Raglak- yeh kaisi kahani (Episode 6)

Raglak yeh kaisi kahani 6

Thank u sooo much for the love and support and plz keep loving and supporting and sorry guys for the late update actually i hav been busy hope u all will understand and all the questions will be answered along with the story and how it unfolds so enjoy ??

Laksh is carrying ragini in his arms
Laksh: doctor doctor
Swara is crying miserably and sanskaar is consoling her
Doctor comes out and asks the nurse to bring a stretcher
Doctor: we r gonna take her to the OT
They put ragini on the stretcher and laksh is still holding her hand and they move the stretcher and ragini’s hand comes out of lakshs hand
Sanskaar call everyone to the hospital and tells them wat happened all rush to the hospital
The doc comes out
Doc: who is her next of Kin
All luk at laksh who is still In a shock

Sanskaar: laksh is and he points to laksh
Doc: we need u to sign some papers so tht we can start the operation
Laksh signs the papers In a lost state
The doc leaves and laksh also goes out of the hospital
Laksh is waking on the street and is remembering the past happenings wen the truck was approaching him but ragini pushed him and saved his life but putting her life in danger
Laksh falls on the floor and cries and feels guilty in a way
He remembers their wedding night and the confession
Laksh: I’m sorry but I dnt love u I got forced to marry u
Ragini has tears in her eyes
Laksh: but dnt worry soon I will get rid of this relationship
Ragini: no laksh plz
Laksh: I hav decided and I’m not gonna change my decision
FB ends

Laksh cries
The truck is approaching laksh and he’s on the phone ragini sees the truck and runs calling lakshs name and pushes him but gets hit herself
FB ends
Laksh: I’m soo horrible……..even though she knew that I didn’t respect out relation still she saved my life….I’m sorry ragini plz ragini I’m sorry ur really a nice girl plz god don’t do this to her plz save her I dnt wanna live with this guilt
Ragini starts breathing heavily and the doc gets worried the doc comes out and the family members rush to him
Swara: doc is ragini ok
Dadi: doctor how’s my laddo
Doc: sorry but she is very critical
Doc goes inside
All the family members get worried and start crying and swara also breaks down and sanskaar consoles her
Sanskaar: where is laksh
Dp: ha where is he he should be here adarsh call him
Adarsh: ji papa
Adarsh calls laksh
Laksh picks up
Laksh: yh bhai
Adarsh: laksh where r u the doc just came out
Laksh: bhai wat happened is ragini ok
Adarsh: laksh actually she’s not the doc said that she is critical and her chances of survival r less
Laksh gets shocked
He has tears in his eyes
Adarsh: laksh u there right r u listening
Laksh: bhai I wanna tell u smthing
Adarsh: yh tell me hurry up
Laksh:bhai today instead of ragini I would hav been in the OT
Adarsh: wat laksh I think u hav gone mad
Laksh: no bhai the truck was gonna hit me but ragini came and pushed me and the truck hit her
Laksh cuts the call and cries whilst adarsh is still shocked
Dp: adarsh wat happened
Adarsh: papa vo ragini saved laksh
Dp: wat do u mean
Adarsh: the truck was gonna hit laksh but ragini came and pushed him out of the way and herself got hit with the truck
Dadi: my laddo

Shekhar: ragini and he cries
Ap also cries and sujata consoles her
The doc is doing ragini’s operation whereas laksh is in the temple and has a diya on his hand and lights it
Laksh: until ragini is not saved I will keep this in my hand
The doc is doing the operation the ladies r praying and laksh has a diya on his hand in another temple
Ragini’s breathing rate suddenly comes back to normal and the doctor has finished the operation
The doc comes out
Doc: congrats the operation was successful
All get happy
Adarsh calls laksh
Adarsh: hello laksh
Laksh: bhai plz I dnt hav the courage to bear a shock
Adarsh: no laksh ragini is perfectly fine nw the operation was successful and she is fine
Laksh gets happy and cuts the call
He takes the diya of his hand and
Runs to the hospital
Laksh reaches the hospital and sees everyone missing the nurse comes out
Laksh: umm where is my family I mean there were some ppl standing here
Nurse: they hav gone inside to meet the patient
Laksh goes inside and sees everyone standing in a circle around ragini who has bandages around her head and hand
Laksh: ragini
All turn around and see laksh
Ap: luk beta ur love brought her back
Ragini smiles and laksh just luks on
Dp: let’s go out and let ragini rest anyways laksh is here so
Dadi caresses ragini’s hair and All leave
Ragini: laksh

Laksh: shhhh…… Dnt talk just rest…..only I’m gonna talk…..who do u think u r I mean wat would hav happened to me if anything happened to u did u even think about that…..I would hav lived in the guilt that becuz of me u

Ragini gets happy seeing lakshs concern for her
Ragini: laksh I’m ok
Laksh: no ur not and dnt argue with me cuz u knw tht ur not gonna win
Ragini smiles
Laksh: ragini u probably hungry let me get u smthing to eat
Laksh leaves and ragini smiles

Precap laksh taking extra care of ragini

Sorry guys I’m not a really gud writer but yh the least I can do is this and I hope u like it

Plz read or u may have read an if u hav then plz continue to read

-Nafrat ya pyar (raglak) by Halima ??❀️
-love happens by kasam ??

-Rahul: papa lavanya: mama (raglak)by dafsi ?
– pyar tune kya kiya season 2 by Riya kapoor ??❀️

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