RagLak_ A Dangerous Obsession (Chapter 4)

Hello all lovely people..Thnx for ur immense support..hope u all had a very amazing new year..Here is d nxt one..Plz a have look nd do tell me how was it..Tons of love 🙂

2 AM , Bose House , Alipore

Sumi was worriedly pacing here nd there in d hall waiting for Ragini..Swara came to her nd handed her a glass of water-“Maa. Calm down..Papa had gone to search her…He will soon bring her home..have water”

Sumi threw d glass away -“How can I calm down..Its 2 am nd we don’t have any idea how is my Ragini..have called her 100 times bt her phone is not reachable..”
She broke down-“Thousand times I have asked dis girl not to get involve in social service..it can be dangerous..bt she..she never listens to me..nd look what happened today..if anything happens to her den I will die..”

Swara hugged Sumi to calm her down bt she herself was having tears in her eyes-“Don’t worry Maa..our Ragini is a fighter…nothing will happen to her”.

Bandra East

Laksh stopped d car at an isolated place nd gave a gaze to Ragini who was still unconscious..His lips curled up in a devilish smirk watching his prey helplessly lying beside him unaware of d fact dat what is going to happen wid her..He took out his phone and dialed someone..

Within few min., a bike halted jst beside his car..A man in his early 30s got down wid a camera wrapping around his neck nd came towards Laksh’s car.

Laksh opened his car door..nd got down..He gave a glance to d person from head to toe nd den spoke in a dangerous voice-“Mr.Deepak I guess u know very well what r u here for “..

Deepak gulped-“Yes..yes Sir…Edward Sir have informed me what I need to do.. ”

Laksh smirked listening him…Edward was Laksh companion in almost his every crime..He was d son of Mathew, financial partner of Maheshwari’s bt was a close nd only friend of Laksh..they both gave each other tough competition when it comes to evilness.

“Dats okay den..get ready wid d cameras..”Laksh enunciated ..He opened d passenger gate of his car.. lifted Ragini up and placed her gently on d back seat of his car..”

Deepak switched on d camera nd spot light and prepared for d photo-shoot he was paid for..

Laksh glanced Ragini’s sleeping form..he smiled first time a genuine one..she was really cute nd beautiful wid a tinge of chirpiness’..her face have an icing of innocence wid calmness soothing his evil mind nd her eyes ready to burn all devils alive even when Dey r closed…He always believed girls r meant for kitchen work bt she wid her fearless nd bold nature proved him wrong..nd he genuinely liked her for dis..but one mistake she did messing wid him..nd now she had to pay for it..Smile of his face took d shape of a smirk again..

Laksh leaned on d top of Ragini..dere bodies were inch apart so he could hear her soft breath which made him mad to have her..Controlling his hormones he opened d top two buttons of her shirt..slid it down by her shoulder a little…nd buried his face in her neck so as Laksh face was not visible..Deepak murmured-“Perfect ” nd clicked their photograph. Laksh then posed for some more photographs, one in which he kissed her cheek d other in which he rest his head on her cleavage nd so on..

Making sure only Ragini’s face was visible nd no one could identify it was him in d pics..he uploaded d pics on fb using her id..Well it was not a tough task for him to get her id hacked and upload a picture through it..Finally done he drove back nd dropped an unconscious Ragini back to the place from where he had kidnapped her..
“desperate to know how many likes nd comment our photographs get on fb”..Laksh smirked nd left to his place..

Precap-Ragini’s picture turned into scandal..

Thnx guys for reading bt I really feel its not upto d mark..very sorry about that..will try to make d story more interesting from nxt one..Thanks again..

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