RagLak_ A Dangerous Obsession (Chapter 2)


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Chapter -2


Bose House, Alipore, Kolkata

Ragini entered her house nd found complete darkness..She stumbled upon a chair -“Ouchhh…Maa …Papa ..Swara where r u all…and y all the lights r off..” Hearing no reply from dem she panicked. Tracing things around she reached towards d switch board..switched on d light nd turned around…

The view in front of her bring a wide smile on her face..A small cake was kept on a center table wid lots of balloons floating around and on a side table just beside it, a trophy made of chocolates was kept enclosing a quote “BRAVY AWARD” at the bottom of it..

Something stucked her head nd she closed her ears tightly wid her fingers..

SURPRISEEE…three voices screamed in unison behind her back with d pitch so high as if some earthquake had came..Ragini chuckled at d childish behaviour of her cute family ..Shekhar Sumi nd Swara came forward nd hugged her..

Shekhar patted Ragini’s shoulder-“Proud of u Beta..we watched how u fought so confidently wid d Maheshwari’s for truth..keep going lyk dis as always so dat people lyk Maheshwari’s have some fear..”

Ragini hugged her father-“its only bcoz of u m having courage for fighting evil papa..nd I promise I will never disappoint u..”

Swara made a pout face hearing dem-“Not fair Papa..u should pat me not her..she did so bcoz she is sister of d great Swara Bose..” Everyone laughed at her antics..Swara was about to complete her masters bt none can believe dis witnessing her cute acts.. Whatever d situation is she very well know how to lighten everyone’s mood nd dis was d reason she was d soul of d house..

Sumi-“okay now lets cut d cake..”

They cut d cake ..applied it like a face pack on one another..nd did their funky dance on Zindagi ek Safar hai Suhana song…..Ragini thanked God for providing her wid such a caring nd loving family..

Maheshwari Mansion, Salt lake

Maheshwari’s were having there dinner…There was pin drop silence around which was irking Sanskar….being a fun loving nd carefree guy he was least interested in their family so called business nd felt disgusted at his father nd brother for betraying people..He smirked-“It is said as u sow u will reap..u guys cheated innocent now bear d consequences..”

DP angrily glared him while Laksh interrupt-“Shut up Sanskar..He turned to DP-“Don’t worry Dad..everything would be back to normal tomorrow..Trust me…I have a plan..”

DP gave a glance to Sanskar nd den patted Laksh-“I trust u Beta..u r my only hope nd I know u will not let anyone to ruin my name..U r not a backstabber like someone who eat of my money nd den also don’t have any courtesy..”

Sanskar angrily got up nd left..Anapoorna tried stopping him bt he left..She den turned towards DP-“Why do u always have to taunt him”

DP-“bcoz he is out of our hand now..thousand times I have asked him to learn something from Laksh nd join our business bt no..he has no work to do other Dan roaming outside flirting wid girls..I even feel shame to call him my son..”
Anapoorna felt helplessness at her condition..She always dreamt of a family where everyone would be united bt here her husband is dominating nd to be true a cheater who doesnt care for innocent..Her elder son seconded him in his cheatings nd her younger son..he lives his in own world.. To be true she had no one in d name of a family…A lone tear dropped down her eyes nd she quickly wiped it off..


Maheshwari ElectroTech

Laksh forwarded a briefcase towards Mr . Mehta, one of a Senior Manager of ElectroTech – ” This brief case contains 2 crore rupees..All dis can be urs..U just have to give statement in d media dat it was u who was backstabbing d Maheshwari’s..U r responsible for d blast coz of using low quality equipments nd Maheshwari’s r innocent..”

Mehta was shocked..He gave his 20 years to ElectroTech..worked wid so much dedication nd honesty nd dis is what he got in return..He pushed d briefcase towards Laksh-“M sorry Sir..bt what if I don’t agree..”

Laksh smiled-“Well in dat case I have two options for u..first u give ur statement nd take dis money..second u will have to give ur statement without getting a single penny..choice is urs..”

Mr. Mehta was confused..Laksh smirked-“Open ur mobile phone u will get ur answers “He quickly opened his phone nd saw picture in which a man was keeping knife at his daughter’s neck..He panicked-“plz don’t do anything to my daughter I will do as u say..”Laksh smiled wide at his victory..

Media was gathered outside ME..Mehta admitted his crime in front of dem nd Maheshwari’s were freed from all d charges..Ragini got d news banged her hand ind wall in irritation as she very well knew it was all again a cheap plan of Maheshwari’s..All Media officials apologised from DP for doubting Dem nd left. ..DP patted Laksh-“I knew u would pulled us out from dis mess..Proud of u my son..” he left..

Laksh murmured to himself -“one work done now time for d other..”He quickly dialed someone-“I want each nd every detail of Ragini Bose nd soon..nd remember every means every..”
His POV-” Miss Boss be ready to pay for messing wid Maheshwari’s..He smirked..

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