RagLak~Khafa Khafa Si Har Khushi (2~I Am All Yours)

Somewhere, a girl was sleeping peacefully until a bad dream disturbed her, she began to breathe heavily fisting the pillow shaking her head again and again.

Suddenly she opened her eyes and began to shake violently screaming hysterically shaking her legs continuously and in no time, some doctors came and tried controlling her and in sometime, she lost her control. The doctors had no other option but to tie her by supporting the ropes from the handles of door and windows and soon the door and windows too rattled rapidly due to her shaking continuously. One of the doctors called someone on phone.

Dr: she again had an attack.. yeah u come fast.

*************SPLIT *************

A car stopped outside a hospital and a girl came running out of it.

Girl: where’s she?

Dr: she’s there in that room, Ragini ma’am

Yeah it was Ragini who came running over there.

*************SPLIT *************

Ragini ran and ran until she reached the room and she could view the uncontrollable female patient from the window of the ward. The female patient calmed down and forwarded her hand calling her inside. Ragini came inside and released her from the ropes and looked at the doctor.

He nodded and left the room. The female patient sat up and hugged Ragini.

R: nothing will happen Shona

The girl murmured: Shaurya

R: nothing will happen to you, m there with you, calm down, sleep

Soon the patient slept and Ragini smiled through tears.

*************SPLIT *************

Ragini was outside with the doctor who was in the charge of that patient.

Dr: today also u controlled her very well else she was out of control, for the first time I have seen someone doing so much for some stranger

R: she’s not a stranger, I even know her name, Swara, now she is someone like my own family to me

Dr: very well, I appreciate the bond you both made in such a short time

Ragini smiled looking down.

*************SPLIT *************

Ragini stood in front of Bhagwan’s idol with Chirag.

Ragini in her heart: give peace to the restless ones, give health to the ill patients, give happiness to the unhappy ones, give love to the unloved people, give eyes to the blind ones, give voice to the unspoken ones, last but not the least, give justice to the ones to who people were unjust and give every bad person the worst fruit of their deeds

Chirag in his heart: keep Ragini happy always

They smiled at each other

*************SPLIT *************

It was night. Thick blanket of clouds covered the sky adding beauty to the nature. Stars twinkled and moon shone brightly adding to the beauty. Ragini and Chirag waited for Shaurya and Sakshi to go from the dining table as they wanted to be alone at the moment. As Sakshi and Shaurya went from the dining table, Ragini and Chirag went outside holding hands smilingly and sat adjacent to each other still holding hands. They both dished out food for themselves. He was eating and saw that she hadn’t started yet and was looking down sadly.

C: (concerned) Ragu what happened? Why aren’t you eating?

R: (like a child) make me eat like you always do.

C: oh, so this is what my Juliet wanted, it’s good that I saw else u wouldn’t have told me

R: (creased and raised eyebrows) it’s good that my Romeo saw me else I wouldn’t have spoken

He giggled at her childishness.

C: (demanding tone) Romeo has a condition

R: I am ready for any condition

C: (shocked) oh really? Ok then, come sit in my lap

R: hey, what kind of condition is that? If u don’t want to make me eat then don’t, it’s ok

C: (shocked again) no no, I can.

R: (excited) really?

C: yep

To her shock, he wrapped his arm around her waist and bent down lifting her from the chair and took her in his lap.

R: you’re very stubborn

C: just like u

They shared a laugh.

R: ok we will make each other eat together, okay?

C: ok

He filled his spoon and she too did the same and they made each other eat and continued to do it till they were full.

C: Ragu please have one more bite

R: no no I m full

C: Ragu please na baby for me

R: ok but only for u

He made her eat the last bite and after that she held her stomach.

R: now I m totally full, but what about u? Chirya darling. U too eat.

C: hahaha Chirya

R: haha

She too made him eat the last bite.

Ch: I am also full

R: ok ok, look now no one’s here, so one kiss baby please

Ch: but why here? Let’s go to our room, first u stand up.

R: no, if u r stubborn so then I m also stubborn, if u say I will jump from the highest building, but I just asked for a kiss

Ch: ok baby

He kissed her cheek. She glared at him.

Ch: what? U just asked to kiss, u didn’t told me where to kiss

She looked down with creased eyebrows. He smiled and held her chin and made her look up in his eyes. He tilted his face and she smiled and did the same and drew their faces closer sharing a french kiss, he held her shoulder and traced the back of his palm downwards and held her hands and kept them on his shoulders. He held her waist by one hand and his other hand drew circles on his bare back as she always wore backless anarkali dresses with dori behind. He stood up with her in his arms and they broke the kiss and she kept looking in his eyes smilingly, they went to their room and he placed her on the bed carefully. He went and closed the door and went to the bed and laid on his side of bed. He stared in her eyes as a beam of moonlight was allowed in the room.
Chirag leaned closer and cupped Ragini’s face and kissed on her lips, he moved back and stared at her face, she was smiling like a mad person. He again leaned close and their lips met each other and he chewed on her lower lip and she chewed on his upper lip and then they broke apart panting heavily.

R: make me yours in such a way that even if someone else comes in my life then also I remain yours only. I m all yours and you’re all mine.

She said in a husky voice and smiled as he moved down to her neck and bit her neck harshly and she moaned. He kissed the spot to soothe her pain.

She moved her hands to his chest and unbuttoned his shirt buttons one by one and he too moved his hand behind her back and opened the dori of her dress and then he slid down her dress revealing her shoulders and kissed her there, he kept sliding it downwards and finally removed it fully and threw it away. He wrapped the white bedsheet around her making her look like a mermaid. It continued for the rest of the night. Next morning, they both were sleeping in each others embrace under the white duvet. Later they were awake and were packing their bags and the duo came out of their room taking their suitcases.

R: baby you sure you took everything?

C: of course yes, when u r here then what’s the fear

She smiled at him, he smiled back at her. They went downstairs to their car and put all the suitcases in the back and Ragini chose to drive the car.

*************SPLIT *************

On the other side, Shaurya was laughing evilly.

S: Zindagi k is safar mein pana Kya hai khona hai Kya, na tum jaano na main jaanu is gali mein hona hai kya

He whistled in his usual style and drunk wine

*************SPLIT *************

C: (teasingly) remember the fun we had yesterday night?

R: yes, I don’t want such a morning that whose night isn’t spent with you and I also don’t want a night whose morning doesn’t begins with you

C: wow, queen of romance

Suddenly their car went out of control and she gasped.

C: Shona what are you doing? Drive slowly

She was too shocked to respond.

C: Ragu brake the car

R: the brakes have failed Chirag

Before he could say something, their car dashed with a tree and stopped. Chirag’s head banged hard on the front while Ragini was completely fine.

R: (shocked) Chirag?

She got out of the car to help him and just as she went the other side, the car blasted and went up in flames.

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