Raglak- yeh kaisi kahani chapter 5


Raglak- yeh kaisi kahani chapter 5
Night mm
Ragini is sleeping whilst laksh is trying to sleep
Ragini sees laksh awake and gets up
Ragini: laksh wat happened
Laksh: am I harsh to u ragini
Ragini: meaning
Laksh: meaning I dnt let u sleep on the bed and u r sleeping on the sofa I even said my feelings to u about me being forced to marry u r u hurt
Ragini smiles
Ragini: I’m not hurt but infact I’m happy that u told me the truth before and by URSELF cuz if I found out by smone else then I would hav been hurt
Ragini remembers wat swara said
Swara: ragini u hav to make laksh believe that u love him truly and that ur love can forgive 100 mistakes of his
Ragini: but how swara
Swara: u just need love laksh that’s it even though u knw tht he doesn’t love u u need to show ur love to him and make sure that ur love makes him weak
Ragini: hmm I will try
FB ends
Ragini in her head: thanx swara ur idea is working I can see some guilt in laksh
Swara: sanskaar
Sanskaar: hmm
Swara: can we go out somewhere today
Sanskaar: y
Swara: sanskaar it’s anyways Sunday today let’s go
Sanskaar: ok where do u wanna go
Swara: not just me
Sanskaar: then who else
Swara: me u ragini and laksh
Sanskaar: why disturb that poor couple with ur nonsense
Swara: sanskaar
Sanskaar: I’m jk……. Fine u ask ragini to get ready and laksh
Swara: ok
Laksh comes out the bathroom after having a shower and sees ragini getting ready for the first time he can’t get his eyes of her
Ragini luks back and sees laksh
Ragini: laksh
Just then they hear a knock at the door
Swara comes in
Swara: oops sorry to disturb u but we r all going out all meaning me and sanskaar and u both
Ragini: umm
Laksh: ok
Swara leaves
Raglak get ready and come downstairs
Swara: mom badi ma me ragini sanskaar and laksh r going out we will be back by the evening
Ap: ok take care
Swasan and raglak leave
Laksh: bhai I’ll drive
Sanskaar: lucky I knw u ur gonna drive fast
Laksh: I won’t dw
Laksh drives and sanskaar sits next to him whilst swaragini sit at the back
They reach a park
Laksh: bhai why hav we come here
Swara: laksh u will find out everything
Both the couples go in the park
Ragini: ice cream
Ragini sees a ice cream van
Sanskaar: yes ice cream
Swara: we r gonna sit and eat ice cream here
They go to the ice cream van
Swara: ragini wait I knw wat ur gonna hav….. Sanskaar wau and laksh wat r u both gonna hav which flavour
Sanskar: I’ll hav chocolate
Laksh: I’ll hav butterscotch
Swara: umm can I hav one vanilla one chocolate one butterscotch an one stawberry
Swara gets everyone’s ice creams
Swara: laksh ur butterscotch
Laksh: thanx
Swara: sanskaar ur chocolate
Sanskaar: thank u
Swara: and ragini here u go ur one and only vanilla
Ragini:thank u swara
After finishing their ice creams they go to the old care home
Ragini enters and everyone get happy seeing her and swara aswell
Ragini: mrs Pathak luks like u hav been eating a lot of sugary food
Mrs p: no why and anyways after getting scolded by u I dnt wanna eat any sugar at all ask anyone
Sanlak enter
Matron: ragini who r they
Ragini: matron actually they r mine and swara’s husbands
Mrs p: husbands
Swara: well mrs p sorry but we r already taken nw who will ur grandsons marry
All laugh
Sanlak get confused
Mrs p: enough of all this ragini beta which one is ur husband
Ragini points to laksh and mrs p walks upto him
Mrs p: always take care of her she is like a delicate feather and u knw if u didn’t marry her or if u were late then I would hav got her married to my grandson and swara she luks at sanskaar and says that
They all laugh whilst swaragini get a bit embarrassed
Sanlak and swaragini head out after spending time with the ppl at the care home
Laksh was talking on the phone wen a truck was approaching him ragini saw this and she even shouted laksh but he couldn’t hear her so ragini ran to him and pushed him out of the way and herself got hit by the truck
Swasan were shocked Whilst laksh was speechless on the ground
Swara ran to ragini
Swara: raaaagggiiiinnnniiiiii
Sanskaar also ran to laksh
Laksh got up and went to ragini they picked her up and took her to hospital

Precap ragini is critical

Thanx for liking
And sorry for the boring episode
But dnt worry I hav some suggestions
Plz read or u may have read an if u hav then plz continue to read

-Nafrat ya pyar (raglak) by Halima ??❤️
-love happens by kasam ??
-Rahul: papa lavanya: mama (raglak)by dafsi ?
– pyar tune kya kiya season 2 by Riya kapoor ??❤️

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