Hi guys.. I swear idk when i will complete all my stories . I thought of completing all much existing stories first and then start the new ones buy you know when stories keep flooding my mind I have no option other than pen it down..

so coming to this story .. as the title suggest…Its about an old relationship. old relation .. maybe one birth old.. I mean ek janam purana rishta..
I actually watched one of the old malayalam movie and I got inspired .. Its all about birth and rebirth..
I have made changes to the story because i dont wanna copy the story as it is only the main theme is the same but the story is according to my way ..
I hope you guys like this story ..

ps : the movie name is mayilpeelikavu


Present birth :
Ragini shekhar gadodia : a very fun loving girl at same time shy too.. She was brought up in mumbai inspite of being a rajasthani .. She is traditional and simple Even though she is a royal .. She is the only daughter of the youngest son of the king.. in total they are the youngest generation of the royal family…

Shekhar : Ragini’s father .. The youngest son of king deendayal ..
A loving fatherland a loving hubby .. leads a simple life inspite of being a royal..

Janaki gadodia : Ragini’s mother.. a very simple and loving mother.. loves her daughter and hobby the most..  a very sacrificing mother.

Annapoorna maheshwari/ gadodia : eldest daughter of king  deendayal .. a caring wife .. dotting sister .. lovely daughter and the best mother of Laksh maheshwari .

Durgaprasad maheshwari : caring father of Laksh .. loving husband of ap the only son of king rajendra maheshwari..

Laksh maheshwari : a very responsible young man.. brave heart..
Loving caring.. a lil naughty at times..
Loved his parents to the core.. Even his grand parents.

So here is the main character sketch..

Next epi the intro..

Pls comment if you are interested or not.. Its gonna be a royal love story in present and past.. with some mysteries .  Crime thriller.. love romance..  Pls comment..  And tell me of u guys are interested or not .. otherwise I wont post further than this..

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    Mayilpeelikkavu is a superb rebirth thriller.A raglak ff on this theme wud be really interesting.I cant wait 4 u to start it

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    interesting dear…loved it…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear

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    Amazing part didi and can’t wait for next episode di

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  21. Firstly thank you so much for your another Raglak story ????? it seem to be very interesting dear ??? Mayilpeelikav is one of my favourite actor’s movie. It’s concept is also good. Eagerly waiting for first episode and please post next part ASAP. Love you dear and take care ????????

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    Fantastic dear and do continue

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