RagLak~Khafa Khafa Si Har Khushi (1~WTF)

(heys guys, Sara here, this story is a Lookalike story n a revenge story as well so Laksh’s aka Namish Taneja’s name is Chirag for the time being)


They were sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace when someone came to them with a bucket of water and emptied it on the man which resulted it to fall on girl’s face as well and they both woke up with a jerk rubbing their eyes.

Boy: (enraged) Shaurya! Even fun has some limits, today is Sunday, at least let us sleep today

Girl: (extremely angry) why u made us drenched? Is this the way to treat your elders? Shaurya, Chirag is your elder brother and I m your sister in law, dare you to do that again u blo*dy womanizer, be in your limits, leave your childishness, u r not a kid that I should come to explain everything to you.

Sh: (shrugs) he’s my step brother, if he would’ve been my real brother, I would’ve paid him 0.5% respect

Girl: I won’t spare you, even after facing the court, you haven’t improved, who told you blo*dy rapist to come to this room? Go!

Sh: Ragini!

R: bhabhi, call me bhabhi, and I will talk this way only, I m elder to you, you can’t even break a hair of mine, but Chirag is your elder brother, talk with respect

Sh: when did I talk? I just..

Ch: chill Ragini leave it

R: no! Why? Why should I leave it? He’s not a kid, he has grown up, I won’t tolerate your insult everytime.

Sh: this litter of roads..

Before he could complete, Ragini got down the bed and slapped him.

R: you blo*dy rapist, you are the litter of roads, m saying for the last time Shaurya, talk with respect, understand?

Sh: Ragini, now u r in love with this mental? Wow

Ragini laughed sarcastically.

R: you change girlfriends like your clothes, no one fell in love with you after that night, not even your mother knows the truth but the day she knows, she will disown you, that poor girl’s life is ruined because of you, get lost!

He went whistling in his usual style leaving behind an angry Ragini. Chirag got up from the bed and hugged her from behind.

(Shaurya whistle tune)
Ch: Raag

She made him leave and went to washroom to freshen up. She rotated the faucets of the shower and stood under it with anger flashing on her face.

R: everytime I have to see poor Chirag’s insult, every morning our beauty sleep is disturbed, why? Some respect should be paid to elders, now that I slapped Shaurya and he will tell that blo*dy Mary’s reincarnation aunty, and now that blo*dy Mary will scold Chirag, now it’s the limit, now I and Chirag won’t stay here.

She closed her eyes recalling something.

Court scene.

In one witness box stood Shaurya and in the other witness box stood other witnesses related to his rape case. Every witness gave false statements against the victim girl while poor her kept crying listening those statements and in the end, the victim girl was called in the witness box.

Girl: I am so sorry, this all happened by my wish, I and Shaurya love each other alot, I wasn’t raped, Shaurya is innocent.

Shaurya was announced as innocent and the winner of the case while the victim girl was announced as guilty and sent to mental asylum.
Flashback end.

Ragini’s eyes pooled up with tears recalling that day. She took a quick bath and went outside wiping her hair. She saw Chirag wasn’t there. She went out of the room to look for him.

R: Chirag! Chiraaaag!

She called for him looking here and there. She looked for him everywhere and saw that he was nowhere and that Sakshi and Shaurya were having breakfast together. She went to them.

R: where is my Chirag?

Sh: how will we know?

R: huh, blo*dy fool, keep quiet, aunty do you know?

S: what do we have to do by that? He might be in some corner of the world rotting over there, we don’t know where is he.

R: oh really? You don’t know? Well, your brain is rotting in some corner of this world.

S: shut up Ragini!

R: and you open your eyes.

S: he will come ok fine, have something.

R: no aunty, I will wait.

Sh: jeeya Jaye na Jaye na Jaye na o re piya re

R: my foot!

She went back to her room totally irritated by him. She sat in front of the mirror with creased eyebrows.

R: I don’t know where this Chirag went that too leaving me alone

She said pouting cutely and looked down.

“Laal laal gaal jaise tamatar, Ragu ka gussa charr gaya chhat par, jaanta hoon gussa karegi mujh par, vo bhi jaanti hai ke vo hai meri dilbar,” a voice sung and Ragini smiled recognizing the voice and stood up. Chirag entered the room with something hidden behind his back. She stood up and ran and hugged him. He hugged her back. Then she broke the hug after sometime.

R: where did u go? You know I can’t live without you Chirag.

Ch: yes yes I know, your mood was messed up, and to make it fine, look what I brought

He brought the thing hidden behind his back in front.

R: snickers, wow I love it.

She said excited like a child and took the chocolate and sat on the bed and opened the wrapper eating like a child. He sat in front of her admiring her. She licked her fingers like a child and the chocolate was spread around her lips. He giggled looking at her. She looked up at him and offered him. He shook his head and she ate all of it.

Ch: by the way Ragu, now also some of the chocolate is left.

Ragini looked at the empty wrapper.

R: where?

He came close.

Ch: will tell

He said and ran his fingers in the sides of her hair and held her head from behind and drew his face closer to hers and slowly their lips met each other and he ate the chocolate from her lips kissing her deeply and she too responded and he caressed her arm pulling her close and he moved down to her neck and dropped a kiss over there and pulled her in a hug bending forward slowly making her lay. He laid beside her with their faces close to each other. They looked at each other passionately.

R: listen

Ch: make me

R: we will go very far from here, where this so called mother and brother of yours won’t exist

Ch: oh ok but why?

She turned on her elbow.

R: because I can’t bear my husband’s insult

He too turned on his elbow.

Ch: let’s just be here for tonight and make a sweet memory over here, then we will go

R: and that sweet memory is that u will make me yours in such a way that even if someone else comes in my life then also I will be yours only, right?

Ch: yeah, look how well u understand

R: hahahaha

Ch: love you.

R: love you too.

Little did she know what twist and turns will her life take. Shaurya heard everything.

Sh: let them go, I will plant a bomb in you car and then I will see where u will go, finally the last witnesses of those rape case will be finished.

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