Raglak- yeh kaisi kahani (Episode 1)

Raglak- yeh kaisi kahani

Hi guys I am the same person who writes the heart needs what it needs and this is my new ff on raglak I hope u like it and plz support me like u do In my other ff

The episode starts with ragini opening the door and comming into the room she has a big baby bump cuz she is 9 months pregnant she sits down wen suddenly a child comes in running he is a 4 yr old he puts his bag on the sofa and comes to ragini
Boy: chachi and he starts crying
Ragini: wat happened Ansh
Ansh: where is my mumma why dnt I hav a mumma
Ragini gets teary eyed
Ragini: beta I’m ur masi just like ur mumma
Ansh: in skwl everyone has a mumma and parents evening who will come with me
Ragini: I will come with u
Ansh: really masi
Laksh comes In the room
Laksh: how many times do I hav to say that she’s ur chachi ur chachus wife
Ansh gets scared and runs
Ragini: Ansh ansh
Ragini luks at laksh
Ragini: laksh
Laksh: enough ragini and he eyes her angrily
Ragini: not today laksh I left my sister for u and and she left her son just becuz of u and ur anyways
Laksh: carry on ragini wat where u saying I did wat huh u u were saying smthing but if u want u can go go ragini come on go u wanted to go but remember one thing if u go then u will lose all ur rights over my children
Ragini gets shocked
Ragini: u have already threatened me. With the children before that’s why I dnt leave with my sister otherwise I would hav gone ages ago leaving u and ur house and ur so called image
Laksh gets angry
Laksh: k fine u wanna go then go go go and he drags ragini from her arm and throws her out of the room and she falls on the floor
Ragini starts screaming in pain laksh gets shocked ap sujata an the rest of the family come out and r shocked to see ragini in pain and on the floor
Ragini is still screaming and laksh comes close to ragini but ragini jerks him away Ansh comes and gets scared seeing ragini screaming adarsh comes and lifts ragini and takes her to hospital and laksh follows
Ragini is taken into the operation theatre outside laksh is walking here to there constantly and is getting worried as to wat will happen to ragini or if anything will happen to the babies ap calls sumi and tells her everything and the rest of the Gadodia family come there
Dadi: laddo how is she
Ap: kaki dw she is going to be ok she is inside the OT
The doc comes out
Dadi: how’s my laddo
Doc: she was very critical before but dw she is ok nw and congratulations she has given birth to twin boys
Laksh and the rest of the family get happy
Laksh: and how’s my wife
Doc: she is absolutely fine and once she is shifted to the ward u can all meet her
Dadi: doctor make sure it’s a seperate ward and not a bay I dnt want my laddo to get any infections or her babies
Doc: dw she will be shifted in a seperate ward
After a while ragini is shifted into the ward and the family members go and see her
Laksh is holding one child while ap is holding the other sumi is sitting beside ragini and caressing her hair
Ragini: ma how’s Ansh
Ap: Ansh is at home and cuz he saw u screaming he got scared so parineeta is with him dw
Laksh gets angry with ragini’s concern towards Ansh
Laksh gives the child to sujata and goes but before he can the doc comes so he stops
Dadi: wen can we take laddo home
Doc: maybe tommorow depending on the babies health
Ragini: ma will my babies me able to stick up for each other or will they have the same destiny as me
She say this whilst luking at laksh
Laksh gets angry and leaves
The next day laksh comes to the hospital again to see the babies and is surprised to find ragini ready and sujata and ap holding the babies
Ap: laksh come in doctor gave permission to send ragini and the babies home
Sujata: na jiji why dnt u tell him that ragini didn’t wanna stay here
Laksh: ma wat about the discharge papers
Ap: ur papa is gone to sign them
Laksh: ok and he picks up the luggage
Dadi helps ragini up and takes ragini
Ragini luks at laksh then luks away
Everyone comes back with the babies ragini sits down and Ansh comes to ragini
Ansh: masi why were U screaming did it hurt that much wen u fell
Ragini nods
Ansh: masi how did u fall
Ragini luks at laksh and laksh luks away
Ragini: nothing beta but u tell me do u like the babies
Ansh: ha masi I love the babies I’m gonna play with them
Ragini: ok but first let them grow up a little bit cuz right nw they r quite small
Ansh: ok masi
Dadi: Annapurna ji I was thinking after the naming ceremony I wanted to take laddo and her babies to GH
Ap: yes the naming ceremony is tommorow so u can take ragini and the babies
Sujata: hi jiji how will we be able to stay without them although they hav just come still the babies enlighten the house
Ap: ha sujata but they will come back dw

Precap naming ceremony of the babies and the past revealed

So this is my first epi if u like it then I will carry on with it if not then I won’t plz tell me how it is and if I should carry on with it
Thanx for liking ??

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