Raglak- yeh kaisi kahani (Episode 2)

Raglak- yeh kaisi kahani chapter 2

Raglaks room
Both the babies r on the bed sleeping and ragini is arranging their clothes on the bed
Laksh comes In
Ragini luks at laksh but luks away
Laksh: ragini
Ragini doesn’t respond
Laksh: ragini I’m calling u
Ragini: who me
Laksh: who else is named ragini here
Ragini: oh cuz I thought u wanted to kill me right so nw all of a sudden wat happened laksh u need me
Laksh: just shut up ragini and watever happened was an accident
Ragini: oh accident so the way u grabbed my arm and pushed me even though u knw I was 9 months pregnant and u say it was an accident
Laksh: listen ragini
Before he could say anything else one of the babies wakes up and starts crying ragini turns around and goes to the baby and quitens him down
Ragini: baby ur dad ur own dad wanted to kill u
Laksh: ragini dnt u dare try to instigate my kids against me
Ragini: laksh can u not see they r babies they can hear but they dnt understand do it doesn’t make a difference anyways we r going baadi tommorow so
Laksh: yh I knw

Just then someone knocks on the door
Laksh: come in
The person is uttara
Laksh: uttara
Uttara: bhai I wanted to play with my nephews
Laksh: yh sure come in
Uttara: bhabhi I hope I’m not disturbing u
Ragini: no
Ragini gets up to leave
Uttara: bhabhi where r u going
Ragini: u spend quality time with ur brother and nephews I need to go to ma
Uttara: Bhabhi why dnt u say it clearly that u dnt wanna stay in the same room as me
Ragini: no uttara see I’m living In the same house as u so
Laksh: forget it uttara let her go if she wants
Ragini leaves
Uttara and laksh both play with the babies
Uttara: bhai luk at the babies they r soo cute and adorable
Laksh: hmm true
Uttara: they luk exactly like u both Of them but bhai I hope bhabhi doesn’t take them away from u and the rest of the family
Laksh: she won’t I won’t let her dw
Laksh is lying down next to the babies wen ap comes inside his rooms and ragini is arranging the clothes in the cupboard
Laksh: ma do u need anything
Ap: no beta

Sujata also enters
Sujata: chore jiji is here to chuck u out of ur room
Laksh: wat
Ap: actually laksh u hav to sleep in the guest room today cuz I will be sleeping with ragini as the babies r 2 ragini might hav difficulties handling both of them at night
Ragini: no ma it’s ok I will manage
Ap: and laksh ur sleep might get disturbed cuz the babies may cry at night and anything can happen so I’ll be sleeping with the babies and ragini
Laksh: ok
Laksh walks out and luks at ragini whilst going whereas ragini doesn’t even luk at him
Ap goes lies and down and so does ragini and eventually they go to sleep
Next morning mm
Ragini is getting ready in her room when uttara comes in
Uttara: bhabhi I came to get my princes ready
Ragini: no need they r already ready
Uttara walks out the room and sees laksh
Uttara: bhai I told u that bhabhi doesn’t even like me and that’s all becuz of her sister she thinks I’m responsible for her sisters condition
Laksh goes inside the room and sees ragini picking one baby up
Laksh goes to her and pulls her by the arm
Laksh: ragini who do u think u r how dare u misbehave with my sister and stop her from even meeting my kids
Ragini: laksh
Laksh squeezes her arm
Ragini: laksh plz ur hurting me and ur even hurting the baby
The baby starts crying and laksh let’s go
Ap and sujata come and takes the babies downstairs
Raglak follow

The pandit asks the babies aunt to name them
Uttara gets up
Ragini remembers something
Uttara is about to say smthing wen
Ragini says
Ragini: ma I wanted to name them aarav and Aryan she luks at Shekhar and sumi and all three get teary eyes
Ap: of course ragini they r ur children so u hav full rights and the names r beautiful
Uttara walks off just then Ansh comes running to ragini
Ansh: masi
Ragini gets happy seeing Ansh
Ragini: Ansh I missed u
Ansh: offo masi I went skwl only and I missed u to but I missed my brothers more he goes upto the babies but laksh stops him

Precap past revealed

Sorry guys I said that as my last precap but I had so much to write down and everything couldn’t fit in one chapter
And about laksh and his rudeness u will find out wen the past is revealed till then wait and enjoy this episode and the upcoming episodes

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