Raglak- yeh kaisi kahani (Episode 7)


Raglak yeh kaisi kahani chapter 7

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Laksh comes inside and brings some food for ragini
Laksh: come on ragini nw u hav to eat smthing and then take ur medicines
Ragini makes a face laksh helps ragini up and feeds her
Ragini: bus laksh that’s it no more I can’t plz
Laksh: no ragini how much hav u had 3 spoons only
Ragini: laksh trust me that is literally a lot
Laksh: no it isn’t now be quite and eat
Ragini: laksh
Laksh: ragini if u dnt eat then I will ask the nurse to bring the injection
Ragini: no laksh I will eat
Laksh smiles and feeds ragini swasan r outside the ward and see this through the glass
Swara: I’m very happy for ragini
Sanskaar: and I’m happy that lucky is becoming more responsible
Laksh finishes feeding ragini and gives her medicines
Laksh: ragini nw u go to sleep
Ragini: laksh u took care of me but wat about URSELF u haven’t eaten or had any rest
Laksh: dw about me first think about URSELF
Ragini goes to sleep laksh goes outside and sees the family members standing outside
Dadi: laksh chora u go home and take some rest we r all there for laddo
Laksh: no u go infact u all go I wanna stay here
Sumi: but laksh how will u I mean say if u need anything
Laksh: I won’t and I can take care of ragini she’s my wife and I hav full rights
Swara gets happy hearing all this
Swara in her mind: I wish ragini u could hav heard all this u would hav been on cloud 9
All leave
Laksh is sitting beside ragini and she is sleeping
Laksh: I dnt knw why I felt smthing strange today wen doctor was taking u inside and wen adarsh bhaiyaa told me that u r critical for some reason my heart was paining a lot and I felt like my heart was burning wen bhaiyaa was telling me that ur survival chances r less Suddenly ragini wakes up
Ragini: laksh
Laksh: huh ragini do u need anything
Ragini: yh water
Laksh helps ragini up and helps her to drink water and help her lay back down ragini goes to sleep again and laksh also sleeps resting his head on the bed near ragini
Morning mm
Ap: sujata hurry up and bring the basket we need to go and see ragini
Swara: badi ma wats in the basket
Ap: some food for ragini and other things
Swara: ok I’ll also come with u guys
Ap: swara u rest u and sanskaar can come later
Swara: ok
Ragini wakes up and sees laksh sleeping she caresses his hair laksh wakes up
Laksh: ragini do u need anything
Ragini nods no in the meantime the nurse comes in
Nurse: sir I need to give the patient antibiotics in case she suffers from any infections
Laksh: yh sure
Laksh gets up the nurse comes close to ragini and takes a injection out ragini sees the injection and she shouts
Ragini: laksh
Laksh ragini wat happened
Ragini: laksh injection
Laksh: ragini calm down it won’t hurt just a small pinch
Nurse: yes he’s right it’s just gonna be a small pinch
Ragini: no I dnt trust u
Laksh: ragini
Ragini: sorry I mean I’m scared
Laksh holds ragini’s hand
Laksh: ragini luk into my eyes
Ragini: no laksh plz I told u I’m scared
Laksh: ragini I said luk into my eyes ragini luks into lakshs eyes and the nurse quickly puts the injection in
Nurse: all done
Ragini: huh
Nurse: I just put the injection in
Ragini: injection wat no
Laksh starts laughing and so does the nurse the nurse leaves and laksh continues laughing
Laksh: oh god ragini ur soo funny
Ap and sujata come in
Ap smiles seeing laksh laugh
Ap: laksh u go home and get some rest we r here we will take care of ragini
Laksh: but mom
Ap: do u not trust us with ur wife dw u go we will take good care of her
Laksh leaves

Precap ragini gets discharged

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