Raglak- yeh kaisi kahani chapter 4


Raglak- yeh kaisi kahani chapter 4
Ragini has tears in her eyes
Ansh: masi why r u crying plz tell me the story I wanna knw what happens next
Ragini: hmmm then
Swaragini both come to the dining table and bring the food
Rp: the food smells nice
Sujata: hmm our new DIL’s hav made it for the first time
Sanskaar luks at swara and gives her a naughty smile swara nods no and luks down and smiles while laksh does not even luk at ragini and Ragini luks at laksh an gets upset
Swara notices this and decides to do smthing to cheer ragini up
Swara: umm laksh did u like the food
Laksh: yh it’s nice
Swara: just nice……….I mean that ur dear wife has made smthing for u for the first time and just nice
Laksh: ok then it’s amazing fabulous mind blowing is that wat u wanted to hear
Saying this he leaves leaving the whole family shocked ragini goes to her room and swara follows her
Ragini is sitting on the bed crying
Swara: only ur love can change him ragini
Ragini:how swara
Swara: first he needs to learn ur importance then he will realise ur love
Ragini: how will he realise that
Swara: u leave that to me

Laksh is outside with his friend and a girl comes and hugs him
Laksh: Krystal baby I missed u soo much
Krystal: I missed u to
Omi: laksh missed u especially wen he was getting married and on his suhaag raat
Laksh: shut up Omi why r u reminding me of that nightmare
Krystal: aww baby dnt worry we will hav a grand wedding
Swara sees laksh and Krystal am she again hugs laksh and swara happens to see that
Swara: hmm I need to get rid of that girls obsession in laksh
Swara goes home and goes straight to ragini’s room
Swara: ragini I hav a idea
Ragini: wat idea
Swara: no but promise me that u will support me and u won’t say no
Ragini: but swara wat is it
Swara: I knw ragini this will hurt u a lot but plz just bear it
Ragini: swara how will i support u wen u haven’t still havent told me the idea at least tell me
Swara: umm ummm……. Well I wanted some fake goons to beat laksh up and then after that u can take care of him dnt worry. They won’t beat him hard but only lightly
Ragini: swara is this a joke do u even knw wat u r saying
Swara: ragini plz na support me
Ragini: no
Swara: well after listening to this u definitely r
Ragini: wat
Swara: laksh has a girlfriend
Ragini gets shocked and tears start comming out of her eyes
Ragini: swara tell me wat will I hav to do
Swara: thanx ragini
Swara tells ragini a plan which is muted
Meanwhile laksh is comming back home alone wen some ppl start to attack his car he gets out and they sart beating him he to fights back and both laksh and the goons get injured
Laksh gets back into his car and reaches home
Laksh comes back and everyone is sitting down wen they see laksh
Ap:laksh laksh wat happened
Dp: he got into a fight with someone wt else this is nothing new
Laksh: some one attacked me first
Ragini: i will bandage his wounds
Ap: yes go beta laksh go to ur room and ragini will bandage for u
Raglak leave to their room
Raglak room
Laksh sits on the bed
Ragini gets the first aid box
Laksh: Listen u dnt hav to do anything of that sort
Ragini: sshhh
Ragini comes and sits on the bed
Laksh: I said
Ragini puts her finger on lakshs lips
Ragini: I also said sshhh
Ragini bandages lakshs wounds and he stares at ragini she luks up and they hav an eye lock
Ragini gets up but laksh holds her hand
Laksh: thanx
Ragini: ur welcome
Laksh: I wanted to ask smthing
Ragini: hmm
Laksh: wen u knw that I dnt love u then why r u doing all this
Ragini: u dnt love me but I love u
Laksh gets shocked
Ragini: an my love is enough for the both of us
A man comes inside mm and Ansh gets happy seeing him
Ansh: dad
All turn around and see sanskaar
Sujata and ap get happy seeing sanskaar and so does ragini
Sanskaar hugs ap and sujata and goes upto Ansh
Sanskar: hey champ
Ansh: dad again u stayed in office and didn’t come home
Sanskaar: sorry champ
Everyone else understand why except for Ansh
Ansh: dad do u knw we hav had 2 new ppl in our family and they r also my brothers
Sanskaar luks at ragini and she nods
Sanskaar: congrats ragini
Sanskaar luks at laksh and gives him the evils
Ansh: I’m gonna sleep with dad

Precap laksh and ragini’s closeness and bonding in the past
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Hi guys I dnt think U guys like the ff that’s why I’m getting less comments if u want I can end it if u r finding it boring

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