RagLak_A dangerous Obsession (Chapter 1)



Maheshwari’s Electrotech(ME)

A conference was conducted in Maheshwari Electrotech (ME)..DP, Laksh and all associates of ME were present there wid foreign investors..They were about to sign a big project of making all the electrical equipments for a under construction automobile company..These project could benefit their business wid all once want in his lyf that is name fame and money…Laksh was just about to sign d deal when Sahil , his PA barged in the conference room-“Sir…watch out the news channels right now..”

Everyone present in the conference room turned their faces towards him..DP signed Laksh through eyes and he fumed-“Sahil…how dare u interrupt our important meeting…Dont u know we r busy..u could have wait outside..”

Sahil nervously-“m..m sorry sir..bt it was really important…watch out the news channel right now..Media is badmouthing ME…its becoming a huge scandal ”


Everyone ran towards the reception..Rest of the employees of ME were already gathered there..Sahil shoved Dem away…All were shocked watching the news channel..

“Reality of Maheshwari’s ElectroTech r out today..Their invertor recently blasted nd very smartly their covered all d news..and d reason of d blast is dat they use all low quality equipments for selling their goods to middle class people..now we want justice..Maheshwari’s should apologise in public for this act..” Media were barking at ME..

Laksh turned towards Sahil nd grabbed his collar -“how come dis news leaked in Media..”

DP gave a glance to d investors nd den calmed Laksh..he den turned towards d investors-“Dese fake scandals occurs frequently…ur rivals r so jealous from u nd dey can stoop very low to pull u down..I guess dese r d work of our rivals …I assure u all these news r fake..nd I hope dese baseless matters wont affect our deal…”

One Investor-“actually….

The investor was cut off when security guard cane running to DP-“Sir.. a lot of Media officials r gathered at d entrance..they r determined to get an answer from u for d scandal of ME..”

Laksh furiously -“shove Dem out”

Guard -“Sir I tried bt its getting really hard to control Dem..dey r Continuously demanding to meet u nd DP sir.”

Laksh clutched his fist in anger bt DP control himself-“fine…tell Dem m coming” Guard nodded nd den left..

Investors turn to DP-“We r sorry Mr. Maheshwari.. We really wanted dis deal bt witnessing d current situation we cant sign d deal…we really don’t want our company to suffer because of dis scandal..So we r leaving nd dis deal wont happen..Sorry..”
Both DP nd Laksh were shocked..They tried intervening bt invain nd d investors left…

ME Entrance..

Media were continuously demanding to meet DP..After a while Laksh nd DP came there nd Media bombarded their questions at them-“DP Sir..a person lyf got risked because of ur product nd u r showing attitude to us by not coming to answer us”..Laksh clenched in fist nd was about to shout at Dem bt Dp Interrupted-“Actually.. We r also clueless about d inverter blast bt we r genuinely sorry for what happened.. we will bear penalty nd pay all d bills of dat injured person nd regarding d use of low quality equipments we assure u enquiry will be conducted in dat matter..hope u all r okay wid it”

“M sorry bt we r not okay” A lady intervened…Laksh, DP nd everyone turned deir eyes in her direction..She came forward nd continued-” a person got severly injured in d blast..he could have died in dat accident nd u r sorry…dis is not the first-time blast had occurred from ME product bt fortunately d news doesn’t leaked out..nd about use of cheap product..till all enquiries r over nd strict action is not taken against d culprits ur company will not make any good till den..”

Laksh turned aside to get a complete view of dat lady..There she was… in white shirt and black formal pant nd her hair tied in a neat ponytail. He blinked his eyes several times at her bt soon composes himself when DP shrugged him..

Laksh sighed-“may I know who r u to decide for us..we already apologised in public..”

Lady answered confidently-“Ragini Bose..senior editor at Indian TV..and regarding ur apology..an apology cant bring someone back from death..”

Laksh lost his temper-“but dat bullshit man is still alive..”

Ragini smiled -“Oh..so u will wait for him to die nd den take any action..m Sorry Mr. Laksh Maheshwari bt I will not let dat happen..u have to stop d construction of ur products or else dis matter would go to court…”Media seconded her and being left with no other option DP nd Laksh had to agreed..People clapped for Ragini bt there was someone who was angrily watching her..Laksh..His POV-“Miss Boss..u don’t know bt u have messed wid a wrong person..now u will have to pay for dis..


Precap- Laksh vows to take revenge from Ragini…

Hello everyone..thank u very much for providing ur immense support to me in dis ff..I was not able to reply individually..we surely try to do dat from next tym..plz let me know how was it..next one tommorrow..nd if u r finding d update very long den let me know I will try to write short one..Thanks again..

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