Raglak- yeh kaisi kahani (Episode 3)

Raglak- yeh kaisi kahani chapter 3
Ansh runs to the babies wen laksh stops him
Laksh: with wat rights r u going to see my kids
Ragini: laksh if u hav forgot then I will tell u that Ansh is their older brother
Laksh: oh older brother………….. So watever his mom has done still u regard Ansh as our children’s elder brother
Ragini: laksh even u knw and I knw that watever happened was an accident
Ap: laksh we where all present their
Ansh: masi
And he hugs her
Ragini: come here I will tell u a story
Ansh: story
Ragini: hmm so let’s begin there were 2 sisters both of them had a fun loving family and then there family decided to get them married but they wanted to marry 2 brothers (she says this whilst looking at laksh) laksh luks away
Ansh: masi plz carry on then wat happened
Ragini: then the sisters found the 2 brothers and got married to them
Swasan room
Swara was waiting for sanskaar and he comes and shuts the door from behind
Sanskaar luks at swara and smiles at her she luks down being shy
Swara gets up to go but sanskaar stops her he pulls her back and she falls back on his chest sanskaar turns swara towards him and picks her up he places her on the bed and the lights go off they consummate their marriage

Ragini is In her room waiting for laksh
Ragini in her head: oh god today is my first night with him and from now one I will be with him forever before marriage I only saw him I didn’t get a chance to speak to him so I hope he didn’t mind that and he doesn’t hav any problems with me well if he did then he would have said no to the marriage why did he get married to me if he had a problem with me
Just then laksh enters he is kinda drunk
Ragini smiles seeing laksh while laksh just luks away
Laksh: hello u dnt need to wait for me just go to sleep anyways we dnt hav a husband and wife relationship
Ragini: laksh wat r u saying
Laksh: the truth I was forced to marry u cuz if I didn’t then my dad would hav chucked me out and would hav removed me from the property
Ragini: laksh this means u married me for the property
Laksh: well in other word yes I did now go to sleep and let me go to sleep
Laksh falls on the bed and goes to sleep while ragini is crying

Sanskaar is sleeping and swara is getting ready
Swara wakes sanskaar up
Swara: sanskaar sanskaar get up plz today is my first day after marriage wat will everyone think plz sanskaar
Sanskaar: kiss
Swara: no u get up or else I will go to baadi
Sanskaar gets up
Sanksaar: dnt u dare even say that u r gonna leave me and go
Swara: ok done I won’t nw hurry up and freshen up
Sanskaar goes to freshen up whilst swara gets his clothes out
Laksh is sleeping an he wakes him his head starts bursting in pain
Laksh: ouch AAAHHHHH
Ragini comes inside the room with a tray and a glass in the tray
Ragini: Lemon water
Laksh: after everything that I told u yesterday still u brought Lemon water for me
Ragini puts the tray down on the table
Ragini: u can drink it if u want
Ragini leaves

Swara and ragini r cooking wen swara notices smthing different in ragini
Swara: ragini is everything ok
Ragini: yh
Swara: tell me the truth ragini dnt try to hide anything from me
Ragini cries and tells her everything about laksh and last night
Swara: dnt worry ragini I’m sure laksh will change and he has to change

Precap mission change laksh

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