Raglak yeh kaisi kahani chapter 11


Raglak yeh kaisi kahani chapter 11

Hi guys I knw u want me to end this past ASAP possible bu u HIV to carry it on until everything gets cleared

…..1 month later………..

All r waiting outside the hospital for swara and ragini is standing outside tensely and whole of gf and mf is present there ap walks upto ragini
Ap: ragini beta sit down for a little while in this condition u shouldn’t be standing up too much u need rest
(Ap puts her hand on ragini’s shoulder)
Ragini: nahi ma until I dnt hear anything about swara I won’t sit down in peace plz ma I won’t be able to
Laksh comes forward and puts his hands on ragini’s shoulders
Laksh: ragini plz ma is right sit down dnt stress URSELF I’m sure swara will be ok dw luk at bhai
Sanskaar is shown pacing around the waiting room in a very fast speed
Whilst sujata and the rest of the family laugh at him
Finally the nurse comes inside
Nurse: congratulations it’s a baby boy
The family get happy listening to the news
Sujata in excitement hugs ap tightly and squeezes her
Ap:sujata bas and congratulations
Sujata: shukriya jiji and congrasulasons jiji aap ko bhi
Everyone laughs
Laksh: chachi it’s congratulations
Sujata: ha vahi all go inside to meet swara an the baby
Ragini gets excited and is about to run but laksh stops her
Laksh: ragini remember jr laksh
Ragini: sorry laksh
Laksh: and sorry jr laksh say sorry to him aswell
Ragini: ok sorry jr laksh happy papa laksh and jr laksh
Both of them laugh
Laksh: now let’s go I wanna meet my new partner in crime
Ragini: ok let’s go
Everyone meets swara and the baby
Ragini holds the baby and the baby holds ragini’s finger
Sanskaar: be careful laksh my baby is very possessive about ragini
Everyone laugh

…………..2 days later…………..
Swara comes home with the baby
Along with sanskaar and raglak
Laksh plays with the baby whilst ragini and everyone feed swara

………..5 moths later……..
Mm is again decorated beautifully
Raglak room
Ragini is sitting down on the bed with a big belly cuz she’s 7 months pregnant and is reading a book whilst laksh is luking for smthing in the Cuboard ragini luks up and sees laksh luking for smthing and gets up from the bed and goes towards him
Ragini taps laksh from behind
Laksh turns around
Laksh: ragini wat r u doin ur meant to take rest go and rest before the function starts
Ragini is wearing a blue lehnga with diamond earrings
Ragini: laksh I hav taken enough rest I’m feeling quite bored
Laksh: hmmm
Ragini: laksh I dnt y I hav this strange feeling I mean if smthing bad is gonna happen
Laksh: dw ragini nothing will happen and ur thinking a bit too much
Just then ap arrives
Ap: ragini beta come let’s go downstairs the guest hav arrived
Ragini nods and ap takes her down

Godh barai functions starts
Swara and uttara and pari dance
On a godh barai song(lol dnt knw any godh barai songs)
Ap and sujata give gifts to ragini
The function finishes and the guest also leave
The men also come down
Sanskaar is holding his son whos name is Ansh
Ap: swara uttara u both take ragini to her room she Luks tired I think she needs some rest
Swara and uttara take ragini upstairs whilst going they tease ragini
Uttara: for swara bhabhis baby shower I wasn’t their so I couldn’t tease her but ragini bhabhi how can I leave u
Ragini smiles
Swara: ha uttara ur right vaise ragini wat is it a boy or a girl
Uttara: yh bhabhi share
Ragini: I dnt knw yet I dnt ask
Swara: oh ho anyways if it’s a girl then u can try for a boy later or if it’s a boy u can also try for a girl later dnt worry ragini there’s always a next time and I’m sure laksh won’t mind
Uttara and swara laugh whilst ragini gets shy and tries to hit swara whilst going up the stairs uttaras scarf gets stuck and she bends down to get it and whilst getting it she nudges ragini and ragini turns around and slips and falls down the stairs both uttara and swara get shocked
Swara shouts RAGINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the family members luk up and get shocked seeing ragini rolling down the stairs and she finally reaches to the end she screams
Ragini: LAKSH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laksh rushes to ragini and sees ragini screaming in pain ap and the rest of the family members rush to her aid gf is already present their
Dadi: Mari laddo dnt wory nothing will happen to u
Laksh takes ragini to the hospital and everyone follows him
The doctor takes ragini to the OT
1 hr later
The doctor comes out
Laksh rushes to the doctor and so does swara
Laksh: doctor ragini is ok right nothing happen doctor say smthing
Doctor has his head down then lifts it up
Doc:mr maheshwari ur wife is ok she is weak but ok but
Laksh: but wat
Doc: I’m sorry mr maheshwari we couldn’t save ur child actually their was a lot of blood loss and already there were many complications and this made it worse
Laksh breaks down and so does swara
Ap also breaks down but dp consoles her
Dp: doctor Saab wen can we meet ragini
Doc: u can meet her once she gets shifted to the general ward
After some time
Everyone go inside to see ragini who is still unconscious ragini wakes up and sees everyone’s sad faces dadi hugs ragini and so does sumi
Ragini: dadi ma my baby
She luks at laksh and he luks away not being able to face ragini
Ragini: laksh wat happened and my baby is ok right
Ap cries
Ragini: ma u tell me fine swara at least u tell me plz
Swara: ragini (she cries) ur baby is no more
Ragini gets shocked and starts crying and hugs swara
All leave raglak alone
Laksh walks upto ragini and sees tears flowing down
Laksh: ragini r u ok
Ragini: laksh
Ragini hugs laksh and cries her heart out

After a couple of days ragini comes back home
Swara tries going near ragini but laksh stops her
Swara: laksh y r u stopping me
Laksh: swara after doing so much r u not satisfied
Swara gets shocked
Swara: wat do u mean laksh
Laksh: u killed my baby ur a murderer
Ragini: laksh
Laksh: no ragini today u won’t say anything
Uttara watches all this silently an nervously
Swara: laksh how could u say that y would I want to kill ur baby
Laksh: becuz u were jealous that only u gave this house a child and u didn’t want ragini to
Swara: laksh how can u say that
Sanskaar: laksh
Laksh: no bhai not today no one is gonna speak
Dp: laksh I’m still the head of this family
Sujata: chora how can u say this
Laksh: enough everyone I hav decided swara will hav to leave this house
Everyone gets shocked

Precap swara leaves the house leaving Ansh and sanskaar and the last flashback episode the regs will be from the present only I hope u guys still remember the present


Hi guys this is ???… Sorry but I dnt wanna reveal by name just yet I might in the end and yh I dnt hav an account on tu and angel is gonna upload my ff for me and she will even reply to ur comments on my behalf So that u guys dnt get confused this is my ff but Angel is just upload in it I will send her the ff’s and she will
Upload them on my behalf

Plz read or u may have read an if u hav then plz continue to read

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-Rahul: papa lavanya: mama (raglak)by dafsi ?
– pyar tune kya kiya season 2 by Riya kapoor ??❤️
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-heart connection by Halima ???❤️❤️❤️

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