Raglak- yeh kaisi kahani (Episode 9)


Raglak yeh kaisi kahani

Hi guys I knw u probably haven’t missed me I knw lol but anyways sorry for the delay I knw some ppl want me to end the past but I hav to carry on for a little while so that u can understand the present story

2 months later

Ragini in completely fine nw and laksh has even developed feelings for ragini
Swara finds out that she is expecting and the family rejoices this happiness

Swara is covered around with pillows and ragini is sitting next to her and ap and sujata r standing with a glass of juice and milk each

Sujata: chori ab main kuch na sunugi
U hav to drink this juice

Swara: mom plz no

Ragini interupts
Ragini: swara I dnt wanna hear anything chachi ji u give swara the juice and dw she won’t say anything

Swara pouts

Sanlak come in
Laksh gives swara a chocolate
Swara: thanx laksh
Sujata: laksh u always do this by giving her chocolate
Laksh: chachi it’s ok chill
Sujata: na do u want ur neice or nephew to turn out to be like a chocolate
Laksh: if that happens then I won’t be truly responsible cuz swara wants chocolate then I can’t stop her
And he winks at her
Sanskaar:mom I think we should stay away from this bhabhi devar thing
Ragini nods her head in disagreement

Laksh:bhai we hav a important meeting tommorow………..and ragini plz wake me up early
Ragini nods her head
Swara gets happy seeing the bonding between raglak

Morning mm
Ragini puts an alarm for 6:30 the alarm goes off and she wakes up she sees laksh sleeping next to her but they hav pillows In between
Ragini wakes laksh up
Ragini: laksh laksh plz get up u hav an important meeting right
Laksh wakes up and sees ragini who is right infront of him
Both raglak hav an eye lock but is later disturbed by lakshs phone call
They break the eyelock

Laksh picks his phone up
Laksh: wat……no this can’t happen
But why this day I mean today is very important for us…..ok fine I’ll think of smthing
Laksh disconnects the call
Ragini: wat happened

Laksh: one of our important employers has taken a day of cuz he’s ill….how r we gonna go this presentation and meeting without him
Ragini: umm can I be some help
Laksh luks at her confusingly
Ragini: actually I knw his job was to tell all the company’s history and upcoming future plans with the investors and I knw the history of maheshwari company I studied it all before marriage and the upcoming plans I can discuss it with u and sanskaar
Laksh thinks

Laksh: r u sure about this I mean If u dnt wanau do this or if ur not comfortable then u dnt hav to

Ragini: no worries I will be able to do it that’s only if u trust me
Laksh: dw I trust u
Laksh gets up and heads to the bathroom to get ready

Swara is sitting on the bed thinking whilst sanskaar is getting ready infront if the mirror
Swara: sanskaar
Sanskaar: hmmm
Swara: do u love me
Sanskaar turns around

Sanskaar: swara wat kind of question is this of course I do
Swara: even if I get fat
Sanskaar: yes of course swara however u r I will still luv u
Swara: no ur lying I knw in a couple of months I will put on weight then u will won’t love smone else as after the child is born u won’t give me time and u will definetly hav an extra marital affair

Sanksaar laughs whilst swara makes a sad face
Swara: sanskaar I’m being serious
Sanskaar: ok sorry sorry baby but listen to one thing and that is that how ever many kids we hav and even If u go fat then I won’t hav any problems I will still love u like I do today
Both swasan smile and share a hug

Raglaksan do the meeting and one of the investors keeps luking at ragini laksh notices that and gets angry and folds his fist
Ragini does the presentation and the investor still keeps starring at her
Investor: I think mr laksh maheshwari deserves this contract
All agree
Investor: so it’s decided mr laksh maheshwari ur company gets this contract congratulations mr maheshwari
Laksh: thank u so much

The Investor luks at ragini and forwards his hand
Ragini hesitates but enventually shakes his hand lakshs sees this and gets angry
The investor keeps luking at ragini whilst laksh gets angry more
Raglaksan leave from the office with dp and rp and adarsh
They reach home laksh heads upto his room and ragini follows him and enters the room and gets shocked to see laksh throwing things around and messing the room

Dp shares the news of them getting the contract which was becuz of raglak the family get happy
And all go to their respective rooms

Laksh is breaking things
Laksh: how dare he
Ragini tries stopping laksh
Ragini: laksh plz stop it

Laksh: no how dare he if dad wasn’t their then I would hav killed him
Ragini: killed laksh plz tell me and wats wrong since tht meeting ur mood is off
Laksh:yes how dare he stare at u like that
Laksh shouts: only I hav the right to stare at u
Ragini gets shocked and happy aswell
Laksh carries on breaking things
And he breaks a glass ragini tries to intefere and stop him but in vain the glass piece goes Into ragini’s hand
Ragini: Aaahhh
Laksh turns around and gets shocked

Precap raglak consummation

I hope u liked the chappy and do share ur views and thoughts about the chappy through ur comments
Thank u I also feel that some ppl r not liking my ff if tags the case then I will end it

Plz read or u may have read an if u hav then plz continue to read

-Nafrat ya pyar (raglak) by Halima ??❤️
-love happens by kasam ??
-Rahul: papa lavanya: mama (raglak)by dafsi ?
– pyar tune kya kiya season 2 by Riya kapoor ??❤️
-mamma calm down by Hasina and Halina ??❤️❤️

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