Raglak yeh kaisi kahani chapter 14


Raglak yeh kaisi kahani chapter 14

Dp an ap apologise to each other
Ragini: papa ji maa we should all go or laksh might see us
They all nod and go

Uttara is in her room talking to smone on the phone
Uttara: hmm I’m so happy firstly I got rid of swara bhabhi and nw I will hopefully get rid of ragini bhabhi aswell
Laksh Is walking down the corridor and is on his phone wen he hears uttara
Uttara: yeah yeah I knw that to get rid of these two I had to do a lot
First of all to get rid of swara bhabhi I had to kill my own nephew or niece well wen it was ragini bhabhis baby shower me and swara had to take ragini upstairs to her room in between I tripped ragini and she fell down the stairs(and she narrates the rest) and I made it luk like as if I was the innocnet one and swara was the one at fault
Laksh who was listening to this conversation was shocked
Uttara: and to get rid of ragini is I hav instigated laksh bhai so much that he’s gonna divorce her soon and take the custody of aarav and aryan meaning all of my nephews including Ansh will stay with us with this family the true family heirs
Laksh gets shocked
And is really angry
Ragini sees laksh and sees him angry and assumes he has come to knw everything

Laksh feels a hand on his shoulder an that hand is ragini’s
Laksh sees ragini and his eyes are boiling red ragini grabs his arm and takes him to their room
Laksh comes inside and smashes things around and throws folders and files one of the file is about to hit aarav but ragini stops him
Ragini: laksh stop it at least luk at wat u r doing see this file would hav hit aarav
Laksh: no ragini how dare she I can’t believe uttara cheated us the family who loved her unconditionally and trusted her blindly
Ragini cries and hugs laksh laksh hugs her back and also cries
They break the hug
Laksh: ra ra ragini (laksh folds his hands and cries) if possible plz forgive me I knw I don’t deserve ur forgiveness but if possible then plz
Ragini nods no and puts lakshs hands down and hugs him
Ragini: no laksh plz dnt say that u were not at fault
While raglak r hugging Ansh comes In and doesn’t see raglak hugging cuz he is starring at his book Which he is holding In his hands
Ansh: masi
Ansh luks up and sees raglak breaking the hug and luking at him Ansh sees laksh luking at him

Ragini: Ansh
Ansh: sorry masi oops sorry I mean chachi
Laksh: no Ansh u can call her masi she is ur masi aswell
Ragini and Ansh get happy
Laksh extends his arms forward to Ansh and Ansh comes running and hugs laksh
Laksh: Ansh will u forgive ur chachu I’m sorry I was rude to u
Ansh: no chachu it’s ok
Ragini smiles and joins their hug
Aarav and aryan start crying
Ansh: chachu luks like aarav and Aryan want to join our hug aswell
And r getting jealous
Raglak laugh
Ap and sujata come inside the room and see laksh hugging Ansh
Sujata: jiji

Ansh and laksh break the hug
Ansh: dadi luk chachu and me hav become friends
Ap sujata and ragini smile
Laksh apologises to ap and sujata and they both hug him
Ap: ragini we came to take aarav and aryan
Ragini nods
Ansh also leaves with ap sujata aarav and aryan
Ragini puts her hand on lakshs shoulder
Ragini: laksh wat r u thinking
Laksh: I’m thinking about swara
Ragini: laksh
Laksh: hmm
Ragini: actually I hav hid smthing from u
Laksh: wat

Ragini: I was in contact with swara
Laksh: WAT!!!!!!(angry but shocked) since wen
Ragini:since she left I mean a month after she left she sent me a letter and after that I keep getting her letters but I dnt knw y since a month she hasn’t wrote anything to me I’m really worried for her
Laksh: did she tell u where she lives
Ragini: yes she said she lives in rishikesh
Laksh: perfect let’s go and get swara back home this house needs her
Ragini gets happy and smiles
Laksh is about to go wen ragini stops him
Ragini: laksh wat about sanskaar
Laksh: dw about him he’s my bro we will sort things out and u quickly get ready we will leave shortly

Ragini goes downstairs and laksh goes to sanskaars room
Sanskaars room
Sanskaar is sitting on the bed with Swara’s pic and has tears in his eyes
Laksh: sanskaar
Sanskaar turns and sees laksh
Laksh goes and falls on sanskaars feet and cries and asks for forgiveness
Sanskaar pulls laksh up and hugs him
They break the hug
Sanskaar: I’m happy to knw that u hav realised ur mistake nw being ur brother I will forgive u but not as swara’s husband
Laksh: meaning
Sanskaar: ur brother has forgiven u but not swara’s husband he will only forgive u wen swara forgives u
Laksh: bhai let’s go and luk for swara and bring her back home everyone needs her this house need her and most importantly u need her
They go downstairs

Ragini has already told the family members about laksh realising his mistake but not about uttara
Uttara is also present downstairs and laksh luks at her with full rage
Ap: so laksh wen r u and sanskaar leaving
Laksh:maa we r gonna leave soon in about 10-15 mins
Ragini: maa I was wandering if I could also go with laksh becuz I’ll help him convince swara aswell and I haven’t seen her for 3 yrs
Ap: but ragini wat about aarav and aryan
Uttara: badi ma ragini bhabhi can take them with her
Ap: but how will she be able to manage them 2
Ragini: dnt worry maa I will manage
Sujata; jiji dw let her go
Ap; ok but take care of them and ur self
Ragini; ji maa I’ll go and quickly pack
Ap: and ragini take the car seats for aryan and aarav
Ragini packs some bags and comes down
Ap and sujata kiss aarav and aryan
Ragini: maa where’s Ansh
Ansh: I’m here masi
Ansh comes with a bag and they all bid bye to everyone and leave

Precap lakshs encounter with swara and her aunt

Hi guys this is ???… Sorry but I dnt wanna reveal by name just yet I might in the end and yh I dnt hav an account on tu and angel is gonna upload my ff for me and she will even reply to ur comments on my behalf So that u guys dnt get confused this is my ff but Angel is just upload in it I will send her the ff’s and she will
Upload them on my behalf
And guys do u think that swara should forgive laksh easily not for if not then how plz give me ideas wat shall he do for her plz help me guys

Plz read or u may have read an if u hav then plz continue to read

-love happens by kasam ??
-Rahul: papa lavanya: mama (raglak)by dafsi ?
– pyar tune kya kiya season 2 by Riya kapoor ??❤️
-mamma calm down by Hasina and Halina ??❤️❤️
-heart connection by Halima ???❤️❤️❤️

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