red-handed.
Rajat was about to slap Laksh. Ragini stopped him
Ragini:he tried to kill me so I have a right to beat him
Rajat:ok go on
Laksh was dumbstruck to hear that. Ragini comes forward and slaps Rajat shocking everyone.
Ragini:what do u think that I believe u and not Laksh. He won’t try to kill me in fact he can’t kill anyone.
Rajat:how can u be sure once think whenever he is near u ur life was in danger.
Ragini :Bcoz I trust him more than myself and I don’t want any proofs to say about that. And what u said whenever he is near me, my life is in danger but no whenever I was in danger he comes into my life to save my life.
Dp:ragini beta but Rajat can also be true. All proofs are against Laksh
Ragini:ok so u want proofs right fine maa papa did I told u anytime that I was kidnapped once
Ragini:I only said to Nidhi. As Laksh saved me he knows then how come Rajat knows this. When this cook joined I don’t know Laksh don’t know that he will come to our house for lunch so how come he came and saved me. And one more thing if he really wants to kill me why will he save me. And if he wants my property he would have done it long before he don’t need to wait till now and about love. I loved him very much and I also proposed him but he denied.
Laksh was In complete shock. Ragini after saying this hugged him.
Ragini:lucky I love u very much and I know how much u love me that is laado.
Laksh was totally shocked.
Laksh:ragini how do u know did u remember..
Ragini :yes lucky I remembered everything when u said no to me I called Nidhi
Flash back
Ragini:Nidhi I was wrong Laksh can’t give laado s place to anyone not for me also.
Nidhi :if I say that his laado is non another than u urself
Ragini:no Nidhi how can it happens only my face is similar to her that’s all
Nidhi:no ragini laado is u ur self. When u got accident u were suffering from amnesia u even forgot ur mom and dad but Laksh took u to his place and even did ur treatment.
Ragini:what but maa said that I was in coma for 1year.
Nidhi:no ragini they lied to u bcoz they got afraid to say that they were not able to find u for 1year. They thought if they say that u will think ur parents are incapable to find u.
Ragini:I can’t believe this
Nidhi: once u come to my house.
Nidhi shows the newspapers in which it is shown that ragini s missing news with photo. Ragini is shocked.
Ragini goes to ooty as Laksh said that his native is ooty. There all address her as laado.
She goes to Laksh s house where dadi sees her and shouts at her. After ragini cried and asked about her past she got to know that Laksh is non another than lucky. She walks around the garden where she used to play with pari and lucky. She remembered all her past while she was returning to Goa very happy she sees swara who says how lucky did her treatment. Ragini was dumbstruck listening to this.
Fb ends..
Ragini :I thought that I don’t deserve u at all. I tried so much to forget u but I can’t stop myself from loving u. I loved u before I get to remember my past. Will u leave ur laado and go.
Laksh was very happy. He also hugged her
Laksh:no rag… I mean laado how can I leave u.
Rajat:so the love birds finally United I only wanted ur money but I think now I should also take ur lives with money.
One more thing ragini got memory loss, wait wait it’s not am accident it s a perfect murder plan. But u got saved and after that ur house always had police so I got scared, when I got to know that u came here I kidnapped u but this ur bodyguard saved u and he always failed my plans. Now stop all this nonsense I said this all bcoz every one should get a chance to know what has happened in their life.
Rajat takes a gun and aims at ragini. Laksh comes in front of ragini before Rajat shoots Rithik made an entry from backside and hits him and hand over him to police.
Nidhi also comes there.
Ragini goes to Rajat and slaps him repeatedly:this is not for trying to kill me but for blaming my lucky.
She goes to police :sir make sure that he never show his face to me.
Police:u don’t worry mam I will make sure that he wouldn’t able to show his face to anyone as we have recorded all while he was accepting his crimes.
Ragini:tq u
Laksh comes and hugs ragini. All claps happily seeing raglak.
Nidhi:ragini I know that Laksh is lucky when u were in hospital. I heard Laksh s and Rithik s conversation and asked Rithik. He said all to me. I waited till now bcoz when u got to know ur past u will love him having sympathy but I thought lucky loved laado and ragini should love Laksh.
Rithik:I always says to Laksh to leave from u but now I will say Laksh u should never leave her.
Sab Tera song plays……

Story ends…

Guys I hope that I reached ur expectation. Say it by ur lovely comments. Thank you


Credit to: dhamukohli

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