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Introduction of characters
Laksh maheshwari:a funny and lovely personwho turned intoa heartless person.he keeps himself busy in business to forget ragini.he always carries a photo of ragini with him.he didn’t firget her after 2 years.he always cries at night regretting about what he did to her.he is just a body with a half soul which is waiting for its betterhalf
Swara sanskar maheswari:a business women,w/o sansakar maheswari,marries him after 1 month of that incident.she is also waiting for her sister .there is always a little sadness in her face.
Sansakr maheshwari:a business man,who is always sad by seeing his beloved wife and brother in this way.he searches for ragini in this whole 2 years without their knowledge.

A fine morning in MM
A room is shown…a man wake up from his bed went towards balcony..sit on the couch and looks at the sky and said”its been two years you went away from me .why did you do this?i will wait for you till my last breath.the only girl who will b in my life will be only you….”he looks at the photo in his hand and drop of tear fall from his eyes…yes he is crying…..our laksh….
Scene shifts another room..a man and a woman were sleeping in each others embrace.when sunlight touches their face.we can see their face.its sanskar and swara.swara opens her eyes and smiles seeing sanskar.kisses his forhead and looks at calendar.drop of tear come n her eyes she says herself”its been two years you went from us?why???you know what in these years I cant even smile without you..our swaragini is incomplete…”she weeps sanskar wake up by her weeping and make her head turns towards him and kisses her forhead and said “whatever happened..it was our fate…but don’t worry we will find her soon”they hug each other.then they went to get readyand comes downfor breakfast.they all sit for breakfast but laksh was not there.
Sanskar:badema,laksh didn’t come.
Ap:I called him but…
Laksh came down through starirs
Ap:beta come lets have breakfast.
Without uttering a word.laksh come and sit for breakfast after that swasan go to office by their car and laksh by his car.

Scene shifts to London
A big mansion….fully surrounded by bodyguards with guns…a big room is shown..which is baby pink in colour..every thing is pink in clour…a pink bed on which a princess is sleeping…beautifully..covering her face with blanket.our three heroes comes to the room with parents carrying a big chocolate cake with them.they entered,one hero go and open the wcurtains of the window such that sunlight should enter ..wow…..it is very beautiful room full of photos with family and princesses….one hero go and sit near princess and removes blanket
Princess:bhaia plz 5 mins more”
He smiles seeing her cute face…our youngest hero comes and take her from bed and pour water on her face..she opens her eyes..
Yes..its our princess….ragini/aaliya.
When she opens her eye.everyone starts singing birthday song to her..our heroes(ranveer,rithwik,shaurya)go and hug ragini and kisses her forehead.parents too did.she cuts the cake and feed them.
{they celebrate this day as her birthday bcoz they got their daughter on this day thts y}
Don comes forward and cobvers her eyes with his hands and moves her towards the balcony and opens his hands and ask her to look downhit bwas a pink audi which is specially made for her.she became super happy.she kisses his cheeks and hugs her dad and mom.
Rithwik:so my forget us
She runs and hugs them.they had a quadrio hug
She didn’t put party on her bday bcz she spend that money on orphanage anjd poorpeople.

After that during their breakfast
Don:so this Thursday..international business deal is going to b held in lakeview hotel near beach.but…
Ranveer:what happened dad?
Don:mr Sharma our old partner is also participating in it..i will b happy if he gets the project .but he is unaware of the fact that a terrorist is with him.they need this project to destry our country.when I tell this matter to him he will think I’m unhappy with his success.but we shoul save our country.
Rithwik:dad,leave thi s matter to us.we will handle we 4 are here na…
Shaurya:yes dad,but before stopping that business deal….we should stop this…(he pointed towards ragini )
Ragini was busy in eating her chocolate..it was her 2nd dairy milk in the morng…and her mouth and lips wer covered with chocolate.she was bcome like a kid in these two years bcoz of pampering….ranveer comes and cleans her mouth and smiles seeing her cute face.
{in these two years ragini has changed a lot .traditional ragini changesd to fashionable ragini.she wears hot jeans and crop top now..a lot more is there about her..we can see that later in the story}
Scene shifts to india
Sanskar and swara enters laksh’s cabinwho was in deep thought.
No reply
Laksh:ha bhai…what
Sanskar:mr kapoor called now and told that international business deal is going to held in this Thursday in London.so badepapa told us to go there.
Laksh:you both go..im not
Swara:laksh..plz don’t say anything..we booked 3 tickets already.you should come afterall you worked hard for this company than us…so you should…but I don’t know im feeling a happiness ..somewhere in my mind..i don’t know why..my mind is saying that something good is gonna happn
Laksh looked both swasan s puppy face and agreed

Precap:swasanlak left to London..swasanlak got shocked by seeing an incident in London

What will b that incident?is it happy/sad?does it change anyones life?
Answers for this questions comes with next episode…plz comment for this chapter..

Credit to: anna

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