Raglak- yeh kaisi kahani (Episode 8)


Raglak-yeh kaisi kahani chapter 8
Laksh comes home and freshens up he thinks to call ragini and later on he does
Ragini picks up
Ragini: hello laksh
Laksh: hello ragini yh umm do U need anything from home
Ragini: no laksh I dnt need anything
Laksh: ok I’m comming there so sys
Ragini: ok
Sanskaar is driving
Swara is looking at out of the window
Sanskaar coughs swara turns and gets tensed
Swara: sanksaar r u ok nothing happened to u right
Sanskaar: yes swara dw I’m alright and that was just a fake cough to distract u
Swara: distract me…..sanksaar ur soo horrible
Sanskaar: wat I’m horrible
Sanskaar holds swara’s hand
Sanskaar: u called me horrible right
Swara: sanskaar wat r u doing plz leave me and concentrate on u driving i dnt want the family members to hav to luk at 3 ppl instead of 1
Sanskaar let’s go of swara’s hand
Swara: I need to meet ma and baba so that I can get rid of their tension and especially dadi so sanskaar can u plz pick me up in the evening
Sanskaar: swara I need to concentrate on my driving right
Swara: sanskaar and she his him playfully

Laksh comes to the hospital again
Ragini: laksh thank god u came
Laksh: y wat happened ragini do u need anything
Ragini: laksh I hav a request
Laksh: wat
Ragini; laksh I wanna go home I dnt like it here
Laksh: ragini dnt be childish u hav just had an operation u can’t go home like that
Ragini: laksh plz otherwise I will die In this suffocation
Laksh: ragini……plz yaar dnt say that u knw that u mean a lot to me… I mean to everyone so dnt say that
Ragini: I knw laksh but plz fulfill this wish plz
Laksh: ok fine let me talk to the doctors
Just then the doctor comes
Doc: hello mr maheshwari
Laksh: hi doctor
Doc: so ragini how do u feel
Ragini: perfectly fine and I can even go home
Laksh eyes her
Doc: well for that u need to recover first
Laksh: doc actually ragini wanted to go home cuz she doesn’t like the enviroment here + maybe a homely enviroment might help her to recover quicker
Doc: well mr maheshwari this is not possible if someone takes the guarantee that they will take good care of ragini 24/7
Laksh: sure I take the guarantee
Ragini smiles and gets overwhmelmed after luking at lakshs concern for her
Doc: ok if u insist umm mr maheshwari can u come and complete the discharge formalities
Laksh: yh let’s go

Laksh leaves ragini gets happy as she will be going home
Ragini calls swara
Swara; hello ragini
Ragini: ha swara I hav some good news
Swara: wat good news
Ragini: I’m comming home today
Swara: wat but how I mean ur not well
Ragini: I asked laksh and he convinced the doctors
Swara: I’m really happy for u ragini I think laksh has realised his love for u
Ragini: I hope so
Just then ap and parineeta come
Ragini: swara ma and bhabhi r here
Swara: ok bye
Ap: ragini laksh told us that u r getting discharged today
Ragini: ji ma
Pari: ragini u get ready we will clear everything and pack ur things
Ragini: ok
After a while laksh comes back to the ward and sees ragini all ready sitting on the bed with a bandage on her hand and arm and head and feels sorry for her he takes the packed stuff an puts them in the car while parineeta and ap help ragini
Raglak along with ap and parineeta reach home sujata does their aarti and welcomes them home Gadodias r also present their
Dadi: my laddo has gone so pale
Laksh is just starring at ragini whilst everyone takes care of her
Ap: come let’s go and eat

Dining table
Ap Sujata sumi and dadi r all standing around ragini with different food items
Ap: ragini 1 last bite u didn’t even eat it
Sumi: ragini hav this
Sujata: na na chori u hav this soup it is very healthy for u
Dadi: no my laddo is gonna hav this juice
Rp: sujata u never fed me so lovingly like this
Sujata: ji wat r u saying infront Of bhaisa chi
Dp: ram is right even Annapurna hasn’t either
Ap: ji ap gets embarrassed
Sanskaar: mom dad is right u never fed any of us like that……laksh wat magic charm does ur wife hav that all r pampering her and not us
Laksh just keeps starring at ragini and she smiles back at him

Hi guys I hope u liked the chapter I dnt knw why I feel like u guys r not liking it I’m getting less comments plz guys comment and tell me how it is and give me suggestions on how to improve it

Plz read or u may have read an if u hav then plz continue to read

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