Raglak yeh kaisi kahani chapter 9


Raglak yeh kaisi kahani chapter 9

Laksh Turns around and gets shocked to see ragini’s hand which has a whole load of blood comming out

Laksh: ragini
Ragini screams in pain
Laksh rushes to ragini
Laksh: ragini ragini I’m so sorry I at want to vent my anger on u

Laksh takes ragini and makes her sit on the bed and aids her hand ragini doesn’t say anything and after having her Hand aided she walks out of the room without saying anything

Laksh gets up and throws things around in Anger

Ap and sujata r sitting on the sofa and discussing a few things
Whilst ragini comes downstairs
Ap: are ragini beta wat happened to laksh we heard some noise coming from ur room
Ragini hesitates
Ragini: nothing maa actually a lamp fell down that’s it
Sujata luks around and notices ragini’s hand bandages
Sujata: hi ragini wats happened to u jiji luk at her hand
Ap luks and gets worried
Ap: ha ragini wat happened to ur hand has laksh
Ragini interferes
Ragini: no ma it’s nothing like that infact laksh was the one who aided my wound
Ap and sujata get happy as smile
Ap; luks like we will get our old laksh back the one who cared for everyone

Ragini nods and heads back to the room after getting some fresh air

Raglak room

Ragini enters the room
She feels a hand grab her waist and pull her towards it. Ragini is shocked and nervous as she feels someone brushing their cheeks against her, she also feels the stubble prick her and realised its Laksh.

Laksh: I’m sorry Ragini, because of me you had to…
Ragini: No Laksh, you don’t need to say sorry, I know you were angry.
Laksh then pulls Ragini closer and Ragini closes her eyes.
Yun Hi Re starts playing in the BG. Ragini tries pushing Laksh away but he pulls her more closer.

Ishq yeh sar zor hai 

Apni chahat aur kuch hai

Ishq ki kuch aur hai

Laksh moves Raginis hair to the other side and leans in.
Ragini feels a current as Laksh touches her and makes a fist.

Tera mere basme kya hai

Ho raha hai jo likha hai

Laksh then slowly kisses Ragini’s neck, she shivers and manages to move back, she turns but Laksh holds her hand and pulls her closer to him.

Is lamhein ki khwahishon mein
Zindagaani ki raza hai

He slides his hand around her waist which makes Ragini’s heart beat fast.

Yun hi re yun hi re
 Tujhi mein tujhi mein
 Yun hi re yun hi re mile rahe hum
 Tujhi me tujhi me range rahe hum

Ragini closes her eyes as Laksh’s hot breath fans over her exposed neck.
Laksh: Ragini
Ragini: Laksh

Laksh’s hand snakes around Ragini’s arm as he brings it up to touch her cheek.

Na gawara tha mujhe jo

Dil ko woh manzoor hai

Tujhse milke dil yeh jaane

Kis nashe mein choor hai

Oho Saath dil ke dil se tere

Ragini: Laksh, stop
Laksh turns Ragini around so she faces him.
Laksh: No Ragini, I can’t control myself when other men look at you, I was angry when I saw the man staring at you like you were a piece of meat. You’re mine and nobody else’s I love you…

Ho gaya hun bakhuda mein

Teri qurbat se bhi kaise

Ragini gets touched by Laksh’s words and turns to him.

Rah sakungi ab juda mein

Tere nigahoon ki
baho mein rahun mein

She immediately hugs him and he hugs her back. Laksh understands that Ragini loves him too and smiles.

Chahat ke humesha rahun mein rahun mein

Laksh then slowly pulls the straps of her blouse which makes then blouse slide down.

Yun hi re yun hi re mile rahe hum
Tujhi me tujhi me range rahe hum

Laksh takes Ragini to the bed and they slowly consummate their marriage.

Yun hi re yun hi re mile rahe hum
Tujhi me tujhi me range rahe hum

The song ends as their clothes are shown lying on the floor.

Raglak room
Ragini wakes up early and turns to see laksh sleeping peaceful next to her
She kisses his forehead and then turns to see the floor and blushes
She wraps a blanket around and goes to the washroom
After a while ragini comes out wearing a beautiful teal sari she goes to laksh and sees him still sleeping
Ragini: laksh……laksh
Laksh wakes up and smiles seeing ragini
Laksh: gud mrning
Ragini gud mrning
Laksh: hmmm I need my morning kiss
Ragini:wat morning kiss no laksh plz stop being stubborn
Laksh: no
Ragini sweetly: laksh
Laksh sweetly: ragini
Ragini strictly: laksh!!!!!!
Laksh strictly:ragini!!!!
Ragini: laksh plz get up and get ready u need to go office and how can I foget u still need to give swara her chocolate
Laksh: oh yh ragini wat hav u done to me that m forgetting everything(he winks at her)
Ragini widens her eyes and playfully hits laksh

Precap 6 months leap

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Plz read or u may have read an if u hav then plz continue to read

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-Rahul: papa lavanya: mama (raglak)by dafsi ?
– pyar tune kya kiya season 2 by Riya kapoor ??❤️
-mamma calm down by Hasina and Halina ??❤️❤️
-heart connection by Halima ???❤️❤️❤️

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