Raglak yeh kaisi kahani chapter 13


Raglak yeh kaisi kahani chapter 13

Morning mm
Everyone is downstairs having breakfast
Ap is serving dp whilst ragini is serving rp whilst Sujata is sitting down and eating comfortably
The babies r in the pram next to laksh who is also eating
Uttara and pari r eating aswell
Dp takes a bite of the food and chokes
Ap quickly gets him water laksh also gets worried
Laksh: papa r u ok
Dp doesn’t drink the water from ap’s hand and pushes the glass
Ragini then give him wart and he takes it
Ap gets shocked
Dp calms down and luks at ap

Dp: yeh kya hai Annapurna
Ap: ji
Dp:u wanted to kill me
Ap: nahi ji
Ap cries
Laksh and the rest of the family get shocked
Dp: Annapurna after knowing tht I hav high blood pressure still u put too much salt in the food which means that u had an intention to kill me
Laksh: papa wat r u saying u knw maa wouldn’t do that and u knw how she is infact we all knw she can never do that she loves u so much
Dp: laksh it’s better u dnt intefere in all this cuz wen it was swara’s matter u didn’t let anyone speak so the Same should happen to u knw
Ansh: masi who Is swara

Ragini takes Ansh inside and comes back out again leaving him inside the room
Ap: ji trust me I didn’t do that
Dp: nahi Annapurna I can’t trust u anymore and since u hav commited a crime u should get punished
Dp grabs ap’s hand
Rp: bhaisa chora na keh karahe ho aap churo na Bhabhi se galati ho gayi jane do bhaisa
Dp: nahi ram if she made a mistake then she should be punished
Dp throws ap out of the house whilst ap and the family beg him not to but he doesn’t listen
Dp closes the door
Dp: nw now one will let Annapurna back in this house the mistake swara did even she got punished so should u Annapurna.

Laksh heads to his room
Ragini takes the babies in the pram and follows laksh
Raglak room
Laksh is sitting on the bed and cries
Ragini comes in she puts the babies in the cradle and puts her Hand on lakshs shoulder
Laksh gets up and hugs her
Ragini to hugs him back
Laksh: ragini u tell me y did papa do this to maa he hasn’t chucked his wife out of this house but my maa
Ragini: I knw laksh but even u hav done the same
Laksh breaks the hug

Laksh: wat do u mean ragini
Ragini: even u hav seperated a mother from his child u seperated Ansh from swara nw the Same has happened to u
Laksh: ragini
Ragini: laksh hav u heard the phrase wat goes around comes around meaning u seperated Ansh from his mother nw ur mother has been seperated from u and god forbid even ur sons might seperate from u
Laksh: no
Ragini: laksh plz open ur eyes and see that everything is still in ur hands and that things can still change plz laksh
Laksh thinks and cries
Laksh: no ragini it’s too late
Ragini: it’s never too late to realise ur mistakes
Laksh: I’m sorry ragini
Ragini: dnt be I’m happy u realised ur mistakes
They both share a hug
Ragini gets a msg
Ragini: laksh can u stay here an take care of the babies I just need to go out and check smthing I’ll be back
Ragini leaves and laksh plays with babies in the cradle

Ragini goes outside
She meets ap dp rp sujata pari and adarsh
They all smile at each other
After laksh left his room yesterday’s night sujata quickly woke ragini up
Sujata: come ragini let’s go to jijis room
Ragini: wat happened chachi ji is everything ok and maa
Sujata: ha ha everything is ok dw let’s go u will find out
Ragini: but the babies
Sujata: leave them they r sleeping
Ragini and sujata go to ap’s room where adarsh and pari r already present their along with rp
Ap: wat happened sujata
Sujata: jiji I had a conversation with laksh an emotional one and I hav an idea
Rp: key faltu idea Degi tu rehne de tu bhaisa chaleye so jate hai hum
Sujata: ji chup rahiye
Ragini: chachi ji tell us the idea

Sujata: fine bhaisa has to chuck jiji out of this house that’s wen laksh will realise his mistake wen his mother will go away from him then he will feel the pain
The rest of the plan is muted
Dp hesitates but sujata convinced him
Ragini: we will start this plan tommorow morning
All nod and head to their respective rooms
End of FB
Ragini: well done chachi ji this plan is working laksh is realising his mistakes all smile
Dp: Annapurna plz forgive me
Ap: no ji

Precap laksh Ragini and snakes decide to luk for swara


Hi guys do u think that swara should forgive laksh easily not for if not then how plz give me ideas wat shall he do for her plz help me guys

Hi guys this is ???… Sorry but I dnt wanna reveal by name just yet I might in the end and yh I dnt hav an account on tu and angel is gonna upload my ff for me and she will even reply to ur comments on my behalf So that u guys dnt get confused this is my ff but Angel is just upload in it I will send her the ff’s and she will
Upload them on my behalf
And guys do u think that swara should forgive laksh easily not for if not then how plz give me ideas wat shall he do for her plz help me guys

Plz read or u may have read an if u hav then plz continue to read

-love happens by kasam ??
-Rahul: papa lavanya: mama (raglak)by dafsi ?
– pyar tune kya kiya season 2 by Riya kapoor ??❤️
-mamma calm down by Hasina and Halina ??❤️❤️
-heart connection by Halima ???❤️❤️❤️

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  1. nice but plzz some raglak moment with babies next part soon

    1. _Angel_

      Thank u nikky Gupta and I’ll try but plz give me some suggestions

  2. Plz bring uttara truth out

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx pari and maybe by the next episode her truth will be out

  3. nd plz update fast plz plz plz

    1. _Angel_

      I’ll try pari but I can’t promise ?

  4. Akshata

    awesome update, swara should not forgive uttara easily, its all becoz of her. she didnt utter a single word to stop swara and trying to hide her mistake, even she created misunderstanding btwn raglak. and of course swara should punish laksh also for his behavior.

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx akshata u r right uttars is the main antagonist in my ff and dw swara will not forgive laksh easily bit plz help me give me some suggestions plz how should he apologise to her I mean wat attempts shall he do

  5. Ragini should not forgive Laksh easily even she lost her child and Laksh wanted to take divorce from her what was her fault in all this

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx ragini and ragini knws that it wasn’t laksh fault she lost her child and she doesn’t knw that he wanted to divorce her

  6. Megha123

    Awsm glad that laksh realised his mistake bt i think swara shouldn’t forgive laksh too early coz she was punished for the mistake that she hasn’t committed ? .

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx megha123 finally laksh realised his mistake and thanx for ur suggestion I will use it

  7. Please add raglak cute scenes

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx lovely I’ll try adding Ragakl cute scenes

  8. Awesome… It was a nice plan… Can’t wait till the next episode.
    Take care and keep smiling…?

    I’m out and this is my brothers email address so I commented using his… Couldn’t be asked to sign in…

  9. Shana98

    Awesome _angel_.
    Loved it.
    Keep rocking ?❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Fairy

    Amazngggg part dear…wt a plan !!loved it…thnk god atlast laksh realised hs mistake…hope swara comes back soon…loved ragini 🙂 🙂 🙂 ..

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    Supr dear, i luvd it. Raglaksan mission on in search of Swara

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