RagLak_ A Dangerous Obsession (Chapter 3)


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Sometimes even if we want to rebel against Devils, fear that they would revenge from us
resist us from doing so nd dis is d sole reason y common people fear from fighting against evil.

Morning, Bose House, Alipore

Bose were having their breakfast at the dining table..Ragini was in deep thought as her plan to punish d Maheshwari’s was flopped..Shekhar noticed her sad face nd cupped her cheeks-” Beta..if we failed one time dat doesn’t mean we will fail everytime..dont worry.. those devils will definitely get punished for their deeds nd soon…dont lose ur hope.”

Ragini smiled a low one -“I know papa..bt they r highly influential nd shrewd people..I need to do something big to expose Dem.”

Sumi worriedly interrupted-“u will not do any such things which will get u in d eyes of dem..u don’t know these people..they can stoop very low to take revenge…U r not a God to punish dis people..stay away from Dem”

Ragini soften a bit-” Maa I can understand ur Concern bt if everyone remains silent bcoz of fear den this world can never be freed from such devils..and I will got those bustards punished at any cost..” Shekhar patted her bt Sumi was worried..Her heart was warning her about d upcoming storm Dey were going to face..

Maheshwari ElectroTech, Salt Lake

A man in his late 40s banged d door of Laksh cabin..Laksh exclaimed while sitting on his huge chair wid his back facing d man -“Come in”

Person-“Sir here is every detail of Miss Ragini Bose as u asked..”

Laksh turned his chair around to get complete view of d man wid a wide smirked playing on his face..He grabbed Ragini’s file nd gave a glance to it-“Perfect..Good Job Mr.James..m impressed..ur fees is transferred in ur account…bt remember no one should come to know about dis..”

James-“dont worry Sir no one will..”

Laksh smiled a dangerous one -“well even if someone will..den its u who would get worried not me..”

James gulped hard-“Okay Sir..I will leave now…Call me if u need me anytime..Anything for u” Laksh nodded nd d person left..

Laksh picked Ragini’s file nd started going through it..After about an hour he put d file down and sighed..His POV-“Well done Miss Bose..U really r somebody different…exposed many bad people single handedly through ur sting operations..M impressed…bt u forgot m not bad..Laksh Maheshwari is worst..”
He took out lighter from his pocket..lit Ragini’s file on fire nd smirked dangerously holding dat burning file -“U awakened a lion Miss Ragini Boss so now get ready to become prey of dat Lion..Ur countdown begins..”
Laksh took out his phone nd dialed someone..

Indian Times Office, Dharamtalla

It was ten o clock in d night…After waiting for a cab for about half an hour Ragini started walking towards her home..Her office was at a solitary place nd so d road was lonely wid minimum vehicles..Ragini was hurriedly walking when her phone buzzed..After three rings she answered nd before she could say something Nikhil barked-“Where r u Ragini…?? I called ur landline nd got to know u r still not at home…its 10 ..Why d hell it took u so late ??

Ragini sighed -“Not again.. Nikhil..Maa Papa Swara had already called nd scolded be 20 times nd now even u r scolding me…I had to complete an important project so got dis much late..will reach home in 10 min…”

Nikhil calmed a bit-“fine..U wait there m coming to pick u up..its dangerous ..”

Ragini-” Nikhil..I will reach home nd would sleep till u reach here..Dont worry…nothing will happen to me..no one dares to mess wid a tigress like me..” Nikhil chuckled bt he was worried for her..they chit chatted for sometime nd finally held d call..”

A big Lamborghini was coming from d opposite direction in full speed..Ragini was scared bt composes herself nd continued walking..The car halted just before her blocking her way..She closed her eyes wid her hands when light from d headlight fell on her face..A person came out from d car..Ragini opened her eyes nd looked towards dat person..She was completely shocked nd scared-“Laksh Maheshwari…”

Laksh walked towards her nd whispered dangerously in her ear-“SURPRISE..Miss Ragini Bose..Senior editor..Indian Times..Not happy to see me..”

Ragini composes herself nd confidently spoke-“What r u doing here..”

Laksh smiled and circled around Ragini-“Well I thought to meet d great Ragini Bose..who exposed D minister…who got a drug mafia arrested..who send many fraud persons behind bars through her sting operations nd..”

Ragini looked straight in his eyes-“nd d nxt no. is of d bastard Maheshwari’s..meet me after I expose Dem..”

Laksh clenched his fist in anger bt smirked-“u know what.. I became fan of ur bold and fearless nature..First time I have met someone who had exactly d same passion for her work as I have..and dats y giving a meek punishment to u for messing wid Maheshwari would be an insult..So I thought a lot nd finally I got it..”
Laksh ran his fingers across her cheeks bt she removed his hands off her wid a jerk.. He smiled-“Even if u r bold nd strong bt still u r girl..nd for a girl..her dignity is her everything soooo…”Laksh stopped mid way nd looked in Ragini’s eye to watch her reaction..
Now Ragini was scared..She can clearly sense d madness to ruin her in his eyes..Without giving a second thought she pushed him and started running bt he caught her wrist..pulled her towards him nd pressed a chloroform containing handkerchief on her nose..

Within a moment Ragini was unconscious..Laksh smirked ..lifted her up in his arms and walk towards his car..He threw her at d passenger seat..took d driver’s seat nd drove off..

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